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  1. 4.82 he WISHES he ran a 4.82, he was like 4.89
  2. Sean Jones wouldn't be a big contract...I hope we get him.
  3. Nicholas can play either and Wire isn't going to be a starter.
  4. Take your membership elsewhere we have many buc fans who are better posters than you. Remember, YOU created this topic.
  5. We're losing 5 starters... 1.) Brooking 2.) Foxy 3.) Boley 4.) Gravy 5.) Milloy Here's my thoughts. We lost a lot of leadership on defense with Milloy and Brooking going to the wayside. BUT we also lost Foxy who didn't fit our scheme very well anyway and wanted more money than we'll be able to get another corner for that's a better fit plus we have Chevis. Boley doesn't fit our system, great player, and I hope he dominates elsewhere so we get compensation picks =) Gravy stunk last year. Milloy is a tough leader to lose, but easy to upgrade on the field.
  6. And when you're a jet you're a jet til you die! Oh sorry... btw...this info is as old as that musical.
  7. http://www.nfl.com/freeagency?icampaign=DW...tainer-position
  8. He's not our #1 TE folks...keep that in mind.
  9. have the rest of free agency and the NFL Draft to fill the holes on their defense. The Atlanta Falcons just like every other team in the NFL have holes on their roster and they are going to be looking to Free Agency to fill some of the needs, but head trigger man Thomas Dimitroff has already said that the Falcons will not be major players in Free Agency this 2009 offseason despite being heavily under the cap. The Falcons front office was not one of the teams that made a big splash to open up Free Agency like the Washington Redskins who stole all the possible headlines with 2 mega contracts being handed out within the first 8 hours of Free Agency. The Falcons decided to play it cool and under the radar picking up an additional target for soon to be Sophomore QB Matt Ryan, former Eagles Tight End LJ Smith. This move was not one that was popular amongst the fans who were craving an Albert Haynesworth type signing by the Falcons. But if there is anything that Thomas Dimitroff knows is that Rome wasn't built in a day. He helped cultivate one of the most successful drafting teams in the NFL, while not always picking up big name home run threats, they built by being better at every position rather than having an elite few dragging others along. Dimitroff and company certainly are not done addressing needs in Free Agency, but don't expect the Falcons to bring in a blockbuster contract like Michael Turner last year. The Falcons organization spent a lot of time scouting Defensive backs at the NFL combine that completed earlier this week. They are looking to upgrade a defense that just lost five of its starters from a team that managed one of the best turnarounds in NFL history last season as they made it to the playoffs under first year QB Matt Ryan. So rest assured that the Falcons know they have holes on defense to fill, but with a draft rich in Defensive Backs that fit Atlanta's cover 2 system beautifully, and linebackers a plenty at the top of this year's draft there is no reason for the Falcon Faithful to lose hope. The organization has a great front office in place and they're looking to keep their jobs for a long time no doubt. So look for cunning moves by the front office and watch for some more under the radar type guys to fill out the roster before the Draft this April, allowing the Falcons to be players in the draft, and continue their newly found success from last season.
  10. $$$ Just because LJ got the deal he wanted first doesn't mean we don't have deals on the tables of other players as well.
  11. Don't bring your common sense here it will be destroyed by noobs. Lol. You're exactly right, not to mention the fact that LJ is a very highly thought of TE before last season, he's got game left, and he didn't break the bank for sure.
  12. SWEET! Another player we didn't WAY over pay for! I'm stoked so far in this offseason.
  13. That was just someone suggesting that's what kind of deal it would be. I would tend to think the same. He knows he's not going to get top dollar anymore, he's not the same TE he once was.
  14. We have TWO blocking TEs already...wtf you want a 3rd one for?
  15. You're right he's not going to be arrested for assaulting a cop and he's capable of running a sub 5 40. He's also capable of going down the seam and breaking open coverages...he's no Pettigrew at all! THANK GOODNESS
  16. 418 posts later...calling someone else a n00b. and not even doing it well.
  17. Or we could sign a VET at the cost of just money and use that draft pick on a real need. You guys don't understand our offensive system. LJ Smith will fit very nicely.
  18. More than that, Brooking saved us 7.7 million by himself, Weiner was another sizeable contract that is now gone, Many players that are gone now total salary ended up around an additional 15 million on top of that number. But just because we have it doesn't mean we need to spend it. We may be looking to rely heavily on the draft and be looking at next year's uncapped year / signing our own guys / the fact that the guys out there signing right now are signing to bonkers contracts.
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