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  1. We are planning a trip to Orlando, FL in october 2019. Since I will have my family with me there are the obvious destinations like Disneyland, Universal, Key West and NASA space center. But we want to see more than the usual places where everybody goes - so we are looking for insider tips like an airboat ride. In 2007 my girl and I made our first trip over the ocean and were to the ATl@JAX and CAR@ATL games - and we loved the experience. This time my girl wants to go shopping and all that girls stuff but leave my oldest son and me the option to go any game there is ... And of course I want to get as much live football as possible. But since I´m from germany I´m lacking the basic knowledge of the area regarding sports ... Are there any high school teams worth getting tickets ( even if we dont even know the teams )? How about the Gators - any chance to get a ticket ? The schedule for 2019 looks like ATL only has a home games vs. JAX so that leaves me with only 3 options: 1. Hoping they are playing TB in Tampa then. 2. take a flight from ORL to ATL and back again on one day - but how much would that cost ( taxi, MARTA ) ? 3. Even if it hurts while I´m typing - should I go to a TB home game ? Any other places you have to see in FL ?
  2. Since I'm a German I remember playing an really old football game on pc back in 1992 ... Every now and then was an TV and for the Superbowl broadcast but since it was always 2:30 AM here I never see it. I came to it by playing soccer - I was know for being tough and always there there it hurts. When I moved to Hannover in 2002 I was looking for a amateur soccer club but could find any. Chatting with a colleague I heard of an local American football club and that they were always looking for more players. And there I was, no pads just soccer clothes and on the field, been thrown into the cold water by the coaches ... And I loved it ! Started with playing as CB in training but soon became OLB. The rest in short ... Played various positions on D, but after some years and lots of fun blew out my knees ( ACL - unhappy triad ) ... Since then I'm back to madden ...