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  1. Good old times ... He should do this for a living ...
  2. Since I'm a German I remember playing an really old football game on pc back in 1992 ... Every now and then was an TV and for the Superbowl broadcast but since it was always 2:30 AM here I never see it. I came to it by playing soccer - I was know for being tough and always there there it hurts. When I moved to Hannover in 2002 I was looking for a amateur soccer club but could find any. Chatting with a colleague I heard of an local American football club and that they were always looking for more players. And there I was, no pads just soccer clothes and on the field, been thrown
  3. haha - youĀ“re hoping .... theyĀ“ve got a decent run going and right now i would bet on the falcons to get the fire back ...
  4. Well certainly it would give the fans at least an idea that the coaches care ... How about this from time to time ?
  5. deal with it ... your not the only one ! I advise a good tablet, laptop or a good book while she watches her stuff ...
  6. So true - i grew up in Eastern Germany too ( though Im not the friend he mentioned here ) and its amazing that we ( east germans ) got away from a system that tried be Orwells dystopia only to end up in a different version of it again 20 years later ....
  7. Selfmade AMV huh ? Now thats the spirit !
  8. Neon Genesis evangelischen is one of the best anime out there - the end was definitely strange What you've all been missing is one of the other great ones - X ( TV version) The gundam series were always at least decent shows (seen them all) and get gundam was the only exception as it was total Bs Samurai champloo was funny and enjoyable. Btw: I used to watch dragon ball right after work because you don't need to think when watching that show - great to calm down and relax. Also what about one piece? Can anybody see that stuff without being intoxicated or under the influence of illegal drug
  9. Software developer for nearly 15 years, metalhead and falcons fan.
  10. MM should play the role of the colts O-Coord ( T.Moore ) - just hand him some place from the box and let Ryan decide what to play ...
  11. We definitly should think about converting the Offense towards some Manning style ... When Ryan went no-huddle the Eagles heavily struggled stopping them and suddenly the offense look like the promised "the greatest show on turf part II ). If it were the first game in that this happened when i would say coincidence - but the last season is even more proof - when the game was on the line we went no huddle and Ryan called all shots and *snap* it worked like charm ... MM should start thinking about this or leave for someone more competend - he hasnt any more excause for this struggling offense ..
  12. Time for the copies to go back to bavaria where they came from - seriously - this mass drinking is even more suspicious than the carneval @ the rhine region ...
  13. Guess this makes me german #4 here but so far the only EAST german here, lol Proud member of the afmb since 2004!
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