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  1. I agree with you - he is now a Falcon - we should support him. Hey it's not like we have a lot to lose - it can't get much worse unless Mr. Blank moves the team.
  2. Stafford may very well become a good NFL QB, but you are assuming alot with this statement with little fact. 1) You are projecting a 2nd year college QB who has only played one full college season to be a very good NFL starter. Either you are better than most full time scouts who do this for a living or are a big time Dawg fan (probably the latter). 2) Assuming that Stafford continues to improve and becomes a top QB prospect, you then have the foresight to know that Atlanta will be in the position to draft him. Two big assuptions
  3. Because they think his arms are too short when they really aren't. I agree - sometimes people get too caught up on the "measurables" because they are so easy to measure. If you make a bad pick with a player who has "good measurables" and he does not work out you have an excuse for your screw up. If you pick a player whose "measurables" are not ideal and he does not work out you took a risk and lost and may lose your job. New England has always use character, desire and other "non-measurables" to pick players because they are very secure in their jobs - and you know how that worked out for them.
  4. I don't think he is directly comparing him to P. Manning, I think he is pointing out that the Colts drafted a QB BEFORE they had a good Oline and the backs and receivers to support him.
  5. you mean last year, when we got blalock? I assume this means you are taking at shot at our 2nd first round pick. I think Baker will be a good O-lineman. But don't take my word for it see what Stuart Mandell with SI has to say about him... Underrated: Sam Baker, USC Let's see here. Baker was the starting left tackle -- most important position on the line -- for the most dominant program in the country for four straight years. When Baker got injured last season, quarterback Mark Sanchez (filing in for Booty at the time) suddenly found himself running for his life. Based purely on Baker's college track record, I assumed he would be one of, if not the top, tackle on the board; instead, I see he's barely in the top 10. Baker reportedly did not test well at USC's pro day, which means, of course, that those four years never happened.
  6. To have a good offense you have to have a total package. As a general rule Qb's take the longest to develop, with receivers next IMO. We made a first step building the Oline this year. Next year we can complete the Oline and allow Ryan to learn the offense and the NFL this year - hopefully he will stay on the bench most of the year and only play the last part of the season. Granted having a good Oline in place is a good thing to have, but getting the QB first is not a mortal sin. There are good teams that built a good Oline but could never get the QB. The Vikings and Ravens are a good example of this in today's League. There is more than one way to "skin a cat".
  7. Ryan will be a good QB and maybe even a great QB.
  8. If the Rams do take Dorsey, I would hope the Falcons could trade back (not likley) to No 6 Jets.
  9. id still say jake long. oh you said qb. who cares who it is if nobody is protecting his blind side? i think it would have to be brohm, who has sustained good numbers over a period of time even with his team in turmoil. i dont see how he was rated so high last year but all of a sudden hes low first second round and matt ryan is joe montana and peyton mannings lovechild. Well if Ryan is Manning's love child - then that means that he is actually a "Manning" which means the the Falcons should trade up to No 2 and get him - lol
  10. The AJC is so lame. I would love to have the "beat" job at the AJC. You write 15 lines on a BLOG every 3 days on things that your wife already knows and get paid for a full time job. These guys whine about how busy they are and don't have time to "post" or write stories - I wonder what the heck they are actually doing. The guy at Profootball.com does a much better job and he runs a whole web site part time.
  11. I was going to argue with you - but with Belushi on your sig you can not be all bad. Cheese Burger, Cheese Burger, Cheese Burger, .... NO COKE PEPSI
  12. It could be worse. Check out the Saints and Cardinals playoff records (also no SB). We are bad - but we are not the worst.
  13. It could be worse. Check out the Saints and Cardinals playoff records (also no SB). We are bad - but we are not the worst.
  14. It's a close call, but I go with Ryan. The int worry me - but he threw alot of passes and showed some guts in the pocket
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