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  1. That is who I'm voting for because Ron Paul is out. I refuse to vote for Obama or Romney because both will lead this country into the same ****** direction we're going down. More war, More debt, and less freedom. Screw that, Gary Johnson 2012
  2. I think the falcons will always be ready no matter what. You win some, and you lose some. So far we have been winning them. =) We have been cutting it close a few times, but that's okay. A win is a win
  3. As much as I miss it being 2002 again living in Tampa when the Bucs won the Superbowl. God that was **** hearing them brag and talk about how good they were.
  4. To be honest people, I don't believe any NFL team goes into a game feeling they will win no matter what. NFL teams always practice hard to prepare for their opponent. It is just in the NFL, any team can beat any other team on any given game day. Good teams lose. Bad teams win. It happens all the time.
  5. Explain how he has no chance of winning, please. Second, because everyone else's economic plans are working so well. Printing money without anything backing it up which lessens the value is a good idea? You have the right to think his economic theory is wrong, but I also have the right to think otherwise.
  6. I hate Obama on a lot of levels. Saying Obama is not smart, would be a lie. Saying anybody is smarter than the other would be a lie. They all are smart, they just all have different opinions of what the country needs.
  7. I don't get why people say "ron paul has zero chance of winning" The republican party and America needs someone like Ron Paul. His plans might be "loony" to some people but that's what we need right now. I noticed, the main thing keeping Ron Paul from being the man to the republicans is his foreign policy. Even though his foreign policy is the one Bush ran on and won on. People seem to have it stuck in their minds, the only way to keep America safe is to have majority of our troops over seas. I do not understand this logic because we cant afford to do what we have been doing. We need to think about US first, then we can help other countries. You cant save someone drowning, when in fact you are drowning yourself. Call me crazy or a nut job, but it's a fact. Ron Paul says what is really going on with our country and people don't want to hear it. They discredit him by calling him crazy because the truth is hard to accept.
  8. You do kniw that saying of "if you dont like it then leave" about america is the most UN-American thing ever? Thats something they say in other countries, not in the land of the FREE. Free meaning the freedom to think and believe it. FREE meaning if you want to sit around and do nothing but be a hypocrite and bash this country you are able to and still stay in this country. :-)
  9. I was gonna say. I know I havent been on here for a long time but wasn't Biermann the one everyone thought was going to replace abe? I know he played pretty good last season, at least the games I wsas able to watch.
  10. Good point but you're forgetting. Getting a corner like Asomugha (sp) will make our defense as a whole better. With a better secondary our pass rush will have more time to make a impact and get to the qb. On the other hand, a better pass rush will make our secondary better as well. Either way, upgrading our secondary or our pass rush will be better for our overall defense. I just want to get batter overall on our defense without making our overall team suffer because of not being able to afford other good players.
  11. Sweet!. I'm glad hes gone and I hope he does a good job for the titans. lol
  12. I understand not wanting him here but how is he too focused on individual stats? If he runs for over 2500 yards next season that will most likely mean that his team will be winning a lot of games. Teams don't run the ball a lot when they are in losing situations.
  13. I actually like the new commish and what he is doing for the game. I do believe they need to make a clearer rule about what type of tackles you can make with the refs though. Otherwise he is trying to update the nfl to a new era. It actually makes a lot of sense business wise to do what hes doing. No body wants to see a lot of good players end their careers early due to serious injury. People want to see more regular season games over pre-season games. People want more quality football and in this day and age theres a huge global market for it. This is why they are trying to do more international games. I personally don't see anything bad with that either.
  14. 99% of fans would want to see 2 added games. lol jk.. I do not understand why some fans would not want 2 extra regular season games added. Unless you're a gf or bf of the person who watches football all the time and you dont want them to enjoy more football. Like my gf ... lol
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