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  1. During the season, it's obviously Morton. During a short series, you take the win and hope to figure out the rest later.
  2. Also, that's one more World Series game than any of us thought we'd win this year!
  4. I know we get a little jaded around here, but throwing 95.9 on a broken leg is hardcore.
  5. I don't want my leg to do this:
  6. Few people here wanted Flacco, either. He was raw and from a small school. And Duane Brown wasn’t viewed as NFL-ready at the time. Houston actually traded down to pick him and still got crushed for drafting a guy most thought was a second rounder. it was just one of those years.
  7. I dunno about the first part. Thus far, Chase is 20 yards a game better than anybody ever at the position, including Anquan Boldin and Randy Moss. I'd still take him over Pitts right now. But that's a splitting of hairs, just like Luka/Trae. What matters is that three teams ahead of us picked other players. Those guys better develop fast. Otherwise...ouch.
  8. Right. He's the next great WR. I mean, after his first seven games, he's second in the league in receiving yards, has the best YPC of all qualifying receivers, and is pacing for 1,831 yards. He's the monster under the bed for NFL DBs.
  9. His situation isn't as bad as Lawrence's or Wilson's. I'd say he's next-worst after that. Here's ESPN evaluating his game: "Patrick Mahomes posted a Total QBR of 6.0, which was the lowest of any quarterback in the early-game window, including Carolina's Sam Darnold, who got benched for his performance against the lowly Giants. (Justin Fields had a 1.9 QBR later in the day.) " "Can Justin Fields recover from this latest debacle? The Bucs hammered Fields, who lost multiple fumbles on strip-sacks. The rookie also threw a terrible interception in the first half (three picks in the game), and never seemed comfortable in the pocket. Fields bounced back immediately after the Browns game (nine sacks), but Sunday was his worst NFL experience to date. Fields is still building confidence, but Week 7 was a major step backward. The Bears -- and Fields -- cannot afford any more of these. -- Dickerson Dickerson's confidence rating (0-10): 2.6, down from 4.8. Did you watch the game?" I keep remembering that Lamar Jackson was *terrible* as a rookie, and Josh Allen struggled as well. So, I'm trying to give the benefit of the doubt here as much as I can. However, the reality right now is that if you bet the farm on Justin Fields, you're out a farm right now.
  10. To be fair, Chase absolutely whupped him. Also, to be fair, LSU is a .500 football team in the post-Burrow/Chase era. So, that would tell a story about how good they are, even without the NFL part.
  11. First, you can find deals for The Athletic for $9.99 for a full year right now. Falcons coverage has gotten MUCH better with this new writer. Second, the quiet part of this story involves Arthur Smith. He's calling for more deepouts now because he trusts the offensive line to block long enough for them. That wasn't true the first two weeks of the season.
  12. Rookie TEs don't get grades of 93.5 very often, y'all. Chase is having a season for the ages, but Pitts is proving that they really were 1 and 1A in this draft, just like Luka and Trae.
  13. Arthur Smith deserves a LOT of credit for quickly determining playcalling that fits Ryan. We must acknowledge that part of this stems from level of competition, but there were a LOT of people bailing on this team at 0-2. Now, we have a viable chance at being 4-3. We're also 2-1 on the road, which is rare for supposed bad teams.
  14. We had to put him on IR. So, we'll have at least two more games like this. Also, there's no guarantee he'll be as disruptive when he returns from injury. So, our defense is beat up at the front and the back. We're lucky that our schedule is what it is.
  15. I actually follow you on Twitter but stopped using it during the last election season. This is every bit as good as Jim Morris’ story.
  16. It's hard to quantify how much is him, how much is the offensive line, and how much is the bad playcalling. He definitely looks lost out there, though.
  17. He’s so in over his head at this point that it’s startling. if he ever turns into a solid pro, he will have had a stunning developmental curve.
  18. These are the kind of bad faith arguments that ruin the internet. You literally just said that linear TV ratings are less important, which we know because Fox signed WWE with the expectation of five million viewers. It gets barely two million most weeks, sometimes even less. Comparing anything on TV to 2010 is a literal waste of time. WWE had more viewers in the 18-34 demo alone in 2011 than it does total viewers on Raw and Smackdown today. That’s a death spiral. Look, I’ll skip to the end of the page. I write about media for a living and have a podcast about it. WWE is getting beaten in all the metrics it shouldn’t. Unless something changes, which can’t without new ownership or leadership, it’s a walking corpse gorging off bad contracts and blood money.
  19. Also, Hank Aaron would LOVE that we're facing Dusty Baker's team. That was his favorite protege.
  20. I'm gonna savor this thread title for the next six months.
  21. It's not people. It's McMahons. That's why they're trying all these stunts and HHH got thrown under several buses. They thought they had a product they could sell for a fortune. Now, media conglomerates view the competition as providing much better value, as they should. People used to swear that Blockbuster's position was unassailable as well. That's how disruption works. The better product wins.
  22. I get a huge kick out of how little people respect literally anything he posts.
  23. Right. We actually haven't driven down to watch the Braves or Falcons play in 2020 or 2021. We're going to our second AEW show in Atlanta in a few weeks. Hangman's entire story arc is masterful. Here's a terrific YT video about it:
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