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    Braves @ Cubs

    There have been some weird stat issues the past few days. Ender Inciarte pitched the ninth the other night according to ESPN. It took them a couple of hours to correct it, too.
  2. Draft picks and cap relief. Nobody wants to trade the greatest Falcon ever. But if the right deal comes along, we'd have to consider it.
  3. Yeah, we never should have put him in that position. We did him a grave disservice. It's too his credit that he had some good seasons after getting punched in the mouth that hard.
  4. jidady

    Braves @ Cubs

    On the plus side, Luke Jackson has an ERA of zero.
  5. I feel the way about this that I did when RG3 appeared in that playoff game for Washington.
  6. jidady

    Braves @ Cubs

    BTW, when we talk about the bullpen, we should all keep in mind the bad luck with Chris Martin. He's supposed to be pitching the 8th or 9th inning in these games. He looked lights out on opening day and then for a couple of hitters in his second appearance. Then, something happened. That's a big piece to lose so suddenly. That dude gave up two runs in 19 games last year. We made decisions based on having him.
  7. jidady

    Braves @ Cubs

    How many walks until then?
  8. jidady

    Braves @ Cubs

    Streaky team gonna streak.
  9. Yup, during his early rise at ESPN, he was brilliant. Then, he used his intellect to platform into a new field, the bloviating talking head. It's made him rich beyond all reason, but I miss the guy from the first couple of years at ESPN.
  10. "We've got 15 hours of live programming, and the NFL Draft has been a dud. SOMEBODY WAKE UP THE HOT TAKE BOT!!!"
  11. Right. That's the type of hyperbole that's a disservice during the draft. Being reasonable about it, any QB that starts for the same team for five straight years has done something remarkable. If *two* QBs do that, it's a grrrrreat draft for QBs.
  12. First win of our eventual four-game winning streak!
  13. Acuna went 2-5 with a homer, and his OPS went down. That's when you know you're hot.
  14. I like Ito better as a person than anything else. I wish him well and sincerely thank him for his contributions to my favorite team. Go be great elsewhere, Ish!
  15. With DuVall, we had a low OBP, high power guy. With Ender, we'll get better OBP (.335 vs. .294 for their careers) but nothing else on offense. I strongly suspect that our advanced metrics didn't show much difference in wins between the two *VERY* different hitting profiles. I'm an Occam's Razor guy. DuVall's a better baseball player. I understand how/why Atlanta did this, though.
  16. Right. He opens up the playbook and allows for more gadgets on offense. He'll get about four touches on offense, but he'll put the defense on its heels for 10+ plays. That's the benefit of having a dude who is all but impossible to tackle in the open field. In his own way, Patterson is every bit the football deity that Julio is. I'm drooling at the thought of plays we could run with them lined up together.
  17. Yes, Rosen was considered one of the safest QB prospects in ages, which speaks volumes about how chaotic this entire process is. The major knock on him was that he kept a hot tub in dorm room, which made some teams question his decision-making. Allen was the huge question mark since his accuracy was atrocious in college. Now, he's worked out the best, which shows how important a system is to a high-profile QB prospect.
  18. Ender was always a slap hitter with a shaky offensive profile. His defense is what made him appealing. While he has slipped some, that's still his calling card. This is just a garbage start to the season. We'll be fine. So far, we've had a 4-game losing streak, a 4-game winning streak, and now a 4-game losing streak. So, the next four games should be better.
  19. You must have missed it. Kiper retired as promised when Jimmy Clausen didn't become the next great NFL QB. I've seen a lot of stupid in draft discussions over the years, but I still can't believe Kiper chose Jimmy freakin' Clausen as the hill to die on.
  20. There's a hilarious thing where all GMs are super-geniuses leading up to the draft and total idiots the moment the season begins.
  21. 1) Locker cost himself millions of dollars by going back to school. He would have been the #1 overall pick in 2010, but he suffered through injuries in 2011, just like Ponder. 2) Wentz started at ND State two seasons before Trey Lance. If anything, he's the cautionary tale since they're products of the same system. 3) You're entitled to your opinion, but if something happens several straight times, I'm going to expect it to happen again. OSU QBs get overrated and never learn how to run a full NFL style offense. Fields may be different due to the unique circumstances of the past 12 m
  22. When Acuna plays like that, we have to win. Period. He currently has an OPS of 1.50! We're 4-8.
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