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  1. I have NEVER in all my years of posting here started a Braves series thread. Desperate times call for desperate measures. We need a winning streak. Undecided ATL Tony Santillan CIN (0-1, 4.70) Drew Smyly ATL (4-3, 5.11) Vladimir Gutierrez CIN (3-1, 3.86)
  2. Yeah, it's usually about 90 seconds behind on live sports. It's a real problem with Falcons gameday threads.
  3. jidady

    Braves @ Mets

    Trae Young with a casual 48-point, 11 assist game. No big.
  4. jidady

    Braves @ Mets

    You have to hand it to our pitching staff. They've been galaxy brain about the pine tar nonsense. When your entire team can't pitch, managers don't check you for goop!
  5. jidady

    Braves @ Mets

    When we signed Franco, I thought that was one of the most desperate things I've ever seen. Then, I watched him and understood what scouts had seen in the Mexican League. I'll never forget that at bat he had that was like 12 or 13 pitches before he cleared the bases.
  6. jidady

    Braves @ Mets

    Hear me out. I know Dale Murphy is 65, but...
  7. The Process was a failed idea. It assumes teams won't mess up draft picks. After the 76ers acknowledge the obvious and deal Ben Simmons, they'll only have Embiid to show for the failed experiment.
  8. jidady

    Braves @ Mets

    Heh, no. I'm just trying to use gallows humor to mask my frustration with this season.
  9. jidady

    Braves @ Mets

    The way this season has gone, I expect Fried's finger to fall off.
  10. It is a skill that players can learn. It once applied to Durant and LeBron, too. LeBron deferred far too much in the 4th quarter early in his career. The Durant that just lost a game 7 was better than the one who carried OKC on his shoulders. He wanted the ball. Embiid and Simmons still play like the rest of the league should fall at their feet. This latest embarrassment should work as a litmus test for both. But I agree with the people who say Simmons looks broken. I've never seen someone pass up a dunk/layup in that situation before. He's that scared he might get fouled.
  11. I don't understand why people give him oxygen. ESPN employees celebrated the day that he left. Any NBA relevance he might have had vanished the instant LeBron won a title. He's got four now.
  12. Don’t try to steal the glory. It was the prayer circle, and you know it!
  13. You may be the worst person I've ever seen at sports predictions. And I've watched Skip Bayless.
  14. jidady

    Braves vs Cards

    To whomever said we wouldn't win another game, thanks for being dead wrong!
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