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  2. DeSantis has failed more than any other governor during this pandemic. He was spineless at first and then got bullied by Trump, who wanted his hotels open.
  3. It *is* mathematically improbable to be that wrong that consistently.
  4. For me, it's just weird that we're in the second week of April, yet I haven't sworn about Folty being incompetent and self-instructive *any* yet.
  5. You have to admire the consistency of his wrongness. Like, most people would stop talking after getting everything wrong for a while. Not him, though! He's a Trump Boomer! They have a compulsion.
  6. It's abject fear. The recent polls have Republicans worried about a second consecutive wipeout.
  7. That's certainly going to be the only play in the conservative playbook. However, all the dead and bankrupt people will make it less topical.
  8. Nobody votes based on the VP. Obama knows that Warren can run a country well, which is what matters.
  9. I feel like it's already happening with or without us. (Dibs on the ADAM.)
  10. I do like that Obama's dropping hints that he wants Warren on the ticket. He of all people knows that Biden is too moderate for what needs to be done.
  11. I'm an adult male. I feel the same way about uniforms that I do other clothing. I'll wear it, but that doesn't mean I'll ever have to like any of it.* * = Unless my shirt references Bioshock, Iron Giant, or the Nashville Predators
  12. Wait, we lost *another* one of these threads? Who melted down this time?