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  1. I feel like Acuna would be kneedeep in the MVP conversation if he hadn't hurt his leg.
  2. Bugs Bunny's got nothing on Ronald Acuna Jr.
  3. One other fun note about Harper: he's at -11.4 runs saved this season, which is 141st out of 152. Dansby's at +7.4, which is 20th in baseball. Empirically, Dansby is our best defender this season, ahead of Ozzy (+5.5) and Ender (+5.4).
  4. One's worth 1.7. The other's worth 1.1. Guess which is which.
  5. That girl in the front left is a vampire, so it won't last.
  6. Forget Soto vs. Acuna. Someone take a look at WAR stats for Bryce Harper vs. Dansby Swanson...
  7. You don't say...
  8. Great point! It's a team game, and our team was universally spectacular today!
  9. Acuna's OPS is up to .894. That gives Atlanta three of the top ten in the NL.
  10. When he pitches, Folty looks like a fawn trying to walk for the first time.
  11. And putnam beat me to the thought process. I really appreciate the info from everyone.
  12. Whoops, sorry. I should have scrolled up.
  13. I wonder when was the last time a dude hit leadoff homers in both games of a doubleheader. That must be rare.
  14. It reminds me of when David Justice first came up.
  15. I told my wife that the one thing I could guarantee is that the Marlins wouldn't throw him a hittable pitch in the first inning. I'd say that guy made me look stupid, but I feel like he's the one who's the moron here.