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  1. At least he's consistent(ly wrong).
  2. Take it with a grain of salt...
  3. Collins is 36 for his last 53, which is 67.9%. He's leveling up. We're not losing because we have a 21-year-old with a PER of 21 who averages 19 and 10. I don't want to sound greedy but why couldn't he have waited a year?
  4. The silver tongue of Rudy Giuliani?
  5. I've said it before and I meant it. Edgar's the best pure hitter I've ever seen. I wish sabermetricians would go back and calculate his hard contact ratio. Dude squared up everything. He must have binoculars for eyes.
  6. He's the richest guy in his retirement home living room...unless you count the nurses.
  7. He did. Seattle plays their first two games in Japan next year. So, he's unretiring for this.
  8. My wife can quote this entire episode almost verbatim.
  9. I'm convinced that WFW's posts are a strange form of satire where he intentionally says the wrong thing repeatedly to see what responses he gets.
  10. Oh no. Oh nonono. It's an open secret in Hollywood that he's molested many (almost) teen actresses and may be the father of Britney Spear's younger sister's child. He's a monster.
  11. Enty at CDAN is about to do a podcast this week on Dan Schneider, too.
  12. First of all, thank you so much for acknowledging the second thing. Some of us do argue more from an emotional place. Others of us are too cold and logical, which is the category I'm in. As to your question, I don't think we should ever move away from "buy low, sell high" as a business model. It's certainly better than the alternative. With baseball teams shying away from big budget contracts for questionable players, shopping in the bargain bin has more upside than at any other time over the past 20 years. I still remember how we stole EOF and Venters back in the day. I'm fine with us employing that strategy rather than risking too much blindly, wishing and hoping rather than thinking in overly realistic terms. If we'd signed a more expensive player than Markakis, we'd feel better right now, but there's no guarantee we'd be happy about it in July. Remember that everyone celebrated the Matt Kemp deal 12 months ago. He was an All-Star this past year. Nobody knows what will happen next. To an extent, I admire AA in that he's dispassionately chosen to avoid splashy headlines while helming a steady if unsexy offseason. After we signed Donaldson and brought back Mac, he seems to feel like we checked off all our biggest boxes. He's now looking for the right pieces for the start of the season, knowing that he can fill in the rest in July. That sort of restraint is extremely rare in sports management. Dude would be a scary poker player.
  13. Camargo looks like a stud, too. That makes our (arguably) 5th-7th best hitters Markakis, Ender, and Ozzie (in no particular order). Most teams would kill for that. Just once, think about this optimistically. What if: Ozzie played the full year like he did the first two months Markakis has an OBP over .360 again. Ender gets 200 hits again. Dansby, who is still light on professional baseball experience, levels up. We have that PLUS perennial MVP candidates in Donaldson and Freeman plus The Future, Acuna. I didn't want Markakis back either, but our situation is FAR from doom and gloom. It's just more Liberty Media nonsense, which we should all expect by now.
  14. One other point I'd make is that we didn't sign Anibal Sanchez until March 16th last year. He was one of our most important players in 2018.
  15. We did spend $23 million on a perennial MVP candidate. If Donaldson is healthy, Freeman, Acuna and him are enough to absolutely wreck on offense. Everything else is just a bonus.