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  1. Oh, we've already made out like bandits on that deal just because of his performance as a Brave. The question is whether we can double up by dealing him for a legit prospect or two. Even if we do, that might not mean anything. Travis Demeritte has forgotten how to hit this season, as an example.
  2. I hate West Coast games. Just loathe them.
  3. I hope that's posturing. This is how we wound up getting 20 cents on the dollar for Cameron Maybin.
  4. Buy a starter, get an infielder 50% off!
  5. What you just did was project your jealousy on a wide group of people. Rather than build yourself up, you tore others down. It's unhealthy. You should work on that. I mean it.
  6. I doubt we see Albies until after we make at least one trade. And Acuna's situation is that much more complex. We don't want to hold him back artificially, but we also don't want to advance him unless we're sure he won't ever play in the minors again.
  7. Getting swept by the Cubs is far from the worse adversity this team has faced. We were all grabbing shovels and burying the team when Freeman got hurt. Let's see how they respond to this. As Unknown said last month, it's an extremely streaky team. The playoffs were always an extreme longshot anyway.
  8. Try to make fewer ridiculous posts like this one.
  9. Let's learn what a strike is, ump.
  10. I like the deal for the Yankees. They basically get back to what they had in 2015 with Miller and Chapman. Kahnle's FIP is just ridiculous at 1.57. And Frazier's OPS with the White Sox is better than people know. It's .765 as opposed to 784 when he was with the Reds. His slugging is down, but he's also drawing a lot more walks. His BABIP the past two seasons are .236 and .214, which is kind of crazy. MLB average right now is .299.
  11. That's two really bad pitches from Newcomb tonight. Major league hitters are going to drill those beach balls. He missed his spot in the worst possible way against Contreras.
  12. It's probably change from the couch cushions, but I'll take it.
  13. That was a terrible pitch but yowza!