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  1. We're 9th in the NL in runs allowed. So, yeah, our bullpen is trash. But we've given up 32 fewer runs than the Nats. This pleases me.
  2. That's right, fans! Our bullpen sucks, but it doesn't WASHINGTON NATIONALS suck!
  3. This Soroka kid's got a future.
  4. That was terrific. On an 0-2 pitch, he almost hit a grand slam.
  5. #OneJobAndYouSuckAtIt
  6. I figure our starters have been good about half the time this year, and our bullpen has been good the other half. From the way I look at it, we just need them to line up in October. It's got to happen at some point, right? RIGHT???
  7. Fun fact about Florio: I was on an old NFL message board with him at the turn of the century. He got kicked off the board for a combo of making stuff up and stealing other people's scoops. If he says to bring an umbrella, you can be sure it's going to be a sunny day.
  8. Soroka and Keuchel in a five-game series is looking pretty **** good right now.
  9. Also, Julio made one of the greatest, most clutch catches in Super Bowl history. Someone I follow on Twitter referred to it in the moment as a championship catch. Julio did his job in the game that mattered the most in his career. He averaged 111 yards and a TD in those three playoff games, too. This board has never learned to hold its water the weeks that we lose. Everybody becomes the worst or most overrated player ever or a glory-seeking stats hound.
  10. Remember back when people spent a couple of years arguing that we overpaid for Julio and that Cleveland won that trade? He's about to become the official best WR in Falcons in history. And it couldn't happen to a classier man. I'm so proud that he's worn an Atlanta jersey for every day of his NFL career.
  11. While we cut ties with him, I think Winkler's in there as well. And Folty has to be included, even though it's not really a surprise. The good news is that the list of biggest surprises is long and deep.
  12. Oh man, Yelich fouled a ball off his kneecap and fractured the bone. He's done for the year. And the worst part is that the Brewers didn't appreciate the severity of it. So, he walked off the field and DOWN THE STAIRS into the clubhouse. I cringed watching it.
  13. or just: 499 × 278
  14. I also could have gone with: 498 × 212
  15. 480 × 358