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  1. I picked him because he only made $2 million last year and had less than 400 yards during the regular season. It's entirely possible that the playoffs raised his value, though. He looked a lot better once he, you know, tried. (And I'm not saying I like this, just what I think is most likely, which is a scrap heap back with upside.)
  2. I miss that poster. He was great! If you see this, happy birthday!
  3. KC has made two straight Super Bowls and one won that way... They also ran TB out of the stadium back when their offensive line was healthy this season.
  4. Let's not cherry pick. If we do, I'd mention that Godwin and Evans had 160 yards and a TD in the NFC Championship. The benefit of a deep offense is that you can spread the ball around to the point that people somehow forget about Rob Gronkowski.
  5. Kenny the Sports Guy Podcast has 195 followers on Twitter. This person might be totally plugged in, but it's exponentially more likely that someone is faking stories to make a name. Even so, I would expect all the QB-needy teams to check on our former MVP QB. There's only six active ones in the league, after all.
  6. That's an excellent point I hadn't considered. And it's two picks, although one of them isn't until 2022. So, they really do make sense as a trade partner.
  7. I strongly suspect that DeCosta had been almost 50/50 with Newsome for a while anyway. I mean, he was a finalist here when we picked TD back in 2008. He wouldn't have stayed if he hadn't had enough control.
  8. I've thought about them, but they're short a third-round pick this year. It'd probably need to involve future compensation, which is good and bad. Next year's draft board will be more settled once we're post-pandemic. But we wouldn't replace Ridley or Julio with commensurate talent unless we used the #4 pick that way, making it a lateral (but forward-thinking) move for 2021.
  9. I think the likelihood of our dealing Ridley depends entirely on whom other teams value more. Would they rather have the greatest WR of this generation or the rising star with the less expensive contract? In a perfect world, we keep both of them and Matt. In reality, something's gotta give. So, when somebody proposes trades involving Julio or Ridley, it's probably not because of anything either of them did. It's because we're faced with a series of challenging decisions. I'd hate doing it, but I'd trade either of them for a 1st and 3rd or pair of second rounders. I keep eyeing M
  10. I suspect this one reflects a combination of Casserly's opinion on Fields along with what he's heard. I'm dubious about any scenario where Lance goes ahead of Fields, but it only takes one team to fall in love.
  11. It's a dream scenario for me to take several of Carolina's draft picks while they only get a QB. We help ourselves and hurt a competitor.
  12. The Justin Fields part will break some people's brains. https://www.nfl.com/news/charley-casserly-2021-nfl-mock-draft-1-0-justin-fields-slides-to-steelers
  13. Yeah, if we draft a QB in the top 10, we're saying goodbye to Ryan on June 1st (or earlier with the same designation). But it's not something we're doing. We're only talking about it because some folks are obsessed with Groundhog Day.
  14. Yes, let's keep posting the tweets of the guy with 1,923 followers while following 4,938.
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