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  1. That's an exceptional point. It's less fun when fans expect a team to be great. Lou Holtz had a great joke about this back in the day. Fans complained when he didn't win most of them. Then, they complained when he won them all. Then, he had the undefeated season, and they complained that they didn't win them all by a lot. I think a lot of us, myself included, expected this season to be autopilot. Then, the law of averages acted like it was Final Destination.
  2. Teams need to realize that replacement-level value is a real thing. If a guy is going to suck, at least have him suck for the league minimum.
  3. That's precisely what I meant, and I even referenced it earlier with the Matt Ryan Can't Catch a Break video. Those plays aren't on the OC. They're on the guys who don't make the plays. The calls were fine and sometimes even perfect.
  4. Oh please. #31 is grabbing Julio from the start. Mills was actually riding him like a bronco at one point. Philly wasn't going to let Julio beat them, and they dared the officials to call it.
  5. I absolutely believe that any decent OC will have a better system in place in year two. That's an even easier call given the flukey nature of many Falcons offensive struggles this year. Last year, we had a freakishly low number of drops, and Matt got away with some terrible throws that defenders dropped. This year, it was like some of his passes had homing radar for the hands of defenders. And the deep throws that were 50+ yard plays last season were near-misses in 2017 (and even today). Part of the explanation is that we played better teams, and better teams tend to make more unlikely plays like that. It's what makes them better.
  6. Hooper definitely didn't have the season we'd all hoped for. It was all downhill after week one.
  7. It feels like you're missing some basic facts here.
  8. This wasn't Sark's first year in the NFL, dude. As an fyi, I'm actually one of Shanny's most ardent supporters here. I happen to like Sark, too.
  9. Two years ago: "Kyle Shanahan is no Mike Shanahan."
  10. Actually, that's making my point for me. Last year, the law of averages was hugely in our favor. This year, it wasn't, highlighted by the Matt Ryan Can't Catch a Break video. Next year, we'll have a more experienced defense and the law of averages back on our side on offense...and an easier schedule, too. The future's so bright...
  11. Two years ago: "If Shanahan is still here..."
  12. You want to bet against the Falcons getting better on offense in 2018? Seems like a sucker bet but okay.