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  1. We'll be there too, taking on Clinch County in a rematch Friday at 1pm. We're staying for the Fitzgerald game Saturday.
  2. Wonder who'll get the nod at QB under McElwain?
  3. Disregard news on new DL coach Chris Rumph. Hearing now it will be Terrell Williams from the Oakland Raiders.
  4. Roper would be a good one. Too bad he was handcuffed by a meddling muschamp while at UF. If CWM would have let Roper do his thing, Muschamp would still be at UF.
  5. Looking like Chris Rumph will be named DL coach.
  6. Florida hires Tim Skipper as RB coach.
  7. If we don't get Rex for HC, I'd be ecstatic with Schwartz at DC. Give him asst HC title too.
  8. I doubt any of this is true, but if it is, I hope it's not health related to CMR or his wife.
  9. I'm just passing along what I've read on the 247 board today. Didn't know if you guys had heard about it or not. Probably not true, just interesting.
  10. Richt stepping down after bowl game? It's all over the insider boards. You guys hearing anything on this?
  11. I don't see him leaving UGA with the stabe of RBs he has right now. I think Seider will take the UF RB job and Mike Groh the WR job.
  12. Florida's RB coach job is down to either JaJuan Seider or Bryan McClendon.
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