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  1. sh1t fuUk a$$hole

  2. bye bye. come back when you get some brain cells to connect.

  3. You are a freaking idiot.

  4. Please watch out for Tampa...they went 10-6 and they have about 30 mil to hit the floor of the salary cap
  5. Born in Gwinnett - early years in Decatur-high school in Athens -now in San Antonio Texas
  6. THE cheerleaders should feel pretty bad...they are losing to dogs...Im sure if the uniforms were a lot more revealing they would be winning by a landslide
  7. i havent dry cleaned my JA55 jersey in 8 wks
  8. im a Vick fan and I can tell he said that to just get a rise out of us
  9. this is week 15...there isnt enough time to notice a trend..a trend now will be in the playoffs with teams with much better records than 11-1
  10. I think rushing yrds wear out you Defense more...175 yrds in one half of football is unacceptable
  11. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I agree 1000000000 percent
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