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  1. I could have sworn that Vick had a pair of cleats in the HOF. Did they take those out when he went to jail?
  2. I believe we were actually 0-8 in games we lost by 1 score or less, lol.
  3. Logic: Saints in SB53 would have been miserable...Rams beat the Saints to prevent that horrible outcome. Patriots ripped out our hearts in SB 51... and now the Rams are playing the Patriots in SB 53. Thus, one must conclude that Falcons fans should root for the Rams to win SB 53.
  4. Why in the literal he|| would you root against the team that just did us the greatest solid of all time.
  5. Unless you lose after being up 28-3... that is pretty much the worst ever. But, Rams won, so all is well.
  6. Forgot to add the Beast Mode run.... that was pretty amazing too.
  7. I thought it was a real whistle and somebody was going to / should have been kicked out. But.. I guess if he can make that sound naturally then nothing can be done.
  8. I honestly don't care anymore if the Pats win. Just makes rooting for the Rams that much more obvious.
  9. Let's roll out the red carpet for Rams fans when they come to town. Turn on that Southern hospitality for them.
  10. I will defintely be buying some Rams fans a drink when they come to town.
  11. Case for #1 = the hated Saints would have been playing in our house for their second Suberbowl. We literally would never have heard the end of it. It would have been THE definition of Atlanta sports misery. Case for #2 = Falcons had just squandered what seemed (initially) to be an easy path back to the Superbowl. Two backup QB's stood in our way... but we blew it on four straight goal line plays, including an inexplicable Julio Jones drop. Then, the very next day... all was made right with the world. The catharsis of that game-ending play made me instantly okay with the dissapointing season outcome. Both were completely amazing. Against all odds and against everything that the football gods have shown they will do to keep Atlanta sports fans in perpetual misery...
  12. 57 yard field goal or the Minneapolis Miracle.
  13. So, with two games since the opener (including last night's biggie) does anyone know if they addressed the issues from this thread? I.e., - Did they put a drink shelf in the men's room? - Did they add water dispensers? - What did they show on the halo instead of (hopefully) the rotating social media feed? - Are some sponsor ads still obnoxiously bright on the halo? - Did any vendors run out of food early? - Any issues with bottlenecks in the concourses?
  14. I echo the sentiments of all.. this place is a mecca for NFL football, and we are very lucky to have it as our new Falcons home. Some issues I observed though: The row numbers are all the way at the bottom of the seats (vs. there is a Falcon logo at back level), so as you are going up an aisle, it is incredibly difficult to see which row you are at. I think they will have to either switch out the Falcon logo for the row number or paint the row number on the steps to solve this problem. Some of the sponsor videos on the halo board are just way too bright and become an unnecessary distraction. E.g., the SunTrust one that goes into a 'get fired up' or something video.. it starts as bright yellow and the whole freaking place is taken over by that color. I know SunTrust may think that's a good thing, but it takes away from the experience too much and they'll need to tone that down. There is rotating social media content on the Halo board as a default next to game video, and that's just kind of silly (nobody cares about person XYZ's twitter post or Instagram picture just because they mentioned the Falcons). I hope in the regular season this will be some kind of 'around the NFL' with score / Fantasy Football updates. They have bugs to work out with the interviews they were trying to do on the big screen during the game... the video and audio never synced up. The soda refill machines are everywhere, but they don't have a water dispenser in them the way that every other normal soda dispenser does. The water fountains are few and far between (turns out they are near elevator banks), so it's a pain to get refills for water.. which you would think they should encourage given the health and sustainability focus. A simple solution would be to put in lots of the bottle refill stations like they have at airports.
  15. Here's a video I took from the 300's as the team was getting ready to come out... https://goo.gl/photos/aQbEkmznEYdZdnxZA
  16. The (confirmed) egg-man: https://m.facebook.com/antonio.soca.3?fref=fr_tab&__user=2610647 god bless him.
  17. except for the part where Flacco's ridiculous contracr will be 100% tied to his post season and Superbowl MVP performance. So I see the Falcons usin Ryan's relative lack of playoff performance (i.e., in comparison to Flacco) as leverage to sign a much more reasonable deal... maybe with heavy incentives tied to plaoff wins.
  18. Part of the reason for rooting against Flacco has to do with the pride of Matt Ryan > Flacco, but part of it has to do with potential impact on the Falcons salary cap. If Flacco wins the superbowl, he is going to get Brees money, and then his contract becomes the benchmark for other QB's getting deals... including Matt Ryan. My thinking is that Flacco is going to get an insane contract regardless of whether he wins today or not. So, I actually want him to win the superbowl (and be the MVP) so that the Falcons can use that as leverage when Ryan's agent assumes that Ryan would get Flacco money. i.e., "Flacco gets all that money due to his post season and Superbowl success. Ryan is clearly a superior regular season QB, but he is 1-4 in the playoffs, so he should get a contract commensurate with QB's x, y, and z."
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