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  1. woohoo, win the battle in the trenches! then you can do what you want, pass or run!!!
  2. you guys funny! but hey maybe td learns from his mistakes!!
  3. play him at rb, talk about hiding behind the linemen!! the d wont see him till its too late!! HA
  4. not mad at all! quite happy with draft, beefing up the lines good with me!! trenches baby!!( definitely not a sexy draft) and undrafted pickups might pan out, so lets start training camp and see!
  5. yes, and the undrafted pickups look pretty good! hoping
  6. agreed! start the process now! imo, they will probably toy around with it and see if most of current personell can make change and start filling n the gaps
  7. i agree hes been great, but could we trade him for o-line? still have snelling
  8. imo joes opinion is valid, yes ryan has happy feet ( behind that oline) and play calling was questionable, hoefullly that is rectified with malarky no longer here!
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