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  1. Which one of these late round picks have we drafted, not coached up, they went somewhere else and became a quality player? I can't think of a single one
  2. I don't care where you draft, you need to be able to find capable players. Thats why there is more than just a "top of 1st round" draft. That **** doesn't stop after the 15th pick. You have to find quality players. And the fact remains that his drafting has been less than subpar thus resulting in poor depth. That showed big time last year when we were hit by the injury bug. Edit: Can someone explain why TD has not been able to find a better starter than Kroy Beirman since 2008? He sucks and we've been complaining about pass rush since forever.
  3. I like to hope it's just because we have players playing ST that won't even make the team. They are trying to evaluate the bubble players to see if they have what it takes to make the team. At least thats what I am telling myself.
  4. I don't think I can ever be comfortable with Holmes on the field.
  5. I was watching some game (I forget who) but it was **** near unwatchable with all the penalties. The extra points is tricky because what if a team needs to go for two? Do you make them go from the 15 yard line? That would be near impossible. Would have to completely change the way you go for two.
  6. The quote button is always there but nothing happens. I press it and It even shows the three little greenish boxes like its going to let it happen but it doesn't show in the reply box.
  7. I can't quote people when I'm on my phone. Other than that it works ok
  8. vipbox works great for me. After the initial pop ups during loading the pop ups stop.
  9. Yeah I hear ya. I think it could potentially lead to more explosive plays because we will have a 3rd WR out there. Although I hope toilololololo becomes half the threat, **** he has the same range but no way will he make some of the catches TG did. I hope so though
  10. Man as slow as TG was you could just throw the ball anywhere and he'd bring it down. We're gonna miss that at times.
  11. I was carjacked at gun point once. Didn't even see the dude coming, then felt a gun to the side of my head. Got out and said take it. He then said give me your wallet and I was like I ain't got no money... but I did have money. So yeah you can say I'm pretty bad ***.
  12. I don't know why you keep giving him an average or better grade for round 3. It's been down right horrible. 2008: Chevis Jackson - garbage Harry Douglas - mediocre to below average Thomas Decoud - garbage 2009: Christopher Owens - garbage 2010: Corey Peters - I like him but perhaps he's a bit overhyped around here Mike Johnson - unknown / always injured 2011: Akeem Dent - garbage 2012: Lamar Holmes - garbage 2013: Traded to move up in the first... He probably should have done this every year as his picks have been garbage anyway. 2014: Dezmen Southward - unknown So why exactly are you incl
  13. HD would have tripped on his own feet if he tried some of those moves.
  14. ****, Lebron returned back to Cleveland before Rose returned to the Bulls from injury
  15. Why does only this one GM's comments determine everything? What about the others that were asked? Obviously the majority have him ranked pretty high. Out of 26 votes from people "smarter than us" on a scale of 1-5, 20 voted 2 and 6 voted 3, thats 77% for a 2...and in that rating he came out 8th? Averaging out a scale 1-5: QB's 1-6 = a 1 vote QB's 7-13 = a 2 vote (I'd say the majority of TATF would place him here) QB's 14-20 = a 3 vote
  16. So you can dismiss this comment saying the dude was crazy but the comments about Ryan are set in stone.
  17. With all that ability I would think he'd be better than 1-23 (prior to last year) vs teams with winning records. What makes you think he could do it for an entire playoff run?
  18. Yup, I'm going to hold off until I see what these OL clowns do. Hopefully we've done enough to upgrade there.
  19. Just giving the dude a hard time. I love the pictures...but the dude is sure **** proud and full of himself.
  20. inb4 Fib saying "No way, only my reports are accurate and speak the truth" but with more spelling errors.
  21. When Pat Hill first signed it was "OMG with Pat Hill our o-line is going to beast" "he so much better than our last coach" blah blah blah Now it's the same with Tice. At some point we just have to admit that maybe they both suck. I'd like to say I saw anything out of Konz that made me consider that perhaps he will be ok but I didn't. Holmes had a moment or two
  22. As "bad" as they claim Hester to be at WR, he still manages to find the endzone more in one year than HD has in his entire career.
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