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  1. 1st and 10 at ATL 20 S.Jackson left guard to ATL 23 for 3 yards That was our first play last year...
  2. Yeah I remember that thread but then everyone was convinced he came back as a teenage girl and started posting. She claimed to have been his niece but nobody was buying that BS.
  3. I'm pretty sure the original post was wondering if UncaT was pencil pusher.... That's how I read it
  4. I played little league football from the age 7-13. Won 3 (went to 5) Super Bowls!!! I'm pretty awesome
  5. Geez, who would have thought that 10 of 16 games would be important
  6. EDIT: paste job was horrible... You're right according to nfl.com
  7. I get that but don't think he (Kroy) is talented enough and that's going to be a problem.
  8. If Kroy is the biggest part of his (Nolan) scheme then I think we have some problems. Whether that be lack of talent or coaching. Something is wrong there.
  9. Wait, does this actually work? Someone get this game plan to Smith!
  10. I'll tell you how much I care for this game. I'm actually taking my son to the Bucs vs Redskins game instead of watching the Falcons game. I hate preseason especially game 4. But my son is 3 and this will be his first time at a football game so I figured this would be a perfect time to take him. Just want to bring him early and probably leave after the 1st quarter because it will be past his bedtime.
  11. I heard they couldn't get the two in the same room because Ryan said he would **** punch him
  12. Or unlike TD they are capable of drafting a replacement.
  13. Maybe I missed something because I changed the channel after watching the inadequacy of Yates but I'm pretty sure Ryan would have kept rolling. Sorry guys I just couldn't stomach the suckage that is Yates.
  14. I'd give them TD's 3rd round draft picks for the rest of his tenure here. Can't produce **** with them anyway
  15. Holmes had an entire year (2012) to get into pro shape.
  16. What if Lamar Holmes still doubles over sucking wind in the 2nd quarter, not allowing us to run a hurry up. What if he comes up with another historically ****** (stat wise) season. We knew this after last season and still did nothing as a back up plan if it happens again. Everyone knew Baker wouldn't make it...
  17. Every year his name pops up about starting, he goes and lands on the IR. Good luck dude
  18. Google says that is a female Ichneumon Wasp. Per website: That long, streaming appendage at the end of her abdomen is not a stinger, as the uninitiated tend to assume, but an egg-laying organ called an ovipositor.
  19. For ***** and giggles I looked over the CBS play-by-play vs Texans (everyone said he played well). They list his stats as 6-2 (solo - assist). 4 yard gain - assist 5 yard gain - solo 3 yard gain - assist 4 yard gain - solo -4 yard gain - solo 9 yard gain - solo 15 yard gain - solo incomplete pass - Alford and Worrilow on coverage. Looks like I overlooked one tackle as I only have 5-2.... So two good plays? DISCUSS... Edit: Note I did not watch the game...
  20. He's had 36 picks from the 3rd-7th round (not including this year). I don't even consider the 3rd late round but I added it because it made TD look better. At some point you would think he would select one quality player. You could probably throw darts at a draft board and have better luck than that. His best picks in rounds 3-7: Harry Douglas (I added him for the board but I think he's mediocre at best) Vance Walker - ok player but let him walk for pennies Corey Peters - not bad Bosher - woohoo you drafted a punter
  21. I'd like to get someone adequate at RT in case Holmes ***** the bed again. I'd rather not waste another year by totally committing to the Holmes experience. That said I don't know if any will become available.
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