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  1. I hope we can pull out a win this Sunday. I will be there and I gave my freinds crap all offseason about sweeping them last year. I hope they can't say the same for the next 9 months
  2. I had to add a 1 after my username for it to finally show up instead of my name. You will lose your post count (as you already have) but that is the only way I could get it to work
  3. She's hot but she has hammerthumbs. I'm not saying I wouldn't hit but she would never be allowed to hold my hand
  4. Your right I should have just said my girl murdered her cat today. I should have kept it real
  5. Thanks. One thing she asked for last year was a mainecoon cat calender. I guess I haven't learned how to quote someone yet. This response was for Ethanga
  6. My girl and here two cats have been staying with me for the last month while the house she was living at had some plumbing work done. I've never been a pet prson but when she moved in I told her the two cats could stayed here as well. Well, today she accidently turned on the dryer not realizing one of the cats was in there. I didn't make it and I feel horrible for her and the cat right now. Christmas is coming up and the thought crossed my mind about getting her another one but I'm not sure if thats a good idea. I'm not sure if it would be to early. What do you think? To early? Would it just
  7. Micheal Moore Rosie Ricki Lake Since Lake isn't around I might just go with Al Gore if they were standing next to each other
  8. test I think I figured out my screen name. I added a 1 to the end. Still not sure why it wouldn't let me use the original
  9. Thank you sir... I gave it a shot and got an error. Hopefully it works
  10. I see i'm not the only one having problems with my screen name
  11. so are you saying I have to re-register to get my old name back... I have no idea how it changed to this.
  12. I have no idea how my screen name changed to this!!! anyone now how to change it back??? Thanks in advance
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