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  1. My go to is Gatlinburg TN. Love that place. Been going every year for the last 15 years or so
  2. Probably just do jeans and call it casual Friday. Maybe some khaki shorts since it's hot out
  3. I'm just going to wear a red polo and if asked I'll just say Jake from State Farm
  4. Looks like the Rams got him. For a 4th & a 6th is what I'm hearing
  5. If carmimi has half as bad of a game as last week and doesn't get benched, I'll probably have to start A.M. drinking.
  6. I thought his playcalling was horrible last game. That said, I don't know if he had to change it up due to that poor excuse we call an o-line.
  7. Watching last game I kept thinking how it's ok to let the pass be complete in front of you, just someone needs to be there to step up and make a tackle before a first down. Nope, nobody is ever around. 3rd and 12, ok allow that 7 yard pass but please step up and make the tackle. It doesn't happen. Either they are nowhere to be seen or they whiff. I HATE 3rd & LONG!!!
  8. This always seems like a chicken or egg argument. You never really can tell until a player goes elsewhere and tears it up. So far I can't think of one TD pick to do so.
  9. This hurt to read today Breakdown: This is what it looks like when excellent quarterbacking is given as little support as possible. On the day, the Falcons’ receivers accounted for an unheard of seven dropped passes while both the left and right tackles had pass blocking grades lower than -3.0. When Levine Toilolo dropped his third pass just after the two-minute warning in the fourth quarter, it looked as though the Falcons were actively working against Ryan. Take away drops, throw aways, and batted passes and the Falcons’ quarterback was accurate on 26 of 32 targets on Sunday. Signature Sta
  10. I'm from Tampa and all my friends are buc fans, so happy we blew them out and have a better record. So at least I have that going for me.
  11. That's sad because TD just drafted like 12 of them mother****ers.
  12. That's weird of him to say when he's always the one spouting off about how sacks are overrated. Speak your **** mind Smitty and stop trying to say thing just to please certain people. Hopefully he's only like that on pressers and not when addressing the players. He needs to tell them they are bad and that they should feel bad.
  13. **** it, I'm keeping my optimism. We're going to the **** SB!!! When watching the game and we have the ball I feel so **** good and so happy. When our D is on the field I feel like someone just punched me.
  14. It's not so much that TD has let players walk because most were on a decline (I still wanted Abe though). It is more to do with TD's inability to draft worth a **** and overturn the roster from departures. This *********** has had 7 years to replace or find someone better than beirman and hasn't been able to. Gives away 3rd round picks like they're candy. Can't draft for **** in the 3rd either. Get this dude away from the draft process. Or whoever it is making the decision. He and the rest of this regime has made their living off of the previous GM's picks and a no brainer Matt Ryan pick (unle
  15. Lately I've been making cuban sandwich hotdog. Cook up the hot dog, wrap it in ham and cook a little more. Mustard, dill pickle and swiss. Taste like a poor mans cuban sandwich.
  16. I live in Tampa so it would mean a **** load of smack talk from all my buc fan friends.
  17. My newborn (1 week) **** on me this morning at about 6am. I heard him fart/shart so I went to change him, guess it wasn't all out. I cleaned him and lifted his legs to slide the diaper under and it came squirting out and splattered against my knee (was on the floor). Totally worth it though!
  18. I feel like I need to close my eyes when it's 3rd and long. **** kills me when we constantly let them convert. As of now we are ranked 3rd worst and last year dead last on third down % conversions. Hard to win when you can't get off the field on 3rd down.
  19. I'm pretty sure I read an article that said the % of players that have been arrested is lower than the % of regular citizens... I'll try to find it
  20. Last year we allowed a 66.1 completion percentage. I'm tired of that ****. Every **** QB seems to have a career accuracy against us. That's ********!!! It has to get better than that. Geno Smith went 16 of 20 against us. How is that possible?
  21. All The Single Ladies - Beyonce Waterfalls - TLC Get the ladies hyped and then make them grab your beers all day long for you. They won't even notice that you are using them.
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