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  1. But we still got TD Hopefully his roll has diminished like we have been hearing.
  2. I thought something profound was going to be in here.
  3. That's why I'm ok with these types of signings. We need a bunch of these fairly cheap dudes to replace the core of our team which is weak right now. I would love an "elite" type pass rusher but understand that we can't blow all our load on a player or two when a bunch of our current roster needs replacing.
  4. I think Quinn realizes that we have to sign a few "2nd/3rd" tier guys because our roster is lacking them. The core of the roster is weak and said 2nd/3rd tier guys are better than what we have. Can't spend it all on one player when we need a bunch of them.
  5. Born and raised in Tampa Fl but when I was born my older brothers were already playing little league for the Falcons. So I was always around the football practices and games and always rooting for them. I then played 7 years for the little league Falcons and have never been able to cheer for anything but the Falcons.
  6. I believe anyone we put into his spot can accidentally score more than HD's average of 1.3 TD's/year
  7. It would sure be nice to have some players currently on the roster develop. That said, we can say it was our old coaching staff all we want but I haven't seen any of our previous players go on to excel elsewhere. So was it really coaching or are the players we've picked just not that good?
  8. I would have just liked at least one punt by them the last time we played them in the playoffs.
  9. In a post game interview Wilson said he audible to it. So it really had nothing to do with the coaches.
  10. If so he will need to change the spelling of his last name. Can't have any of that New Orleans **** type spelling around here, bro.
  11. Interesting stat about pressure from the Packers game. From the article: Rodgers almost never faced the blitz. According to ESPN Stats & Information, he was 23-of-31 for 317 yards and three touchdowns when the Falcons rushed four or fewer defenders. On the rare times when they blitzed, Rodgers was just 1-for-5 for 10 yards.
  12. Just imagine how ****** we'd be if we got Kroy injured like Abraham did In all seriousness. I (coach) wouldn't say that I was sitting anyone. Make everyone mentally prepare for the game. I'd trot them out there on the first play, run up the middle then have them come back to the bench.
  13. For most of the season we were top five in redzone TD %. The last three games we have struggled and dropped us to 8th overall. Still pretty good...
  14. He was cut by the powerhouse that is the Titans. You know he's got to suck if the texans released him.
  15. The broadcasters kept saying that they spoke with Luke during the week and he said on certain down and distances they like to run the WR screen. It seemed we ran the play every time they talked about it and the panthers would kill it.
  16. It was close to 200 according to PFF Robert Alford, CB: -4.8 Breakdown: It was a rough day in coverage for Alford, where he gave up 11 receptions from the 13 passes thrown into his coverage. They went for a total of 181 yards and a touchdown as the Bucs went after his all game long. Signature Play: Gave up 3.69 Yards Per Coverage Snap from 49 snaps in coverage.
  17. Google says William Moore can start practicing week 11 but can not return until week 13. The only thing I se on Davis was that he was supposed to miss the first 6 weeks.
  18. Well a few weeks ago Nolan came out and publicly said he has earned more reps. That's the death of our players.
  19. You can never really know for sure about this. It's almost like the chicken or egg argument. TD could make a case if the players he drafted were setting the world on fire elsewhere but I don't see that happening.
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