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  1. It's a bit hard to be targeted in the redzone when you are just not making it there. Falcons were ranked 26th in redzone attempts last year.
  2. How is it possible to to be 5'9" and weight "212lbs", does this dude eat dumbbells for a living? I feel I'd be a fatass if I weighed that.
  3. I copied/pasted all this in to a spreadsheet. I'll come back to tell ya'll who sucks the most.
  4. I'll put $10 on it that says there will be a thread titled "There's a new Scherff in town" if he is drafted by us.
  5. So we don't draft a pure LEO because we are destined to sign Houston. Then Houston resigns or signs elsewhere and we are back to finding a pure LEO. Genius
  6. If there is a run on pass rushers, like many assume, then I think the value of taking him is higher than taking the 3-4 best pass rusher.
  7. I'm tired of giving away 3rd round picks. I'm also tired of TD's 3rd round picks. So, whatever I'll just
  8. There was nothing better than an all day Saturday draft party. I can't do that **** on a Thursday night though.
  9. I want a Super Bowl. That would be nice Edit: Really, all I want is a D that is not ranked 32 in just about every stat. I believe Quinns scheme alone brings that to the table. That's just blind optimism at this point though
  10. If pass rushers start flying off the board like everyone is mocking. To me it would be hard to justify drafting the #4 pass rusher at the 8th overall pick. Is that 4th best pass rusher better than what else is on the board? It would be hard to believe that to be true. I believe this team needs talent at so many positions that just about all should be options.
  11. Bud Light, about 8-12 of them Don't mess with liquor anymore.
  12. Its ok, I forgive you. Sincerely Roddy White
  13. Picking 3 DB's is such a TD move. That alone makes this the most realistic mock this offseason.
  14. We're in a tough spot if all the pass rusher start flying off the board like many project. We are in desperate need of a pass rush and it will be hard to justify the value of drafting the 3rd/4th best pass rusher at the 8th overall pick.
  15. The only thing I know of him is that I have his dads autograph. Hey, It's something
  16. Just because I haven't said my word on any of these Kroy threads. I'll go ahead and post my thoughts. It's ******* ******** that we resigned him if it has anything to do with him getting significant time on D. I'll be ok with it if he's relegated to special teams duty. He's pretty good there.
  17. I say they will announce something about two weeks before the draft. Most likely on a Friday so everyone forgets by Monday. According to my calendar, I'd bet an announcement comes out April 17th.
  18. He doesn't have to sign FA's because he drafts players worth resigning. thanks TD
  19. Can we verify who's doing what? I read it as Quinn will have final say on the 53. Meaning he can cut players to get down to the final 53. I am also of the understanding that TD has control of the who's drafted and FA's brought in. To answer original OP question with my understanding of how things are working. No I do not have confidence in TD drafting. That said, I guess I'm a bit more confident in Quinn playing the correct players. Although thats just blind optimism at this point. I liked Smitty but think Quinns scheme will automatically improve our D over what Nolan and Smitty ran.
  20. Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter · 9m9 minutes ago Dallas gave DE Greg Hardy a one-year, $11.3 million deal that could be worth up to $13.116 million.
  21. It would be hard to justify picking the "4th" best pass rusher at the 8th overall pick. Unless of course, your big board has the "4th" best pass rusher rated that high.
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