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  1. Huh ? Matt is having a great year? By what standards ?

    11 tds 7ints

    15th in Passer Rating

    14th in tds tied with Josh McCown and Ryan Fitzpatrick

    To be fair, Freeman is stealing all of Matt's TD passes. I'm ok with that, just get the ball in the endzone which we are doing (#4 in scoring).

    I'm more worried about his (and the teams) turnovers but he's on pace with his int's as normal. It's the **** fumbles that are killing us.

  2. 1. No you can't worry about that. Use him

    2. Yes. He's still made plays that HD would not have made. Hopefully he gets better.

    3. Don't care. We and most other teams would not win with a back up

    4. Thats the NFL. Can't blame the dude.

    5. Weems has been safe. I'm ok with that until Hester gets back.

    6. They just brought another in. Hopefully the injured dudes get back soon.

  3. I row my boat most every weekend living down in Tampa. This weekend I'll be in Chicago where it will be televised. I can't see myself sitting in a hotel room and watching though. I don't think my wife will enjoy that so it looks like I'll be hitting a bar

  4. you missed the point and did not answer my question How many misfires by Ryan is acceptable?/

    If the WRs need a 90 or 100% catch rate

    Why is a 70% pass rate by Ryan good????? why not harp on Ryan for not having a 90% rate??

    I'm sure some of his misfires will effect future games

    90% has never been done by a QB. WR are constantly above 90%.

    Over a 3 year period (this was posted in 2012) here are the top 5:

    Rank Player Current Team Drops Catchable Drop Rate

    1 Earl Bennett CHI 4 127 3.15%

    2 Larry Fitzgerald ARZ 9 275 3.27%

    3 Kevin Walter HST 5 148 3.38%

    4 Lance Moore NO 5 136 3.68%

    5 Malcom Floyd SD 6 131 4.58%

    6 Reggie Wayne IND 14 300 4.67%

    Here are the worst drop % over the same 3 year period:

    Rank Player Current Team Drops Catchable Drop Rate

    1 Roy E. Williams FA 19 130 14.62%

    2 James Jones GB 20 139 14.39%

    3 Mike A. Williams TB 20 149 13.42%

    4 DeSean Jackson PHI 25 193 12.95%

    5 Brandon Gibson SL 18 141 12.77%

    So the worst was around 85%. According to ESPN Hankerson had 11 targets and according to people here he had 2 drops. That's 18% which would be the worst. I'm not sure if all were catchable. If they weren't his % of dropped catchable passes would be even worse.

    That said he did make up huge by catching that TD (I don't believe for a second that HD would have caught that). We won so I don't really care.

  5. I'm hopeful that I just don't have that feeling of complete embarassment watching them play. I honestly don't care where we rank this coming year as long as there are signs of improvement from the line down to the secondary.

    That and for them to make the stop when the sound guy plays "all we do is win" after a late 4th quarter Bryant field goal but the other team has 30 seconds left to drive the field... (referencing the Browns game from last year)...

    I'd like to add that I want to have a good feeling when it's 3rd and long instead of wanting to close my eyes.

  6. No


    Yes. Technically I'm not teaching him but he's been in swim lessons since he was around 2.5 years old (he's almost 4 now). That summer leading up to him joining classes, he fell in a pool twice at different family gatherings, and we had to jump in to get him. After the second time we immediately put him in lessons. It is such a weight lifted when you know your child knows what to do in and or around water. My youngest son (only 10 months) will be put in lessons probably around the age of 2.

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