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  1. If pass rushers start flying off the board like everyone is mocking. To me it would be hard to justify drafting the #4 pass rusher at the 8th overall pick. Is that 4th best pass rusher better than what else is on the board? It would be hard to believe that to be true. I believe this team needs talent at so many positions that just about all should be options.
  2. Who wants to point me to the best rib rub in this thread? I typically just make my own (still haven't perfected it though) but would love to try yalls. That steak sandwich above this has me drooling. I don't know whey I haven't kept up with this thread but I need to start.
  3. I will check out a Rays game for sure! They are playing Boston and the Yanks while i will be in town!

    I love seafood! Usually the little hole in the wall places are the best. Do you have any suggestions?

    Also, I love fishing! Bass fishing is my favorite. Do you know anywhere I can go to catch some large mouth bass?

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