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  1. The last time the Falcons were 6-3, we had a rookie coach. Mike Smith was that coach (in 2008) and we ended up 11-5.
  2. Not eligible until 8 weeks after being place on IR designated to return. I don't remember but something like week 11 might have been 13?
  3. To be fair, Freeman is stealing all of Matt's TD passes. I'm ok with that, just get the ball in the endzone which we are doing (#4 in scoring). I'm more worried about his (and the teams) turnovers but he's on pace with his int's as normal. It's the **** fumbles that are killing us.
  4. Hasn't he fumbled more punts than he's returned?
  5. Inb4 I wish the Falcons would have gave Cole Magner a chance like this.
  6. Julio got September Freeman October Matt Ryan will get November. Mark it down in the books!!!
  7. I agree. It starts with him. Although I really think the craptastic snaps he's getting are causing a lot of his problems. It seems they are all at his feet causing him to take his eyes off the D and throwing off the timing. Some have just been bad though...
  8. I'm really starting to hate being 4th in points scored 5th in yards per game 9th in passing yards per game 5th in rushing yards per game 2nd in time of possession 3rd in 3rd down conversion %
  9. I think this is causing more problems than people realize. Every **** snap is low, causing Matt to take his eyes off the D.
  10. Tampa. Mainly just for **** talking purposes. I live in Tampa and all my friends are buc fans.
  11. 1. No you can't worry about that. Use him 2. Yes. He's still made plays that HD would not have made. Hopefully he gets better. 3. Don't care. We and most other teams would not win with a back up 4. Thats the NFL. Can't blame the dude. 5. Weems has been safe. I'm ok with that until Hester gets back. 6. They just brought another in. Hopefully the injured dudes get back soon.
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