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  1. I was thinking the same thing. He's almost always linked to us.
  2. If you don't know The Dude's drink... you should reevaluate your life choices...
  3. If Ryan had a defense to help support his play, his playoff success would be much better.
  4. Pretty much what everybody else is saying, just in a different way. Once we are mathematically eliminated from playoff contention. Although I think things are going to be good this year.
  5. Id honestly like to go to the Falcons @ stains game because it's on my birthday. I haven't been able to find good seats yet though.
  6. Falcons declined his (Harris's) 5th year, so we would have a void there anyways.
  7. I expect them to change baseballs more frequently than they do already (which is entirely too much IMO).
  8. Seattle will be a tough start, but with them coming east it could be an advantage. Dallas should be a good tough game. Chicago will probably still be trying to figure out who their QB will be, but their backs can make things difficult. Quinn has Green Bays number the last few times, this could also apply to Dallas since they now have McCarthy. I think we're going to be ok this year.
  9. I still think Brady is going to miss BB more.
  10. Exactly! ESPN gagging on Brady's nuts already.
  11. Pirate ship=Tampa Bay, home of the Super Bowl... Monte carlo... you're an old timer Players going up a hill... tough battle... PVC... might be time to check your pipes, both plumbing and HVAC
  12. Cut Takk now and bring him in on a one year deal... production can't be much different.
  13. I know, been here for years.
  14. Can we trade you for a potato? The potato would have better ideas...
  15. Saw he had an injury and teams weren't able to re-evaluate him after surgery.
  16. Looks like everyone over Thad Moss... And I wanted him in the 4th...
  17. Let's move one of our fourths to get him
  18. Give me Lewis, T. Moss, or Baun.
  19. If McKinney is still there at 47, I'm taking him. But give me Gallimore or Blacklock. Need more beef!
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