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  1. Which Ryan? Buddy? Rex? Rob? Nolan? Because it dang sure isn't Matt.
  2. With two backs active, I'm almost expecting Avery Williams to see some offense
  3. Get hot at the right time, anything can happen.
  4. Just get me through week 1 and I'll have my own opinions... but I'm optimistic.
  5. Spurrier was notorious for it, but I don't think there's any connection.
  6. Ok... I'm drunk enough... We don't play again until next Sunday... Sorry guys....
  7. ..................... I.... Um.... Pudding.... Nope, can't do it...
  8. Really? He's gonna play a majority of the snaps on offense and be a major contributor even if the stats don't say so. His affect on the offensive skill players will be seen.
  9. Better than saying The 3rd stringer that picked off Ryan When Davis blew his knee in a meaningless preseason game Our starters couldn't do anything against backups Etc...
  10. The take sign is on permanently... holding the bat by the barrel...
  11. It's preseason... even for the coaches, especially AS, yanno first time head coach. He's going to build this team in his image and churn from the bottom up. If you're worried about preseason records, you're in the wrong.
  12. I became a Falcons fan in 91... the first year I played football... for the Falcons. So I can actually say I played for the Falcons.
  13. I'm feeling this right now, bro* *it'll happen just not anytime soon...
  14. Nice couple days for Trav. Congrats!
  15. It's all because Herbert, Prescott, and Allen are all part of the "new generation" of QBs.
  16. 4500 yards the last 3 seasons (at least) and still no respect. If we had a defense it would be a different song altogether.
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