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  1. Im here... Honestly... I got off work and took a nap just before the game started (because I bowl on Wednesdays) and when I woke up it was already 13-1, I checked the game on my phone about an hour later and it was the same and I just closed it and went back to bowling... there were a few extra drinks involved last night though.
  2. Somebody owes me a good extra 45 seconds of my life back after reading this ****...
  3. Just to clear things up, I love showboaters. They make things so much more entertaining. I live a great celebration, so Acuna shuffles at third... maybe it's paying homage to someone, who other than Acuna knows? Either way, let's finish this tonight!
  4. We love that Acuna is just having fun playing a kids game because he's a Brave... Bit what if he wasn't? What if he was a Mariner? Or worse...a Nat? We'd hate everything about him...
  5. Trufant is actually playing decent = words I never thought I'd say. Oliver, garbage Vic, garbage Takk, OVERRATED garbage Jarrett, not garbage Debo, not complete garbage
  6. I mean if we're gonna make someone with ZERO coaching experience the next head coach... Nope can't even finish it...
  7. I want someone whos an offensive mastermind, someone not named McCarthy or Harbaugh. We need someone with experience and someone who can completely unlock the incredible potency of our offensive weapons. I don't want Lincoln Riley or Eric Bienemy either. Koetter should never be the Falcons coach either. I also can't give any names either. I just know who I DON'T want.
  8. Chop that guy!
  9. All season long we've lost the first game in a series and then turned it on the rest of the way... we good!
  10. Think it's suitable for the NLDS...? I do... Uck 'em!
  11. My Xfinity guide is saying Braves are on at 730 CST... Dodgers at 4CST
  12. Chop = catchy Relentless= chills
  13. I'd like to see us go with an offensive coach for a change instead of having defensive guys. Then they could hire their own defensive coordinator. I say focus on our strength.
  14. Bro...I know you like the Rays as well, bit ther question is... Braves vs Rays... who you got? And who you pulling for?
  15. Im Dallas, Mike F, Mike S with Fried in the pen
  16. Send me that way
  17. Hmmm... that hasn't crossed my mind, but resigning him did.
  18. He probably never stopped. Im seeing an 0 for for JD... and won't even care lol
  19. Ice it up!
  20. Decline phone calls
  21. I was, but that was also the year I joined the military and missed basically 2 years and never really missed it.
  22. Not since 98
  23. I was highly surprised st the amount of pressure we were getting last night.
  24. Call me old... but what?