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  1. Different strokes, different folks
  2. Sometimes comfort goes a long way
  3. Well... baseball season's about here... You guys are in midseason form.
  4. No No reasoning
  5. If I remember correctly, Koetter used a lot of screens last time he was here... Coleman could be absolutely explosive in the screen game I think...
  6. I see us leaning towards a Greedy Williams now.
  7. Acuna's favorite pitcher was named Opening Day Starter for the Marlins...Jose Urena
  8. Saw it on Facebook hours ago... didn't laugh then...
  9. Who do I have to kill to get this to happen?
  10. The irony would be Cleveland trading the same picks back to us.
  11. The talk of all these two Alabama backs may I offer... Damien Harris
  12. Cleveland, anyone? They have tons of free cap space.
  13. Less holes than us. For some reason they can get a guy off the scrap heap or in the later rounds and turn them into All-Pros. I'm with KOG, if we get the lines right in FA then maybe we can trade back and get Jacobs in the late 1st.
  14. Just another way to shine the Yankees knobs..
  15. I'm still waiting on them to call me and tell me that there was no one home and they cancelled my order....when I was sitting in the living room next to my phone.
  16. The article stated that Martinez played in the outfield a whole 56 games, with over half of those in left. Stanton to me is also a DH with them rotating he and Judge between the OF and DH. Plus, arent they mostly RF?
  17. According to this JD Martinez and Stanton... Which I don't agree with at all.
  18. I'm on board
  19. I'd say yes, but the fact that he has head coaching experience goes a long way. If we have a top 5 offense and win the Super Bowl, and some team is desperate enough (say NYG or Dallas) he could be gone. Personally, i'd rather him stay around until he retires.
  20. Maybe we should trade our best cut to them, yanno, get something in return... like picks...
  21. The energy of the youngsters really drove last year's team. That energy, with more experience, is gonna make for another great season. Im calling it now...NL EAST CHAMPIONS (at least).
  22. Wrong Crimson Falcon Emmitt... Quinntoris Lopez Jones...#11
  23. Also Julio's Birthday