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  1. Something we never thought we'd here around these parts! I believe Mack was the one who said that he was going to play regardless.
  2. Normally i see it as having his own opinion, which i completely agree with, but that was just petty.
  3. Was that really necessary?
  4. I usually support your argument about Swanson not having enough at bats, but this one you lost me on. It seems to be working for everyone else except Swanson. Maybe some actual minor league at bats would help him.
  5. first brave pitcher to hit a slam since 1966
  6. Word on the street from my cousins uncle's brothers sister aunt great niece brother in law laws deaf and blind grandmother is that we're getting Bartolo back /purp
  7. I think Manuel will be eased into the DC role with Quinn calling the defense for the first few games. It may not be this year, but eventually Manuel will be handed the reins and allowed to call what he feels instead of Quinn.
  8. We never had a shot at Fowler, he went first that draft.
  9. ^^ ^^You sure it was this thread? LOL
  10. He averaged about 96mph on his fastball and after he survived up a long ball to Freddie the next few fastballs were about 86.
  11. The upside to getting Verlander? The only other Upton... Kate!
  12. His velocity was about 10 mph lower, it's a pretty good sign to me.
  13. Okay... which one of you guys was it?
  14. There would have to be some major re-alignment if Mexico City were to get a team.
  15. Is it just me our does Jackson look like he's getting away with a balk?