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  1. They also play 6 games against a bad division.
  2. I say offense 28, defense with a score as well. Koo with two field goals, so 41... the same number of years old I am today
  3. The sports bar I go to has a great chili cheeseburger... I'm leaning that way today.
  4. Senat is more than likely gone after this season.
  5. Probably also to keep them from signing him after Hill messes the bed.
  6. We're not that dangerous of a team... plus this isn't the WWE.
  7. I had a feeling this was why we didn't (couldn't) trade him. Outside of his Twitter rants, they probably just got tired of dealing with his lemon ***
  8. Not Sammy or Torii? Mine would be Bonds, Buehrle, Clemens, Helton, Hunter, Jones, Manny, Schilling, Sheffield, Sosa, and Wags. Vizquel is borderlin.
  9. Look at Dansby getting some love. Congrats Freddie
  10. Breaking news, hurt his shoulder signing the contract
  11. If that play had come from Wilson, Jackson, Rodgers, or Mahomes it would've been a top play shown all weekend.
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