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  1. Not my truck, but just like it, 2008 Chevrolet Avalanche LT.
  2. One good season is better than what Takk has shown thus far. Takk is a beast, but Beasley still has a double digit sack season. BTW...I hear Beirmann is available...
  3. That has been one of my biggest knocks on him, the lack of interceptions that hit him right in the hands.
  4. I actually noticed that he wasn't on the field for a few drives.
  5. Shhhhhh...........
  6. You've been here a while, I see lol
  7. Two things all those guys are missing, which are very important to the success of the defense... 1-Speed 2-Knowledge of the scheme. Best bet (if we were to bring a LB in) would be Spoon.
  8. Or he could pull a DeBo and light Cam up and put him out.
  9. I'm actually cool with that.
  10. True, but I mean REALLY go off! All season
  11. I'm more worried about the knowledge of the defense. That's the thing about Quinn's defense is that it is designed so that there is less thinking and more reacting. People are overlooking that point when wanting Navarro.
  12. He's gonna be my favorite manager of all time at this rate.
  13. With the injuries announced this week, Julio better go off and prove he's worth the money he thinks he is, because we're going to need it...
  14. I'm not opposed to Spoon, even though I wasn't a huge fan. He AT LEAST KNOWS THE DEFENSE...