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  1. One of the main reasons the Big 12 got left out is because they didn't have a championship game to really justify giving them a place in the playoff. This year they will have an actual conference championship game that will give them a better chance to get in.
  2. Because Deion Jones (6'2" 220) is that much bigger than Duke Riley (6'1" 218)...?
  3. We aren't the same person...he likes UGA...I'm a Bama guy.
  4. I highly doubt the CFP Committee is going to let Alabama and Georgia play back to back games unless it is an instant classic. If Alabama wins by 1-4 points then maybe you see that game again in the first round. If Alabama blows out Georgia by more than 14, Georgia will have a hard time being justified in the playoffs. On the other hand, if Georgia beats Alabama and wins the SEC, I see Alabama getting in regardless of the margin of victory because of the money draw that Alabama is.
  5. I actually suspect Sark has been holding things back in preparation for this game. I expect him to open up the playbook against New England.
  6. I'm just curious... Why is it that whenever the Falcons lose a game a number of board newbies show up here and instantly have topic starting abilities?
  7. This is run blocking fail never let a shirt pass you by! This was on both RS and (as much as I hate to say it) Julio. 95 runs right past both and Wes avoids him as well.
  8. I think this is they type of situation where the NFL HAS to step up their rules. I think a player should be limited to the total amount of concussions they are allowed. Not in a season, a career. Personally, I think 3 should be the max. The NFL should say that if player A has had 3 concussions (regardless of the severity) they are disqualified from the league. I understand that there could be some backlash from that, but it is ultimately all about player safety. This could lead to some shady diagnosis from teams, but with the NFL having the stance of "3 strikes you're out" that keeps the NFL from getting sued and ultimately leaving it on the team and not the league.
  9. Just a hypothetical scenario. I don't know (or care enough) about the Giants to know who would be worth pursuing. Posey and Crawford are about the only two I know that they have.
  10. Whatsay, the Braves were the third team (yanno, just to get Stanton out of the division) and we offered up some of our A- maybe B+ prospects, would you demand Posey be involved?
  11. That was covered above lol
  12. And since YOU bolded is now YOUR bold prediction...
  13. You bolded it...therefore bold...