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  1. Honestly, I've got give the MVP for the season to @E. T.. We've done great with him starting the topic. Im all for giving him a breather once we lock up the East and saving him for the NLDS. It's been a great season with you guys. Let's keep choppin' all the way!
  2. As its been said already **** the Nats
  3. Let's end this!
  4. I believe he will. More than likely 42/48, I'd like to see him get white hot and go 45/45, but I don't think that happens.
  5. "Sports" center...
  6. I can see a lot of B squad games once the division is locked up. But there could be nights where we could/would see some A- or B+ lineups to get some guys some rest and keep some guys hot.
  7. JD was signed as a free agent.
  8. Wasn't referring to you one that first statement. I've seen you around before.
  9. Always after a loss there's a bunch of new accounts that just magically show up... With Quinn's past record, which year's did he win?
  10. Bury em!
  11. I see it...brb...
  12. My mother and I were just having a conversation about him the other night. He did great on Fanduel the other night and I mentioned to her about how he's been caught cheating before and then this comes out. Dude is obviously not good enough to play without cheating.
  13. Excuse me?
  14. Also true...
  15. People must have forgotten that Hill had a pretty decent game against Carolina last season. The guy has some skills.