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  1. No....but P.J. Williams does
  2. 2015, cost us a 5th and $350,000
  3. Correct, but if you have people in LA who wouldn't normally watch because "they have no dog in the fight" they will watch because the Rams are in.
  4. True, but there is some credence to having the #2 and #9 television markets involved as opposed to the #32 (KC) and the #50 (NO).
  5. But probably wont because of the no-call
  6. Don't get me wrong, he's my pick after Q. Williams. Just seeing everyone talk about how he'll be gone by our pick and the "experts" mocking him to us at 14 had me a little confused.
  7. We were docked a late round pick for "pumping in noise", so why not?
  8. And as far as I know, there's been no protest filed by the Taints.
  9. Is his stock suddenly rising? Just about every mock I've seen had him going to us at 14.
  10. I thought Sheff was in left... J.D. Drew...yeah, completely forgot about him...
  11. That you playing the....flute (?)
  12. True, but as stated, we probably see more righties in a season. Plus there are other options like Camargo and (gasp) Duvall.
  13. You need to quit making me think... Rodgers=Marino Brady=Montana
  14. Now, you're talking my language. The guy has pop, something we've missed in right field since...Justice(?)