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  1. im with ya
  2. Seems like that dude needs to hang em up. He's ALWAYS injured. When he has played, I haven't seen anything worth the hype with him.
  3. I'll just admit that I never have been a fan of Trufant, but you have to admit that Collins on the field (for most of the year) was pretty solid.
  4. I actually think the defense we improve significantly. We lost Neal and Rico, but Kazee has played pretty well and is more of a playmaker/ball hawk than Rico ever was. Neasman and Richards...they leave a lot to be desired. With Debo back, we have what would have been our original front 7. If we can get our corners back to playing like they are capable of, we could see some serious improvement.
  5. It will improve a lot of things. The communication and middle of the field coverage will be key.
  6. We went to the Super Bowl without Trufant and WITH Collins. I'm actually okay with kicking the tires on him.
  7. 3 of my least favorite posters all in a doom and gloom thread... No surprises here.
  8. Well...we did just lose to Cleveland. I expect the irrational thoughts and posting up until about Thursday and then we MIGHT see news about the Falcons and Cowboys game coming up...
  9. I tell em when I leave the sports bar at the end of our season, "See you guys in a couple of weeks after the Super Bowl."
  10. Yeah, the offense isn't the problem. Our defense is ravaged with injuries and (for some reason), we're talking about Ryan in a topic about Julio...
  11. Enlighten me so that I can better my diss
  12. None of, or anything close, to the above. During "the game which will remain nameless" my boss called at halftime and said "Ya'll got this." To which I responded, "I won't start celebrating until there's 2 minutes left, we're up by 20, with the ball and New England doesn't have any time outs left. That's Brady across the field." That's probably the worst.
  13. I hope you really aren't an engineer because there's gonna be some collapsing buildings if you work as good as you try to talk football.
  14. Mobile enough to get out of major trouble, no, he's not Vick or even Big Ben. Smart enough to actually open the playbook, unlike Vick. Can throw the ball at least 60 yards. Has gotten numerous former OCs hired as head coaches. None of them had the success they had here with Ryan. That's a start.
  15. Sure he does, Vick put butts in seats. Ryan just wins a few more games than Vick.