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  1. Two words: 30 interceptions
  2. New accounts showing up, only posting in this thread...I think they're looking for our feedback before they get released...
  3. Im thinking these pictures are months old and these are rejected concepts (at least I hope). That's part of my aforementioned theory...
  4. I also have another theory... And to post it would more than likely violate the COC...
  5. I feel like these are older pictures and are concepts as well.
  6. Quinn seems to have Green Bays number.
  7. So was I. He hasn't been proven wrong... yet. We were told the 14th. So I'll wait until the 14th and not belly ache and moan about it until the 15th.
  8. My point proven. You're getting upset about something someone said on the internet, that hasn't been proven wrong (yet). Plus, and here's the good part, it's about clothing...
  9. I think the original plan was to show them at the draft, but with everything going to crap the plans changed. They could reveal them the morning of the draft, during the broadcast or two days before the first preseason game. It's their decision. Some people take stuff posted on the internet as the gospel and it makes them mad for believing it. Im as anxious as the next guy but dam, y'all some whining folks sometimes.
  10. Yeah it just feels like a Falcon move.
  11. Im hoping for Chaisson... But unexpected, but realistic... Simmons slides and we pick him, but play him at safety.
  12. All this security you'd think Kyle would've kept his ipad...
  13. It would get changed repeatedly this year...
  14. "In the game..." Which you are not, AB.