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  1. Almost lost me at CBS Sports griping that we didn't take a QB, because ALL their mocks had us taking QB... Then lost me at La Barfona
  2. Seeing this move is reminescent of Saban moving both Minkah Fitzpatrick and Eddie Jackson from corner to safety... It's a Saban-esque move because Pees coached under Saban (and Belichick).
  3. I love Zapps, Voodoo was good the first time to me, but never really again after that. I prefer the Cajun Crawtaters myself.
  4. Vick was born too early in the NFL for his skill set to actually work. If he were playing in college now with all the spread option offenses out there he would still go #1 and possibly a multi-time Heisman and National Championship winner.
  5. There's only been a few games in the Ryan Era that we've actually been blown out. Of Ryan EVER had a decent defense he'd have multiple titles and everyone would be saying "Tom who?"
  6. Just out of curiousity... Anybody still wanting Martin to be the closer? Anybody? Bueller? Bueller....?
  7. We drafted him... he signed his rookie contract... nothing earth shattering here...
  8. Im watching wrestling...
  9. I just got in from work, the day from Helsinki, and now I can't get the game to come up... screw this day...
  10. Shewmake and Vaughn Grissom have Dansby and/or Ozzie Ball has Freeman (but that could be subject to change with the DH) CJ Alexander possibly with Riley.
  11. I could see him trading some prospects that have a positional logjam in front of them.
  12. ESPN is saying WITH pay. I have a feeling there will be some unscrupulous managers out there that will see one of their guys getting shelled and have them commit the offense to get suspended for a break.
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