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  1. Kinda what I was thinking which is why I didn't put much into my OP. He almost reminds me of a FreeCo Lite mi
  2. Released by the Jags... Thoughts?
  3. I wanted him when he left Green Bay, I'll take him now! All those that are defending Wes must have completely forgotten how good our line was with an experienced vet at RG when we had Chester. Experience really matters sometimes and what Wes showed last season proves it.
  4. You know baseball season is upon us when my knee bothers me from softball practice lol And yeah Markakis at cleanup is no good...
  5. I've seen people posting about how our current uniforms look like Arena League or a high school team, and then seen those same people post the old school, block letter, red uniforms...which look as much like a high school team as anything.
  6. I was actually going to promote Bozeman especially since he has versatility to play G as well.
  7. To me, Payne just isn't as dominant as it would seem and I do NOT miss a Bama game. There have been guys over the last few drafts that are flat out better than him in my opinion (Allen, Robinson). A lot of times the success of our defensive line comes from the success of the back 7 (or 8, depending on formations). Bama's defense is built to work as one cohesive unit, in which, the front has success thanks to back end and the back end has success thanks to the front. Payne isn't worth the 1st round grade in my opinion.
  8. That explains everything....
  9. Somebody didn't watch the game against the Patriots earlier in the season...
  10. While you're right overall... I don't think it was a great decision to get Luck. I was never impressed with him and his injuries are making him look like a bust, but thats my opinion. Carry on...
  11. Neither Young nor Farve were known commodities at those points in their careers. There is no guarantee that Farve would have done the things he did in Green Bay if he hadn't been traded.
  12. If I remember correctly, he is owed $18M and he won't even be under contract.
  13. And was released.
  14. Everytime I see or hear his name, I think of a beer league softball player lol