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  1. Show up? Where? Nothing is going on now.
  2. The Return of the Gritz incoming!
  3. Sadly, it was the same description the media used for Peria Jerry...
  4. Smith will be a **** of a steal in my opinion, but the highlighted is so far off base it's not even funny. I've seen this statement made a number of times, but obviously the writers forgot that Ridley played under Sark for ONE game, as Lane Kiffin was the OC prior to Sark.
  5. Right now, I would say that he is about 65% going in. The stats speak for themselves. Look at guys like Moon and Marino who never won the Super Bowl, but are in the Hall. Look at Jim Kelly who lost 4 times in the Super Bowl. Getting a ring isn't the end all, be all, but it helps. If Ryan collects another MVP, I would say his number goes up to about 80% possibility. You also can't discount what he has done for a franchise that was rooted in a losing culture for most of its existence. If he keeps his current pace, he would be close to the NFL all time passing number.
  6. I prefer derogatory titles better...
  7. Coulda kept it going by going along with him...
  8. Meanwhile Murray retires today...
  9. It's actually an interception, but anyways.... Check one of the 54910561561105126 topics about it.
  10. Just goes to show that even the managerial selections are popularity contests as well.
  11. I dunno...pretty basic to me, especially if you have young knees and good vert. But thats my opinion. I used to be able to do the same thing....on an 8 ft goal, about 25 years ago (fat, not a good basketball player #whitemencantjump)
  12. 10 finger check in here! Had ribs, potato salad, and baked beans, no dranks.
  13. 6' 4" he should be able to dunk...