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  1. You listened to locked on Falcons... To me taking a QB @4 this year is wasting a pick for a team that has holes and needs to build through the draft. Besides Bryce Young is our future QB
  2. I've been saying that since day one. Move back, pick up extra picks and get some safety help.
  3. He could've just been that extra big bat that doesn't play the field. Might have dropped down to 5 and still been productive. Just my drunken opinion...
  4. The DH might've extended Chipper maybe 2 years...<sigh>
  5. Just hoping that doesn't cause issues didn the road.
  6. It's a mixture of bad coaching and the undefeated father time. Ryan is still clutch though.
  7. Former Tampa receiver Vincent Jackson was found dead in a Brandon hotel room, no signs of trauma. He was 38.
  8. Signed him to $17M AAV a season for 2 years...
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