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  1. Quote from NFL.com " linebacker Michael Boley, a fringe Pro Bowler last season who lost his zeal and his job to Wire, are likely gone."
  2. Coach Smith always refers to him as Darrell. Maybe ledbetter is his undercover name?
  3. Let's win the division and let the Saints worry about next year.
  4. At least one play off win this season and for next year ---------- LB -- S --- and OT.
  5. I don't think Snelling will make it on the practice squad. --- If one of them has to go it would be Brown. Snelling was on the practice squad last season and a couple of teams tried to claim him which forced Atlanta to bring him up to the active roster or lose him. I hope they work out a way to keep both.
  6. Ryan surprised me at mini camp. --- His intermediate throws had more zip than I expected. His arm strength will improve I'm sure. --- Right now I just wish he anticipated more on the throws but that could be improved when he is more familiar with the offense.
  7. TD himself said the players he signs do not have to be 'Angelic". Would Thurman be near angelic -- or closer to the devil in TD's eyes? His is the only opinion that really matters.
  8. Good Lord!!!!!!!!!!! ------------ we overpaid him!!!!!!!!!!! Just thought I would be the first to say it cause we all know it's coming?
  9. I agree on fundamentals being first. If Mularkey can find a player able to pass the ball -- I don't think he can resist drawing up a few flea flickers just to keep it interesting. Maybe Turner or Norwood?
  10. Steelers' Mularkey is thinking outside the box againIn shades of their creative offensive approach of 2001, did you notice that the Steelers and Mularkey got to use their bag of trick plays in that 23-20 win at Cleveland? Pittsburgh put rookie receiver Antwaan Randle El in the shotgun formation at quarterback, split starting quarterback Tommy Maddox out wide as a receiver, and direct snapped the ball to receiver Hines Ward. Randle El threw twice for 26 yards, ran once for two yards, and Hines gained eight yards rushing to pick up a pivotal first down. On one play, Maddox tossed it to Randle
  11. Smith says they talked to all the try outs this morning. Decisions will be made.
  12. In today's video ---- Smith says he was impressed. Says Brown will fit in with the other backs -- can run off tackle and has the speed to run outside. Also pleased with his ability to pick up the blitz.
  13. Quote ------- "Overall this line will once again be slightly below average in run blocking and it will improve in pass protection but will still be below average." Ouch!!
  14. When your offense is all run this is a good thing. Good point. ----- Kinda like being impossible to "Have too much fun"?
  15. Glad to see Musgrave is gonna work on Ryan's footwork. That's the only part that really bugged me after watching him Saturday.
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