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  1. Please help......how can I watch the Falcons game online. Can anyone give me a good reliable reference
  2. Being changed because of the rise of the Falcons and now an imprortant division game. Rather it be left at 1 and keep the Falcons under the radar without national coverage. Screw all those that hated on the Falcons and now are on the wagon!
  3. Take Drew Brees away from the Saints and they probably are still 4-4. Take Ryan away from the Falcons and they are probably 1-7. Thus Ryan makes a better case for MVP. Who is more valuale to their team is the concept of a MVP
  4. Ryan is MVP of the Falcons if not the league. Without Ryan we may have one win. If they finish strong and make the wild card he definately deserves MVP of the league. No other single player gas done more for their team in what was suppose to be a rebuilding year! Argue or flame me all you want but just my opinion.
  5. He set my feet upon a rock And made my footsteps firm Many will see Many will see and fear
  6. Ummmmmm............break both his arms and legs
  7. I can't see Jennings having any MUFF the way he returns punts.......
  8. You are going to get flammed. Jennings has no buisness returning punts. Rather have bad field position than a turnover
  9. If he continues to stay healthy the sky is the limit for this guy. He is a beast. Should make the pro bowl as a starter
  10. Thanks, just hope he doesn't end up with the Bux. Chuckie is a softy for criminals
  11. atliens98


    Do we still own Vick and his contract. Read an article about the Raiders and Bucs being interested in him upon reinstatement. Whay could we get for him if that is the case?
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