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  1. We are having some mistakes on our team. we need to check out wheather we have intrensic rewards or not. Are there internal problems because it seems like we have something wrong that needs to be fixed? Coachs need to spend more quality time with players. Thank them for a job well done. Little things mean a lot.
  2. And so that they may enter into the city by the gates. Outside are the dogs and the magicians and the fornicators and murderers and idolaters and everyone who is fond of lying Rev22 14-15
  3. University of Ga can not and will not win in Jacksonville. They are too weak to get a home for home game. Red and black is grown ups not some little known team from Athens.
  4. Our team played first game at Ga tech grant field in 1966. Rankin Smith Had uniforms with yellow or gold stripes on them. The Falcons were Atlanta's team. It was Ga and Gt together. The Falcons are red and black. They should be the Athens Falcons. They want the Falcons in downtown Atlanta next to GT but don't won't to support GT any more. I think that Arthur Blank needs to go back to our roots and colors.
  5. I watched part of game today. Ala beat up on them. Don't let up. We play Houston tomorrow. Play our game. Want a win.
  6. I would like to hear more about some of the lesser players on the team. They are working their buts off sweating and etc. They are giving their all.
  7. Thank you so much. I am looking forward to seeing our team as it starts to take shape. Just waiting for it to come to past.
  8. I have been so caught up watching draft and min camps. When will we be able to come up to see some of the practices? Maybe they were given out and didn't get them. What communications can we get?
  9. At middle line backer the best was Tommy Nobis. He would make Butkus look like a baby. Butkus was all talk. I would take Nobis two to one.
  10. I want the best team we can get. I want to build through the draft. We spent all last year without a pass rusher. We have a chance to get the best. Are we willing to go for the best?
  11. I heard someone wanted to spend several draft choices for a free agent. I wonder what it would take to move up and get Mr Williams. He can play all positions on defense. He could play defense end as well as inside. Rather than go for a free agent; go for broke and get the best.
  12. I like the old 1966 black with silver pants and red helmet. The gold stripe made us united backing the Falcons.
  13. Sorry that I made a new topic about S&C when other people had already started one. I think that it is important that we correct this area as soon as possible. I am in the dark as to how.
  14. I dont know if one has been installed. I wonder if it is important to hire the best that we can. I would like to think that all our players stay healthee. With our new coach and some good players we could go places. Maybe somebody could tell me better how this could be occomplished. Dont want a repete of loosing all our players Go Falcons
  15. When is this played and on what channel?
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