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  1. Heeney and Spaight in 5th rd, right where i thought they would go
  2. well with falcons trading the 6th, guess i'll go till the garden into rows
  3. tremendous value, seems to be a good fit
  4. i'm a big fan of taking RT that will struggle pass protected in NFL and moving them to Guard
  5. falcons on clock
  6. 5TH Round!
  8. thats what they do
  9. i've been screaming about putting talent on the OLine for YEARS, and the Falcons ignored it until last yr when it was so terrible they couldn't even lie to themselves. Cowboys have a great Oline for a reason b/c they invested picks.
  10. so far.....whoops jinx
  11. agree, thought his speed would really fit Quinn's LBer wants
  12. Baker will get hurt so the line will never look like it did to start last yr. What if Schraedor gets hurt, who do we have? NO DEPTH. I saw little movent in the run game from Schraedor, didn't sustain run blocks well. does not handle any kind of speed frome pass rushers, tries to cheat to stop speed and opens up the inside. THAT IS what i saw. Forget PFF rankings. Do they have a category for Matthews gutting it out and playing hurt? no they don't. i don't need stats to see a backup RT who is forced to start
  13. ya'll are watching a different Oline than i did.