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  1. If I Rember correctly play side was to the left. I want to say there was a TE also next to LT. I don't remember if he was covered by the OLB or not
  2. I agree Stone is not good at Guard, but he has always been at least serviceable at Center. I don't care what scheme is run, a good OLineman still needs to have power, Good feet, and smarts. That takes investing 1st / 2nd rd picks in the line. Jake is the only one with all those traits. Asamoah was brought in for his pass protection. He doesn't get pushed back into the pocket. He does not have good movement in space for the run game. Bottom line We need more talent
  3. This from memory, but I was specifically watching the center guards combo on those opening series. The C and G doubled the DT, there was not a DT lined up over the guard. The de was lined up over the LT. The guard then released to get the closest LBer in that zone.
  4. It's clear you don't have an understanding of what this zone blocking scheme is. I used to feel the same way about zone blocking, but read a series of great articles by a Seahawks writer that explained in detail the concepts and execution the Oline is doing. I posted links some weeks ago to the articles The major reason the line was terrible running against Miami was missed assignments. On the opening series alone the C Pearson missed two basic reads on what he was supposed to do. Another play to the right, the RT Schrader went to double the DE w/ the TE, when the way the DE was lined up
  5. Stone is not a guard, he is a center and played better there last yr than Hawley did. Guards need to be able to win 1 on 1 with DT consistently. Centers tend to get help from one of the guards and on occasion go 1 on 1. Also, depending on how the Dline line up, Stone could have been expecting double team help from the center (Pearson) but didn't get it. Then Hawley made the correct reads, and doubled when the center was supposed to, that's why stone was better with Hawley? Ex: if the center is uncovered and the run is going to the right, then the center will double with the RG, and then
  6. I did watch Asamoah and he was like a brick wall when the DT ran into him. To me he is the only interior lineman that can consistently win 1on 1s. I can't believe we didn't address the line in FA or the draft, and no those back ups we signed don't count. It was crystal clear what the two biggest weaknesses on the line were last year. At center and right tackle. For the PFF lovers who try to convince us, despite what I see on the field, that Schroeder is anything but average, just stop being ridiculous. Instead of the front offic addressing these weaknesses they created another hole by
  7. Knowledge is Power I now understand exactly why our Oline looked the way it did and what it can turn into. I found this excellent write up on the ZBS that Seattle runs. A few major take aways. One it takes VERY smart OLinemen due to the pre-snap decisions and quick choices after the play develops. Two, it takes every Olinman seeing the same thing and knowing what the man on either side of him will do. Three, when run correctly ZBS is highly versatile and flexible. Here are the articles http://www.fieldgulls.com/football-breakdowns/2014/2/18/5394212/seahawks-marshawn-lynch-zone-blocking-s
  8. Like others I saw MG set a nice edge last yr. has plenty of quicks to be nightmare for Guards. Just like Bennett did in nascar package. MG and Trey Flowers are built similarly and neither wows with 40 times. Go watch Flowers sack on Rodgers in the 2nd Qter going against a LT. Preseason Pats vs GB. It was all hands & technique. That's why I believe MG can really flourish with DQ teaching.
  9. Korver needs to have his min reduced. He avg. 32 min a game, that is way too much for a 34yr old. We need Korver healthy for the playoffs. We saw how his shot was effected when hurt. I think less min. Will increase his efficiency while on the floor and likely still avg. 12pts a game. Just like Ginobili avg. 22min 10pts.
  10. Shoulda drafted Bobby Portis. Scored 23, on 9-14, 7 rebounds, and hit a couple 3's. Played def on Townes at center or can play PF. Is active on the boards and on defense. Good passer, high b-ball IQ. Has post moves, can shoot 3's and take big men off the dribble. Showing why the do it all big man won the SEC player of the yr in a conference with Kentucky. Taveras Scores 4pts 5 boards. Moose gets 8 pts, 6 boards, 25%. Yeah we don't need any more help down low. Come on Coach Bud. Hardaway is gonna have to be a real diamond in the rough to overcome this mistake
  11. Teague, Hardaway, Sef, Sap, Horford. I like having the D at the 3, to make other teams wing scorer work. Dennis, Korver, Bazemore, Muscala, Splitter. To me that is a 2nd unit that can keep the foot on the gas With The depth and options the Hawks have it will be interesting to see how Coach Bud mixes it nightly. He is probably already started going team by team and deciding his rotation
  12. Sure would like Hibbert for just a 2nd rd pick. Geez Bird really doesn't like dude. I was hoping we could sign Corey Brewer but Rockets got him back. Yes I know the cap, but centers like hibbert are worth going over for, especially only 15mil cap hit. Oh, well
  13. Obviously Aldridge is the prize. I think it comes down to Spurs and Hawks. The Hawks can make a legitimate case foe being one player away from competing for a title. Especially being a dominate player in the paint. The spacing that is created would give Aldridge lots of great looks. Next would be Marc Gasol then Greg Monroe. I think Bud resigns both Carrol and Millsap. Neither has had success anywhere else and are team / winning is important guys. The window is closing on Millsap and Carrol could sign a 2yr deal then get paid again either with Hawks or another team. If we can't sign Mi
  14. Heeney and Spaight in 5th rd, right where i thought they would go
  15. well with falcons trading the 6th, guess i'll go till the garden into rows
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