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  1. Vick is back with wr's who can catch and get deep. I don't think he can be stopped. Now he believes he has something to prove. He's playing with a chip on his shoulder. DC's don't like this.
  2. Mike proved again why he is the most dangerous Qb in football. That 4th & 1 call was stupid. The packers were expecting it.
  3. BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!! Falcons sign Shockley, Walker to practice squad Associated Press ATLANTA -- Quarterback D.J. Shockley, Atlanta's seventh-round draft pick in 2006, and defensive tackle Vance Walker, a seventh-round draft pick this year, are among eight players signed to the Falcons' practice squad. NFL RedZone Watching football on Sundays will be a whole new experience with NFL Network's new channel, NFL RedZone. Find out why. The Falcons had cut Shockley, the former Georgia quarterback, and Walker, who played at Georgia Tech, on Saturday. Also selected to the practice squad on Su
  4. Hold it right there!! Vick didn't a have darn thing to with Mora and Knapp's incompetence as coaches. In fact, Vick kept the Falcons in a lotta' games we should've have lost. Knapp's probably the worst OC in the NFL. ****, he went over to Oakland and got STRIPPED of his play-calling duties(he was a horrible play-caller here, as well) ......then he was dumped outta' Oakland. Heck, I wouldn't trust Knapp to lace somebodies shoes.
  5. I can't talk about what he did (after Vick), but I know the guy had talent. Anytime a Qb can move around and create plays, he's got talent. DJ had this.....I know some people here say a lotta' his passes were dropped. Well the rule for a wr.... is if ya' touch, you catch it
  6. With DJ gone ...I see it as doing away with the last visage of anything Vick-like.
  7. Look I saw him in a few preseason games (when Vick was here) and he ran the 2 min. drills really well. However, with the signing of Ryan I knew his days were numbered. He was never gonna be the stater here so I why develop him. So NO he hasn't been developed.
  8. I share your regret. I think DJ had talent and should have been developed. BTW, the Falcons did trade Farve, but it wasn't this ownership.
  9. Garcia was being paid to mentor Russell. He didn't wanna...so he's gone. This isn't the 1st time a team let Garcia go. It's pretty obvious the guy has a problem with following instructions.
  10. DJ should be allowed to stay. With the drafting of Ryan.....DJ was never gonna get a fair shot at the starters role. However, he has more talent than JPW. The few times I've seen DJ...he's looked ok.
  11. I keep hearing the same old tired stuff about fast defenses have kept Vick in check. Bottomline, it was Greg Knapp's "O" scheme that was ultimately :kept in check". It's never one player beating another team in football. It comes down to good coaching, good "O" schemes and good play-calling. I don'tthink Reeve's system ever hurt Vick.
  12. Somebody questioned Vick's competence. I question his incompetence off the field. I honestly believe Petrino wouldn't have been good for him. When we think of "O" creativity.
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