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  1. first off, I did scroll through the threads and didn't see if it was posted. and second off, Who made any of you the purveyor of what a person can post? I been a falcon fan since 78 and I come to this board from time to time to read and talk about the falcons. It's you frckin elitist fans that think you are the purveypir and gate keeper of all thing falcon...screw you!!! I can post what will...sorry I didn't see the thread before and shouldn't have to sift through pages and pages of posts to see if something I posted was already posted...all you have to say is ...hey bro, someone already pos
  2. It seems like every year the Saints sign atleast one former falcon. Signing Mccown is big because it gives them info on the offense, sets etc etc....
  3. two straight important possesions and he held the dang ball for the entire shot clock and took terrible shots...the whole time teague is callin for the ball on one of the possesions... man this dude is a frickin bumb and the reason why the hawks cant get past the second round....120mil my arse!!!!! i wish we had an owner with deep pockets so we could amnesty his ***..ugg the hawks ahd that frickin game!!!!!
  5. umm bro r u serious? i did loans for awhile... you still had to have a good score to get a loan..it was that u didnt have to prove assets and income... it was called stated loans!! u STATED ur income and assets and banks didnt verify all that much.. but you couldnt go in there with a a 300 credit score and get a loan cuz u were black, latino or even a poor white.... and it wasnt just the congress that mandated this... go check ur info.....house values were out of whack... and banks came up with nutso loan programs..I'm curious, how old are you? what do do for a living? and i think somebody
  6. where is this Moral character of which u speak? oh wait.....we still have parts of this country where black people have to fear for their life just because they are black? Racism is alive and well and we are living it......what kills me about the right is theta are quick to throw morals out there but usually harbor some of the most racist views and thoughts out there...and the far left is almost the exact same..they spout tolerance but usually have no toleration for anyone that doesnt share in their beliefs... WAKE THE HECK UP PEOPLE ****!!!!
  7. umm bro... if u r going to us quotes....use them properly, u shoulda placed ur quotation. place marks around "certain" meaning your thinly veiled racist attitude. placing the marks there would have had the affect of saying we know i mean n***as and minorities same with your mechanicsville reference..
  8. wow! alot of times i just read a lot of these threads and just shake my head. I've always held oyt the thought and prayer that we as a country would be able to progress past the petty race arguments and innuendo's. Being american of african decent and having come from a long line of war fighters, i have had a family member fight in every war since the spanish american war, myself included. the utter hate and venom spit at president obama is down right scary. i wonder if any of u black and white folks ever stopped to think how great a country this is and how great it could be if we just decide
  9. 3,2,4,1 no doubt the latin chick has some nice cans!!!
  10. i think the advaantage is that they are smaller and lighter espically on the uneven bars.....
  11. LOL!!!!! man i spit coke zero all over my keyboard when i read that...so true.... on another note sacrimone is hot...but some of the romainain chicks were hot to.. the one i saw on the bars was 20 and had a nice body.....
  12. Robert E. Lee is still second best so far to washington and i would venture to say thet Lee was a better commander
  13. military leadership style political leadership style in politics i was anwar sadat....i remember when he got killed and my military style is like robert e lee.....
  14. man ..when i was at Ft. Rucker.. we had a guy that had SS memorobilla and wwathced that stuff in german....so ur right
  15. White-supremacist groups have recruited 203 people who served in the U.S. military or who claim to have U.S. military backgrounds, according to a new report by the FBI. The unclassified FBI Intelligence Assessment, issued last week and obtained by NBC News, cautions that white-power extremists are trying hard to recruit active-duty soldiers and recent veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. White supremacist extremists hope to revitalize the white supremacist movement by exploiting antigovernment sentiment among opponents of the overseas conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, the FBI rep
  16. why celebrate the struggle instead of celebrating the accomplishment? who cares if its not the rule but the exception? be like the few who made it, not the millions who ended defeated.thats the problem..it should be the rule....and becuase of jim crow....and the KKK there was no way it ever was gonna be...canu understand that? really?
  17. its becuz i know there is a slant that i have been able to become a better man.. i attened the University of Lousiville on a football scholarship.... i wasnt good enough to play...but i was good enought to be there...got my degree, served time in the army after college cuz i wanted to pay my country back for all its done for me and mine...own a nice house in california....but i grew up in 3 differnt places so i got a birds eye view... i grew up in the west end of atlanta, and in lousiville ky and finally in a place called union city ca...so i have a unique perspective on the whole thing. my fa
  18. wow...... u missed the enitire point!!!! but if u would click on the article and read it.....u will get it.... those were exception's not the rule.... u cant fix over 200 years of murder mayheim and for the most part govt backed discrimination in 30+ yeras. african-americans o have to do what they need to do to better themselves...but for the most part the deck will always have a lsight slant to it.....
  19. in wat context....... http://www.understandingrace.org/history/s...nomic_boom.html the ability to own property and pass it on=wealth
  20. "with a black" wow.... here's the problem with your point and for that matter ur conservative buddy. the economic system of this country for hundreds of years was skewed by the govt in some cases and by racist murder's in other cases to systematically deny african-americans the ability and oppurtunity to take part in this capitalist society. Not until the late 60's early 70's were african-americans able to at least try to become apart of said economic system. One of the biggest things to ever happen to this country was when all the soldiers came back from WW2. white soldiers were given the
  21. but for most americans of african descent...that standard of living is far below what the normal standard of living is for whites. y is that? 30 years of systematic opression, discrimination and lynchings. seperate but highly unequal, jim crow, sub standard schools.....the list goes on......i understand what ur saying in principle...but it makes no sense. reparations shouldnt be paid to the individual but to the whole. put millions into inner city schools to increase the level education....not to line the pockets of individuals
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