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    dozer reacted to Bawse in You People Need To Chill Out.   
    I blame the people taking the jokes seriously. Internet = srs business. Relaxxxxx please.
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    dozer reacted to DonOfThemBirds in You People Need To Chill Out.   
    Sorry, I had to laugh out loud when I read this.
    You are a fun poster to read.
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    dozer reacted to Falcanuck in You People Need To Chill Out.   
    I love everyone
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    dozer got a reaction from The Branch in You People Need To Chill Out.   
    We're all Falcons fans here. Everyone has their opinions & no one's opinion or post is any more important than anyone else's.
    This is a place to share info, cheer, discuss & debate. Sports is the toy dept. of life. There is no reason to insult any fellow Falcons' fan or take any posts personal.
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    dozer reacted to Knight of God in You People Need To Chill Out.   
    To be fair, I think some folks are taking things far too personal. I have had a couple to try and pull my card for me, but I am still civil and have reported no one. A few doing the reporting you need to watch closely if they are the same folks over and over.
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    dozer reacted to JayOzOne in You People Need To Chill Out.   
    Tug's about to bring the hammer down like...

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    dozer reacted to stizz in Great Film Study Of Randy Gregory   
    Well, Gregory is a pothead.
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    dozer reacted to KRUNKuno in Great Film Study Of Randy Gregory   
    Lmao oh the irony.
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    dozer reacted to dfsutton in Great Film Study Of Randy Gregory   
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    dozer reacted to etherdome in Great Film Study Of Randy Gregory   
    I agree with you G-Dawg. I think that Gurley is a phenomenal player, but his injury history can not be ignored. He may turn out to be the best player in this draft, but odds are that he will continue to be limited by injuries.
    If, by some miracle, he falls into the second round, I would draft him. But, I would not take him in the first round, especially in the top ten.
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    dozer reacted to ya_boi_j in Great Film Study Of Randy Gregory   
    lol that's the only thing all of can do as fans
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    dozer reacted to Oldskooler in Great Film Study Of Randy Gregory   
    Ok, I've made my position clear. I don't believe Gregory will make it in the pros. Too light, too high a risk of suspensions.
    But ultimately it is all just opinions at this point. If we do draft him, I'll hope for the best and I'll cheer for him.
    Fair enough?
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    dozer got a reaction from g-dawg in Great Film Study Of Randy Gregory   
    g-dawg, his weight? really? That's what you took from my post? Don't ignore the elephant in the room in regards to Gregory.
    Yeah he's beast. I'm sure he'll fill into his frame & if/when he's on the field I am not concerned with his play.
    His weight is the least of his problems, but thought it was worth mentioning since that was the biggest knock on Beasley (before the combine anyway).
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    dozer reacted to Vandy in Great Film Study Of Randy Gregory   
    Argue all you guys want, but Falcons will be drafting the highest rated pass rusher still on THEIR board. Whoever that is will be a heckofalot better than anyone we had out there last year
    Relax and enjoy. We will automatically be a better team than we were the day before the draft.
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    dozer reacted to Jerry Maguire in Great Film Study Of Randy Gregory   
    It's never about who was the better college player... it's about who is going to be a better NFL player and why.
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    dozer reacted to Knight of God in Great Film Study Of Randy Gregory   
    Beasley or Ray.
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    dozer reacted to Mid-Nite-Toker in Great Film Study Of Randy Gregory   
    The word "potential" gets brought up too much when Gregory is evaluated against a guy like VB at #8
    I would rather have actuallity over potentiality...VB better than Gregory at 8 or before.
    Gregory could be a steal in the draft and should be treated as such...not worth a top 10 pick IMHO.
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    dozer reacted to MSalmon in Great Film Study Of Randy Gregory   
    I agree. I won't say he doesn't have talent, but I've watched 4 or 5 games..entire games..and a bunch of scout tape and even highlights of him. I keep seeing same thing:1) great length
    2) very lean
    3) athletic, but oddly not fluid...weird saying that but watch him and watch say an Abraham in his prime
    4) I'm not seeing immense power and his first step is ok
    Is he highly rated in this draft? Sure. But is he a 8 overall guy? I wouldn't take him. Particularly with the latest drama.
    Honestly, I'm a beasley guy first and foremost. Dupree intrigues me, as he's simply raw but such a great athlete. But is he 8 overall worthy? Hard to say.
    Beyond those two, I'm really looking at the best level of prospects on the edge. Take a nate orchard, Kikaha, Hunter, Harold or countless others in 2nd or later and develop them
    What frustrates me this year are silly comments like Landon Collins can't cover...which is untrue if you actually watch his GAMEs...yet folks will salivate over flawed edge rushers.
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    dozer reacted to Francis York Morgan in Great Film Study Of Randy Gregory   
    People keep pointing to this game to try and make a point with Gregory. Now, I like Gregory a decent bit, if only because I think he has one of the highest ceilings in the draft...but let's get one thing straight. He didn't manhandle Flowers. At all. Matter of fact, that play people keep pointing out at :47 has Flowers trip over the Guard's foot. It's not Gregory bullrushing the crap out of him, it's Flowers getting a bit too close inside (those choppy feet of his) and tripping. It doesn't take a genius to see that.
    Also, people keep posting videos of Gregory that only show his good plays, or neutral/ones he's heavily involved in. That Purdue one is a prime example, but so's the Miami one I just intentionally posted. For some reason, there are a lot of his games on YT that don't show the plays where he doesn't do well, and it gives people the wrong impression. Here's every snap of his in the Miami game.

    Where was the first snap where Flowers pancakes him after he loses his footing rushing the passer? Right, it's not included in the other Miami video. Gets shoved down again around 30 seconds in, if anything he's the one getting bullied a lot of this video. And the video in the OP doesn't show how inconsistent he is off the snap even when he's told to rush the passer specifically. If that wasn't enough, he spends the majority of his snaps this game facing the RT Gadbois, not Flowers. Educate yourselves. Gregory is a serious work in progress.
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    dozer reacted to freebird310 in Great Film Study Of Randy Gregory   
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    dozer reacted to Sobeit in Great Film Study Of Randy Gregory   
    No I can not justify it. Not with the talent that I think will be on the board and still fills a big need. He enters the league already in step 1 of the substance abuse policy. He was one more test away from being suspended at Nebraska and admitted to smoking in December. It is not even the fact that he smoked pot. It is the fact that he thought so little about his responsibility to his team mates his family and his future. All he was concerned about was Randy and that is just stripping everything down to its most basic element. He has clearly shown that he can not be depended on to do the mature professional thing. Not that I am not for 2nd chances but I think he never learns his lesson if he still goes in the top 10
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    dozer reacted to KRUNKuno in Great Film Study Of Randy Gregory   
    There's 4 groups of posters on this board...
    Beasley jock riders
    Gregory haters
    Gregory enthusiasts
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    dozer reacted to Tony Diesel in Great Film Study Of Randy Gregory   
    Came in expecting...

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    dozer reacted to Theyhateme : ) in Great Film Study Of Randy Gregory   
    Failing a test that will help solidify your future is a red flag and not worth the gamble.
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    dozer got a reaction from Monolith2001 in Great Film Study Of Randy Gregory   
    I don't care that he smokes. I do care if as a Falcon he tests positive again, only because he won't be on the field to make any impact or contribution.
    Honestly I don't know if he's smart enough or cares enough to test clean when the NFL randomly tests him, which they will, for me anyway that's the bottom line.
    btw, DUI's harm & kill women & children, but toking up will only potentially hurt him & his team.
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