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    dozer reacted to Francis York Morgan in Sam Baker Released   
    Yeah, sorry, no one's making me feel bad for a multimillionaire when I work 60 hours a week and will be fortunate to make what some of them do in a year in my lifetime. Dude had his run and I'm glad he's gone. Screw pity.
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    dozer reacted to Jigglypuff in Sam Baker Released   
    I said to myself, "let me just check TATF in case some big news happened... unlikely"
    /worth it
    I don't even want to mention his name anymore!!!!! BYE SAMANTHA
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    dozer reacted to GTBF54 in Sam Baker Released   
    After all his injury's and surgery I would think this might be the end of the line fo his playing days....
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    dozer reacted to Free Radical in Sam Baker Released   
    He was overpaid based on one good year in 2012, his contract year. It was a mistake then and it has been costing us since then.
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    dozer reacted to Dirtybird56 in Sam Baker Released   
    It's over..
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    dozer reacted to SkerFalcon8710 in Sam Baker Released   
    No more sacred goats
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    dozer reacted to peoriabird in Sam Baker Released   
    Time to sign Mathis!
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    dozer reacted to ATLFalcons11 in Sam Baker Released   
    Ok roster spot open, now sign Evan Mathis....one can only wish
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    dozer reacted to RHEC in Sam Baker Released   
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    dozer reacted to Psychic Gibbon in Sam Baker Released   
    The nightmare is over.
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    dozer reacted in Sam Baker Released   
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    dozer reacted to putnam6 in Looks Like Mike Smith Is Going To Write A Book   
    Now we know what he was taking all those notes on the sideline for. If true sounds like he doesn't want to get back into coaching anytime soon
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    dozer reacted to FentayeJones in Chris Chester Signed   
    I glanced at it but looked like whe was cherry picking 2013 stats in order to fit his argument. He never acknowledged that Chester is a better fit schematically than Blalock.
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    dozer reacted to PrimitiveJN in Chris Chester Signed   
    Never ceases to amaze me how ****in' stupid that guy is. I facepalmed myself twice after reading that crap on BR.
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    dozer reacted to CraigSmackDaddy in Great Article - Nfl's Best Qb Situation   
    Matt Ryan is far from the only QB in the NFL that doesn't "elevate the players around him". I only think two QB's do at this time and that's Rodgers and Brady. Manning, not anymore. Brees, not anymore. Luck, arguable but that team has some talent.
    I'll just say this... If Matt Ryan goes down we are screwed. I also don't think any QB outside of Brady or Rodgers could win more games with the same roster (injuries over the last 2 seasons included) than Matt Ryan has.
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    dozer reacted to Southern California Liar in Chris Chester Signed   
    Go out to eat and pick up a good bottle of whiskey and come home to read this.

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    dozer reacted to Shuswap in Chris Chester Signed   
    plus un
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    dozer reacted to Drunken Minotaur Zebra in Chris Chester Signed   
    I will give it to him that he has musical talent / theatrical moves, but he is not funny at all - Conan was the shoe-in for this... I don't get it.
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    dozer reacted to capologist in It Is Mind-Boggling, Frightening, And Disturbing.   
    Except you have no idea what Shanahan is thinking at this point. Do you honestly believe that they didn't go over every single player's film and know what they had or didn't have to work with? I'm quite certain if Shanahan isn't happy with something then moves will be made. It's a long way to September...
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    dozer reacted in It Is Mind-Boggling, Frightening, And Disturbing.   
    As someone else already stated very well in this thread there were so many holes on this Falcons roster that every single position wasn't going to be adequately addressed in one offseason.
    Also, despite the fact that the first wave of FA has passed, along with the draft...that doesn't mean that there won't be significant cuts coming from other teams who might fit it nicely at guard or at least raise the level of competition at that position.
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    dozer reacted to Sobeit in It Is Mind-Boggling, Frightening, And Disturbing.   
    Well I got some of the same concerns. I do not bring it up he does it is a message board. If you have a problem with his post ignore them do not read them. Get over yourself.
    As for the OP. I have the same concern but I think we have switched gears from the win now mentality to the building for the future because our roster needed a major overhaul. There was just too much upgrading that needed to be done that it was really not all going to get done in one year. We should be improved but there is still work to be done on the roster. Quinn clearly wants 2 good starting CBs that fits what he likes to run and he evidently thinks it was a priority. We also need to be prepared for the future if Julio gets a big contract do you really think we can resign everyone? Would it have been better to reach for a guard in the 2nd or take a player that will allow us not to over pay alford when the time comes?
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    dozer reacted to JDaveG in Draft Analysis: Td Was Not The Problem, Smitty Was   
    The thing is it didn't fall apart so much as we took a gamble and lost. I think that's as much on Dimitroff as Smitty (I'm still convinced Dimitroff was behind the Julio trade), but it almost worked. And I'm convinced we'd have beaten the Ravens in the Super Bowl. We just couldn't get past the Niners because of our putrid defense.
    Having said that, what happened after 2012 is primarily on Smitty. It wasn't "when it came time to be a championship team" to me. It was more "when it came time to put the pieces back together after our window closed." They could have concentrated heavily on defense and pass rush, but instead we went and got Jackson and re-signed Gonzo. Both were huge mistakes. At that point it was time to rebuild the defense, and we doubled down on offense instead. Add to that the fact that Smitty apparently thought we didn't need a better d-line, better linebackers, a better o-line, etc., and you had the makings of 2 losing seasons in a row.
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    dozer reacted to gazoo in Draft Analysis: Td Was Not The Problem, Smitty Was   
    I will never forget last year, during preseason, having all kinds of mixed signals on what our identity was and what kind of defense we were implementing. Right up to the first game of the season, there were conflicting reports in the media, conflicting statements made by our players, and even conflicting messages being stated between Smitty and Nolan. Smitty came out and "corrected Nolan" a week before the season started about being "multiple", whatever TF that means. How is TD supposed to get Smitty players when Smitty has given him no clear idea on what scheme he is going to run?
    Something happened in Flowery Branch as soon as Quinn was hired. Quinn came here with a very specific scheme, mindset and attitude. Quinn and TD watched endless hours of tape on current players and then Quinn gave TD clear cut directions on what he needed in players here. TD went out and stacked this team with exactly the kind of players Quinn asked for, both in FA and the draft and the entire NFL has taken notice.
    The way I see things, certainly after this draft, is Smitty was clearly the problem here because this team became a rudderless vessel with Smitty as HC. We had no identity, no direction, didn't even know what kind of defense we were running. If you disagree, I challenge you to tell me what this teams personality was the last two years. If you say "soft" you'll be on the right track, that came from the head coach. If it came from TD it would still be here.
    TD said in one of the first press conferences with Quinn that he was really excited about having such a clear cut direction on where Quinn wanted to take this team, he also made it clear he was getting Smitty the players Smitty was asking for last year.
    TD proved he is fully capable of stacking this team with the kind of players the HC asks for.
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    dozer reacted to ZoneOne01 in Official Day 2 Draft Thread   
    A lot of running backs still on the board.
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    dozer got a reaction from ArthursMoustache in Official Day 2 Draft Thread   
    I'm excited for you, now you can get his Cowboys jersey.No one in our FO wants that guy in our locker room.
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