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  1. You can't make the club in the tub....now that Smitty's gone. Wish him the best elsewhere & glad he's now off the roster. His "on the field production" won't be missed. Falcons released T Sam Baker.A team with major questions along their shaky offensive line is moving on from a guy who started 61 games for them over the last seven seasons. It suggests Baker's rehab off last August's torn patellar tendon has been as difficult as expected. Baker is just 30 years old, but is going to have to prove his health before getting another shot.He's started just four games over the last two years. Jun
  2. Great example of why I don't watch the four letter network.
  3. Rebuilding Defense...In Progress

  4. I'm glad Smitty is gone for the this reason alone. It is beyond frustrating & disheartening when you realize that your Def has a better chance of forcing a turnover than stopping your opponents' scoring drives, especially on 3rd down, where we got eaten alive. It was unbearable to watch & I don't want to think about another season of the same script, HC, etc.
  5. I'm excited for you, now you can get his Cowboys jersey.No one in our FO wants that guy in our locker room.
  6. If we trade up back into the late first round, or get Ray in the second round
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