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  1. This is the main reason why my wife & I got married in the month of May. Close call, don't forget to plan your football weekend around your wedding anniversary weekend every year going forward.
  2. Agreed, Love them both however Coleman is the complementary back to Free. If this eventually plays out that way & if/when Coleman hits FA, I'll bet he ends up signing with the 49ers.
  3. +1,000,000 Why force a new nickname when we already have a classic one for not just the Def but the entire team & Falcons organization??
  4. This was a very deep TE draft class. I think he would have gone a round sooner in any other year. I'm glad The Falcons placed a higher priority on the front seven & OG. Also happy to land a big power forward type TE with a huge catch radius who can motion & split out wide. With that height he looks to be a potentially great red zone target. We all know he will need to adjust to the NFL level of competition & playing with grown men, the speed of the game, learn how to block & shed blocks in the NFL. Not worried about the drops until if or when we see them in game. Hit the jugs machine, practice hard & learn the playbook. Matt will take care of the rest.
  5. I understand his emotion & can not wait to see him on game day. I could have done without the GDing. No matter how you feel about it does rub a lot of NFL fans the worng way. He will get an earful from veterans on the LoS after his emotional outburst. Hope he keeps his cool & doesn't get stupid penalties or ejected because of it. Any rookie cursing up a storm on a mic in front of a packed house live on national TV is going to be called out about it. It makes absolutely no difference what the color of his skin is. It's sad you think otherwise.
  6. Yeah it is funny to watch people eat up the msm Fake News / propaganda Here is a bit of truth Designating the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization would add the U.S. to the growing list of nations to do so, including the U.K. & Muslim countries like Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. I wonder what those countries know that we don't. More truth from a retired US Marine in Iraq if you're interested
  7. Give No Quarter to the Pats Score, force turnovers & score again.
  8. Berman is a great example of how irrelevant ESPN has become. Does anyone outside of ESPN care about him or his weekly analysis? I doubt it
  9. Thank you for your service & sacrifice.
  10. That's your perspective. I could say the same about you & your whacky liberal failures, just look at the past eight years & now look at the stock market. Proof is in the pudding.
  11. You do know who the Muslim Brotherhood & CAIR right? or maybe you don't.
  12. Funny pict Anyway it's a serious question. It appears that you would rather be right & lose than win with our country & the rest of us. That smells like a VERY Anti-American attitude to have, to root for America's failure. But hey as long as you get what you want. That's really all that matters, right? ...Sooo who is the 12 yr old?
  13. Making the federal bureaucrats & heads of the federal agencies heads spin. I am happiest about getting the "legit" front for HAMAS, the Muslim Brotherhood out of D.C. In the U.K. Parliament had to physically remove these jokers from their building.
  14. You are pushing rope. Every president has won the Presidency by winning the electoral college. No president has ever won the Presidency by winning the popular vote. Sometimes they over lap. Sorry, I assumed this was common knowledge