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  1. I agree it’s always when we put it together yet we always get smoked and there’s always the group gaining it’s ok! This isn’t the mlb or nba! Every game counts! Seattle had just as much time to prepare and we got roasted!! Embarrassing only us watching on tv but still embarrassing!!!
  2. Exactly! She missed calls she’s gonna get the same ref wrath!
  3. Prediction! Week 2 falcons give hope then return to week 1 status in week 3
  4. Oh no we gonna try now??? When games are outta reach? That’s how you play from the beginning! Ps that chick hasn’t called one penalty that’s been on hurst!!!!!
  5. First person that says it’s their first game better be look at Seattle’s first game! Tired of this same ol ****!!
  6. Not much. I will never forget one play where Vic and I think tack dropped into coverage and looked at each other like WTH do we do now? Thought Quinn was gonna put his stamp on that D and everyone looked lost.
  7. “I see this game going either way”—75% Of this board
  8. And worst appliances! Remember that. Samsung should’ve stuck to making TVs
  9. Never forget it. Paint it on the walls of flowery branch so they always are motivated! Win the next one but don’t forget!
  10. Julio Jones would like a word with you sir!
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