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  1. They’re only talking about his hands 🙌
  2. If the ball hits you in the hands and you drop it repeatedly it has nothing to do with the offensive scheme. Hopefully it was just a bad game for Ridley.
  3. Defense other than Jarrett Jones and foye are hammered dog Doo doo
  4. Yessir you’re correct it was Edwards. I was like WTH? He fed off the interior line being stout.
  5. I agree and still wonder how GMs don’t realize this before writing a check for millions. Same thing with the dude from Minnesota we signed back in the day
  6. So if fontenote was still with the saints and their front office drafted pitts what would they be saying about him? 🤔
  7. Still here. Hope all is well rev! Miss those days when you guys were mods.
  8. I actually won the the Deion flag but they called me and said it was stolen so they refunded me.
  9. What’s really crazy is his legs look like the CB’s and his arms look like the receivers. Crazy combo pic
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