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  1. “I see this game going either way”—75% Of this board
  2. And worst appliances! Remember that. Samsung should’ve stuck to making TVs
  3. Never forget it. Paint it on the walls of flowery branch so they always are motivated! Win the next one but don’t forget!
  4. Julio Jones would like a word with you sir!
  5. I’d almost finally watch our SB loss than ever see or hear Chris Collinsworth on tv ever ever again!
  6. Sorry to hear. I know it’s really tough for you guys I have a friend in the film industry as well. Stay strong bro and Hang in there!
  7. Paid full season then lay them off to collect unemployment especially if they can’t operate certain People during offseason. It happened to my wife and others in my family. Paid them through a certain time then lay them off til they can start operations up again. Either way hope xfl can get through as well.
  8. A lot of companies are doing this so their employees can get unemployment. Then rehire when they’re able to start operations again
  9. Love that run! Turner using people to create his own blocks
  10. Being real that’s true jersey cut and 10,000 times better than previous trash posted so far
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