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  1. Love that run! Turner using people to create his own blocks
  2. Being real that’s true jersey cut and 10,000 times better than previous trash posted so far
  3. Coming from a saints fan I half expected you to love what ever jersey we have.
  4. Don’t think he’s a Ga tech fan.
  5. New place looks awesome bro!!!
  6. Prayers brother!
  7. That Roddy jersey though! That’s pretty awesome!
  8. No doubt!
  9. Hey bro! I have some. Not a ton left but I can give you what I can. I’ll keep checking here in Savannah at my suppliers for you as well
  10. Helmet decal is way off. I’d pass.
  11. Appreciate it. Couldn’t remember
  12. How many games is Miller gonna miss from the ped pop? Was it 2 or 4?
  13. Let Julio make a phone call!
  14. awesome haul bro! I’m a huge memorabilia collector myself. Lol it’s an addiction