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  1. Abe still comes to Savannah. P Carrington and J mallard are from here and he’s always here. Great player and deserves it. Josh and Paul are always helping charities out here. All these guys are awesome and don’t hesitate to get involved in the community.
  2. On a separate note **** Ohio. Proceed with original thread
  3. Da ****? I said in another thread and you got all defensive
  4. Ok mr blank. We see you
  5. Wtf are you talking about? Did you even read my post?
  6. Because we’re falcons fans and it’s gotten old and who da **** wants to wait til next year?
  7. Exactly. Other teams are prepared more than the falcons or our players need time to acclimate to the game after injury. It’s always the Falcons and always an excuse. Smmfh
  8. Falcons always have those jitters, how come Vikings didn’t?
  9. Dolphins mailed it in during preseason
  10. Stupid bubble screen again
  11. Stupid bubble screen again
  12. Hey koetter!! Vikings might blitz!