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  1. Yeah not having a pass rush at all is the problem!!
  2. Bigger problem is that the capped strapped nfc south still find a way to keep winning yet the cap savvy falcons cannot.
  3. A pass rush makes everyone better!!!! Can’t blame anyone else if you can’t get pressure!
  4. Gutted wade phillips to keep from blame was the worst lack of professionalism since the 2007 season!
  5. But why?
  6. I have the same right to my opinion too and my opinion is that you like some others think they’re telling it like it is yet sit back and wait to pounce on a win or loss to say hey look at me! That’s just my opinion tho
  7. The wtf are you a falcons fan for? Your Realistic view gonna change what the falcons will always do? I really don’t get the point of taking pride in failure
  8. It’s not about being a homer it’s about having hope but all the” I told you so dbags “ like you and a few others need to find solace in a win or an I told you so! Win win for you guys I’ll never understand it.
  9. Tell who? What?
  10. And it just goes to crap
  11. That was a touchdown Quinn!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Ones things for sure Deion Jones is not saving this pile of garbage!
  13. Why not? You should be used to it!
  14. Only thing ever guaranteed is that someone will always break some kinda record against the falcons every game!
  15. Like everyone said in another thread don’t ever bet on the falcons