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  1. What’s really crazy is his legs look like the CB’s and his arms look like the receivers. Crazy combo pic
  2. Awwww... so do tight ends but you keep being cerebral
  3. Christ! Same sheet different day! You want a certain qb but say that the RBS are what got everyone to the championship!?!?! Ffs Julio is awesome is a great receiver but you’re probably one of the people that says he makes Matt Ryan look good. Still looking for the people that are all over some Russell gage or our other unsung players that get the ball consistently.
  4. Still waiting for someone on this planet to give any info for next years QB prospects . and ffs why does everyone do a mock draft before free agency??????
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BANKER! I agree! Thanks for everything you did for the MBGT as well jstammer! I miss the old gang on this board but I understand why most just lurk now.
  6. Who are the prospects next year? The team has to have some continuity while it transitions to a new era. The beauty of the nfl unlike other sports is that every year there’s a chance to be competitive. Qb is a want at this point not a need.
  7. Bear woods and sunshine! I can remember a lot of vets but those guys showed out in preseason and I thought we had some gems.
  8. Rooting for any division rival is like living in an outhouse and complementing your ex on the mansion they just built. They’re just gonna throw them rings in our face like a back ally beat down!
  9. Falcons didn’t draft him but jumpy geathers forklift move was a thing of beauty. Wish we could find a few guys to go with Grady.
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