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  1. Oh I get it, you’ve been posting on here for years.
  2. No one will ever know what goes on in any player or persons heart. Why is the sky blue? Why is water wet? How does posi trac work on a Plymouth?
  3. Doesn’t mean his heart was in it.
  4. Posted this before but in light of this move I see it fitting to post again
  5. How often do trades really happen in the nfl much less this time of year?
  6. Lmfao number 6 is awesome
  7. Exactly! Don't think for a second that the Falcons aren't looking to correct the mistakes they had this last game. To me for a team that barely played their starters all preseason I think everyone is starting to work out the kinks.
  8. We talkin about the same guy that pick sixed in the super bowl??? Gtfo
  9. Chris Houston was the last lion that literally did the exact same thing
  10. Any reason we're still talking about this?
  11. With a 24 point lead midway through the 4th quarter Brian hill comes in and obliterates an exhausted lions defense! message board quiet til Tuesday afternoon.