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  1. That was painful to watch!
  2. Praying bro! Stay strong!
  3. Jedi! Welcome back bro!!!
  4. Since 2002
  5. Julio wearing a falcons shirt in the video with T.O as well. Guess goodwill was closed
  6. This! If people are concerned about paying our FA’s we need more picks.
  7. That’s still an option. I say focus on d-lineman and O-linemen but as far as qbs go they will always get paid a market variable salary.
  8. Soooooooo....what is your realistic solution?
  9. Anyone else think that the pats using outside money to lower Brady’s cap hit some bull$h!t or since it’s common knowledge that it’s all good? It’s obvious so shouldn’t the nfl look into this or no?
  10. “Narrative”
  11. Offer Poe a contract as our power back and use him on defense for trick plays!
  12. You are correct we aren’t “ loosing” anyone! However we may “ lose” someone. Lose, lose, lose.
  13. Is the “narrative” the new “in” thing?
  14. It’s weak every year. Like every single year there’s the same article