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  1. And it's just a huge coincidence that we've had a completely inept pass protecting & power/short yardage blocking OL the last 8, going on 9 years too."Completely inept" according to who? Crybabies on a message board? So what? Once again: unimformed and irrelevent.
  2. Was that considered good rap or hip hop or whatever name it's given these days? That was lame as ****. ...The Kobe part was kinda funny though.
  3. I think they're just gonna sign him to a large deal. It's a game of chess right now and the Hawks are hoping to get him for less than he wants. Can't blame the Hawks or Josh Smith for that. And don't forget the Hawks may want to keep Childress around too. They are making decisions that will affect them for a long time.
  4. I had never heard of Don Imus until the race police starting making a national scandal of his idiotic comments about the Rutger's girls team. It's good to know they are continuing to closely monitor his each and every word. Because we need to know if he says anything that can be viewed as remotely racially offensive. Maybe they should hook up some type of monitor to his head and look for signs of racist thinking while they're at it!
  5. Vick is not the same as Steve Young. Not even close. Young was a great passer. Vick was a poor passer. A running QB who can't pass will never lead his offense to as many yards or points as a great passer. Feel free to add up Vick's rushing and passing stats in his best year and compare them to Brady's or Manning's.
  6. I walked out of the last couple of M. Night Shaqattack or whatevers movies feeling like I wasted time and money. I wasn't falling for the interesting previews of the movie this time. His days of living off his 6th sense reputation are over for me.
  7. Todd McClure has been the best center this organization has had for the last decade. It's getting old reading the no-nothings in the fanbase call for him to be replaced every year. He's a quality starting center, he's not too small to play the position and the morons that still hold a grudge because they think it was his fault that Derrick Brooks blitzed up the middle need to get over it. Todd McClure: Atlanta Falcons starting Center McClure haters: uninformed and irrelevant
  8. Excuses: -but Vick was younger than Ryan when he entered the league and Vick only played 2 years of college ball! Ryan played 5! -Vick had a terrible supporting cast! The Falcons have surrounded Ryan with a team of All-Pros! Ryan is holding them back! Vick would have won every Super Bowl with that offense! -Ryan has a better coaching staff! -Vick got injured and then Reeves was fired! Arthur was secretly trying to make Vick fail! -Vick was busy running a side business! He couldn't spend all his time studying that playbook thing! Ryan is a nerd! -The media hated Vick and they love Ryan!
  9. A QB who can get the ball out of his hand quickly and spread defenses out makes his O-line's job easier. People who understand football know this. Will Ryan be able to do that in the NFL? Hope so. NFL teams thought Joey Harrington, Byron Leftwich, Michael Vick and Chris Redman would be able to when they were drafted. I'm not taking it for granted that Ryan will be one of the 15 QB's in the NFL who will legitimatly be an above average starter at any given time over the course of his career. If he is, the Falcons chances of winning a Super Bowl go up significantly.
  10. Yeah, I know. I was totally trolling with the title. :hehe:
  11. It's nice to see the rookies getting signed early. I don't think i've ever seen the Falcons so ahead of the curve with rookie contracts.
  12. Yeah, Joey's got a real tough life. He's a millionaire with an attractive wife who has a good job. If Joey goes to another team they could afford to work in different cities for a little while and fly to see each other on a regular basis. What a tough life.
  13. No, not the mean media...the manipulative media...with such easy targets as yourself, they can demonize anyone because there's an audience that needs to be reinforced that they are "better than".....sadly, its nothing new. Ah yes, he's being so demonized! The media is saying things like "Javon was beaten and robbed in Las Vegas!" or "Javon Walker was photographed spraying champayne the night he was found unconcious on a Las Vegas street." Oh my goodness teh demonization! The media is so evil! It's a good thing we have victim culturalists like yourself to point out when they are up to no good!
  14. I'm really starting to think that the media has some rule that every professional athlete - no matter who it is - must be seen in the worst light possible. Ahhh Boo Hoo! Poor Javon's a victim. :crying: Javon IS a victim.....of his own stupidity and the low lifes he apparently comes in contact with when he goes out to 'have fun'. He's got millions of dollars. He could build his own stripping room in his own house and pay the finest girls around to come strip for him if he wanted. Instead he chooses to go out where some bad people hang out. Dumb dumb dumb. And this is why the media does what it
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