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  1. Dan Quinn won’t make it past week 5 after this team embarrasses us on primetime. I guarantee it.
  2. Oh what about the pass that hit Brian Hill clean in the hands that would’ve been a third down conversion on a drive that was looking positive? Matt should’ve caught that
  3. Nah man. Why are we throwing when we should’ve been trying to run the clock down? Protect your QB.
  4. We literally have to score 50 pts a game since Matt Ryan has been on this team. There’s something fundamentally wrong with that.
  5. Gonna call bs on this. How do you, as a coach, not know how to run the clock down? How do you, as a defensive coach, not have a good defense? Why do you, as a talent evaluator, not know that your field goal kicker is garbage? How do you, as a coach, abandon the run game when you had 140+ yards on the ground? But it’s going to fall on Matt Ryan.
  6. You saw it coming when we missed the extra point... missed field goal as well there goes our 4 points
  7. I can see it now... we get to the super bowl and make a miraculous comeback in the closing seconds... but Koo missed the extra point to tie the game
  8. Bienemy Carmichael McDaniels in that order
  9. Let’s be real here Koetter is not a great playcaller. While the stat sheet may show run/pass balance, the type of running plays we call and WHEN we call them are predictable and mundane.
  10. How’s about no Giving them credit is a cop out. Saying lesson learned is a cop out. Saying we have room for improvement after Blowing a 20 point lead and giving up 40 points Is both an obvious understatement and a cop out.
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