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  1. Yea Auburn’s gotta stop trying to make Bo Nix and thing. It’s not happening.
  2. The opposite. GSU brought pressure. Whiffed on two sacks in the final play.
  3. Cats are said to have 9 lives Clemson has used 5 so far in 4 games.
  4. Lmao I jinxed it. I confess…it’s me. I’m the reason the Falcons are misery incarnate. I got bad sports mojo.
  5. Come on GSU!!!!!!! gotta rep the alma mater.
  6. Man the amount of professional sports players that smoke weed is probably somewhere around 60%…and I’m probably underselling because the nba is a solid 80-85% alone lol. NFL should’ve been gotten rid of that policy. Yea pop these pills, but don’t smoke the weeeeeeed. It’s ridiculous.
  7. Wowzers. At least you tried to help. That sucks though.
  8. Josh Gordon just got reinstated… Bring em home, TF! We need receiver help badly. Desperate times call for desperate measures lol
  9. You forgot about my lonesome soul that wanted Micah Parsons who, by the way, is tearing it up in Dallas right now.
  10. Wow a clean pocket but those route combinations suck. Two receivers should never be that close to one another. Happens very frequently in this offense. Not sure if it’s scheme or just players not understanding where they need to be.
  11. What is this infatuation with Gage and Zaccheus? I truly believe this is the result of years of TAFT conditioning to subpar talent, and deeming it as acceptable.
  12. So you’re telling me this was meant to be?
  13. Drafting Beasley…I personally didn’t want anything to do with him from the beginning. Paying Julio…Even though I personally believed he should have. I also didn’t have the inside scoop of the Julio/Falcons relationship like he did. No way in the world would I pay a guy if I knew he was disgruntled. Never establishing a clear direction on either side of the ball.
  14. He hasn’t really been impressive. As a punter or kicker you either got it right then and there or your time will be limited. Same thing happened with Koo over his career until he finally seemed to put it all together and show consistency here.
  15. So you mean to tell me Russel gage and Zaccheus aren’t da future?
  16. Mac Jones was the only QB I wanted if we drafted a QB. I said the entire time I thought he was the best QB in the entire draft. He went to a gold mine of a situation in NE with belichick. I’m happy for him. The main guy I wanted, Micah Parsons, is looking like a beast in Dallas. They played him as an edge rusher last week for the first time and he registered 4 hurries and a sack. Pitts is a breast though. He’s gonna be a good one.
  17. Man those routes suck and I’m sure defensive coordinators know they can sit on them all day. This isn’t a OL issue…this is an Arthur Smith issue.
  18. If somebody has the link please post. I’m out of market.
  19. Pitts is fast af boi!!! The way he accelerated after that catch was unreal considering how he had to contort his body to make the catch. We have to find ways to scheme him open so that he can catch passes in stride more often.
  20. Smith is doing a putrid job of putting his playmakers in position to succeed on offense. His play calling is lackluster, and usually has multiple guys in the same spot with no spacing whatsoever. Nobody is being schemed open. And this excessive use of a fullback is getting unbearable. You can put Pitts, hurst, or Lee Smith flexed in the backfield or something to invoke some kinda of creativity. There’s just not a lot of vertical stretching of the field; understandably so considering the state of the OL, but the route depth, combinations and design are downright hideous. No, sir, I don’t like it. Get it fixed
  21. That pass interference in the end zone was just ugly. Besides that he’s been solid.
  22. Oh yea and we need 2-3 WRs but we already knew this…I hope.
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