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  1. They’re also not practicing social distancing.
  2. Mine too and I’m not usually a fan of all white unis
  3. The bucs White unis are super nice.
  4. This fan base is so allergic to turnovers that when a player actually creates them they don’t know how to act. Kazee is the best free safety that we have. He is not an nfl corner and doesn’t need to be out in that position.
  5. Way too traumatic for me to even think about watching.
  6. Just close this thread already
  7. If we win more than 6 games we’re going to win the super bowl.
  8. Honestly Lamb and Young are the only two I would trade up for. I think Lamb is going to be a complete star.
  9. A trade up means they either want Kinlaw or Brown. Simmons (who I’m not high on anyways) will be gone. You can stay at 16 and get Chaisson. Without pro days and private meetings, I’m sure the front office wants exactly who they want and does not wanna settle on their 2nd choice.
  10. RB is deep Safety is deep WR is extremely deep DT is deep
  11. The comments are hilarious
  12. if a coin flip decided it, he really didn’t care about being here one way or the other.
  13. Putting my ticket in the “same logo” ballot