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  1. Next time I gotta draw a flag and not a boat... lmao.
  2. Takk is better overall. It’s obvious. People were begging him to stop using the spin move last year because it was predictable and ineffective. You’re giving him too much credit for those other moves that are not developed at all. Even Chuck Smith says he has to get better in this area. His play is to win on speed. It’d be awesome If he could win with that alone, but teams have become wise to his abilities since his second season. He got targeted as somebody to gameplan for and he was not able to defeat those game plans last year. He doesn’t play the run well at all and never has. The fact that you call it adequate goes to show it’s more on the below-average to average scale than it is the above-average to average scale. He gets washed out on run plays often, because he’s not stout enough. He’s a speed and finesse guy. This was evident since his college days, but his speed abilities and those related to pass rushing You made my point about him always being injured, which speaks to and adds to his inconsistencies thus far in his career. I root for Vic. Great guy, great story, etc. But I also know when to hold em and when to fold em. That’s the name of the game. We’d be fools to pay him boatloads or money If he continues on an inconsistent trajectory. He’s going to have to have a heck of a year.
  3. This is untrue. I root for every player on this team. I can see the good in Vic, but I can also see his glaring negatives that have been the same since college.
  4. They are special. They are the best of the best and have jobs that are extremely specialized. Why do you think they get paid handsomely to do their jobs? Without them there is no product. NFL is a business, but the NFL knows the players make the league. The NFL failed in this area. They didn’t take a stance and are trying to play both sides of the fence. This alone will cause more problems than solutions.
  5. They’re doing a reverse jinx. Lots of info = divisional exit No info = Lombardi Trophy?
  6. Y’all are overhyping this re-signing every player thing. There’s always going to be hard cuts to make, but I’d keep Julio before most of that list you gave. The only one that’s truly imminent is Grady and Jones. Keep in mind that other players come off the books as well. Probably won’t keep Schaub, Levitre and Mack are question marks, Allen is gone, etc. Also the big money in extensions usually don’t kick in until the next year of signing. Also, the story has never been about extending his contract, but rather reworking the deal to maybe get some of the contract he is currently in guaranteed.
  7. The Falcons are not going to even consider moving Julio, and while there’s the matter of a slippery slope involved with re-negotiating a contract owed to a player with three years left on his deal, one has to think they’ll try to find a good solution to keep Julio happy and perhaps extend his contract even further. Blank knows that Julio, a marketable superstar with elite skills and production (minus, you’ll quickly note to me, touchdowns) is worth an awful lot to this franchise, and he’s one of the league’s truly iconic players. The team has no interest in this turning into a big production, and will do their best to keep things quiet and lowkey. Julio is one of the two or three best receivers in the NFL, and his current contract will see him dropping out of the top ten in compensation soon. There are no bad guys here—not the Falcons for carefully considering the cap implications of any updates, not Julio for wanting more money and more security—and a handful of missed OTA days are not a reason to consider this a crisis. If this drags into the summer and gets louder and more public, of course, that changes. In other good news, it sounds like Julio’s planning on showing up for mandatory minicamp, a sign that this really isn’t going to morph into a protracted holdout with all the ugliness that implies. It’ll still be worth closely watching this situation to see what the team and Julio can work out, and I do expect them to work something out. I love it. This is a proper step in making this a non-issue.
  8. Know when to buy and when to sell. This is a hard sell for me regardless of if he does well or not. He will command way too much money and you already have Takk who has proven his value and ability can surpass Beasley’s. Below average Rookie QB who didn’t know how to get rid of the ball.
  9. Hopefully he’s ready to not punt interceptions.
  10. He was also sacking Paxton Lynch, might I add.
  11. People can think what they want to think. I’m stating my opinion from what I’ve seen out of Vic Beasley. I’m rooting for him to do better, but the tape doesn’t lie.
  12. I recognized it. I ate crow and gave it a whole thread. Not to mention Boy Wonder lost the super bowl for us as well, but we won’t go there.
  13. I never said Jones would suck. I was upset that we passed on Myles Jack in the first, which fueled me to look into Jones and led me to see that he missed a heck of a lot of tackles in college. I remember saying he wouldn’t be Bobby Wagner, but he definitely hasn’t. He’s become his own player and set the standard of what most teams are looking for at linebacker now. Jones’ attitude, attention to detail and urge to be great was shown during his rookie season. Beasley not so much.
  14. I’ll give you that, but what does that ultimately say about his demeanor?