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  1. Bucs playbook is literally our playbook with a different OC.
  2. Anybody who listens to these press conferences trying to get valuable information is simply playing themselves. They give PC answers that don’t even align with their actions. The IQ of this team is that of the dodo bird. I’m so ready for a clean sweep of this entire organization. A new era must begin.
  3. So basically you want somebody to bail out the OC every play? Funny...the Saints didn’t need that today.
  4. I think so in the grand scheme of things. Trey, Gallinari, bogdan...those are some sharpshooters. Adding Rondo in the mix for veteran presence, and I love the okongwu pick. I think as a whole signing bogdan fits in with the rest of the puzzle. it’s pricey for sure, but Atlanta isn’t bringing in a bonafide star so getting those next tier players makes sense to me.
  5. If the kings don’t match Atlanta will be a guaranteed playoff team.
  6. I knew when we didn’t get a TD on our first possession that this game was over.
  7. Until we get a coach here that cares about humiliating the Saints, this team will forever be inept.
  8. There was nobody running to the sidelines. you can’t be serious right now
  9. So how’s he supposed to throw the ball away while still in a collapsing pocket?
  10. Where could he have thrown the ball? the announcer is even pointing out that there’s nowhere to throw the ball. now if he throws an int you’ll be on his head
  11. 30 other teams would be winning this game in blowout fashion.
  12. Wait so even when the announcer points out how nobody is open because all of the receivers are in the same area, people are still blaming Matt Ryan?
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