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  1. What was the point of keeping them? I don’t get it. Hopefully we’ll be able to move the chains on short yardage without them
  2. I’ve seen way for 15 yard penalties and missed tackles because of them
  3. Ricardo and Neal have issues with wrap-up tackling. They’re always looking to lay the big blow. The funny thing is that no good has ever come from one of them laying a big blow. They always get fined. You would think they would learn. Sure the game is a high speed, gladiator environment. However, fundamentally they lack in the tackling department. Most of our defense does.
  4. We currently have no room to talk
  5. The The The The scarf...wth man Style is in the eye of the beholder lol
  6. Barner...come on man. You were one of the bright spots of an abysmal performance. Gage...just put him in some bubble wrap
  7. Quinn needs to start putting him in the right position. Far too many times is he playing off. Let him use his size and physicality in bump and run and press coverage
  8. It’s hard for me to say yes to that. The injuries were unfortunate, I agree, but Quinn hasn’t shown much for me to believe that he can lead, call plays for, and utilize the players that he has brought along defensively. They’re still extremely undisciplined, Beasley and McKinley are still lost, we can expect an unnecessary roughness penalty from Neal every game, Oliver hasn’t taken a good step forward so far in his second year, Duke Riley who?,...I just haven’t seen it. He’s lived on the coattails of dynamic offenses and was gifted a franchise QB and WR. He got all the defensive groceries, but has yet to prepare the proper meal. Again I don’t want to go on a Dan Quinn tirade, but I do not believe that he could lead a team from ineptitude, nor do I believe he can be an effective NFL head coach on any other team. As I’ve said before, I don’t think this season will fall off the rails. We have enough talent alone to always be at least a middling team. But that can only go so far. He’s on a hot seat that only a nfc championship appearance at minimum will extinguish.
  9. Coaches should be held to the same standards as players. Quinn is a defensive coach that hasn’t built a defense, and has had more memorable failures than successes. Do you think Quinn would survive as a coach with any other team?
  10. Dallas on line 2 ...continuity in coaching means nothing if the coach has never proved anything. I don’t want to get on a long Dan Quinn tirade but what exactly has he left his imprint on? Super Bowl run was all Boy Wonder and the offense. As an overall coach, he has not really built any team identity.
  11. Cincinnati on line 1
  12. Reset button would be coaches and GM any new GM and coach would love to have this roster. There are tradeable pieces and tough decisions that need to be made from people who aren’t heavily invested in the players here. And a new philosophy could bring about a new attitude. Fwiw I don’t think it falls off the rails.
  13. I think they truly wanted to see how the draft played out. They were definitely looking for a RT which is why they traded up for McGary. I think that was their main priority considering they signed both Brown and Carpenter before the draft. I think since Lindstrom was available they felt the need to take him and I don’t blame them. He was my favorite player in the entire draft, and there’s no sense not stashing an embarrassment of riches along the offensive line.
  14. Jamon Brown being a healthy scratch last week had me scratching my head along with some others. (Hill and Ollison). Im almost certain Brown is an upgrade over Schweitzer. I could be wrong. Hill or Ollison gives us a bigger body for short yards and goal line...I don’t understand the personnel decisions sometimes.