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  1. Don't know what you were seeing. All I saw was Falcons fans
  2. Wings from Magic City
  3. I used to love Monday Night Nitro.
  4. The sound makes it so much better as Demps' body hits the ground. It almost sounds like a madden sound effect because it's so audible and clear. That was an amazing play all around. The balance and wherewithal and grit to take a beating by 3 Bears of Matt, the catch and stiff arm to score by Hoop, the hustle of both Taylor and Julio.
  5. Really? Trevor Knight? like really. Trevor knight? Ummm. Ok I guess.
  6. How do you have negative 1 rep roflmao
  7. Win is a win but still that's disgusting. 2 means that we sucked so bad we got hit with a safety. 3 means we sucked so bad we could only muster up a field goal. Struggling against the Bears would be very concerning.
  8. Concerning our Falcons specifically. I'm most excited about watching our defense. It may end up being more fun to watch than the offense. They look like they're swarming to the ball better than ever, and really looking for those turnovers. What about y'all?
  9. 29 when you've never played in the NFL is still solid for a WR. It's not like he's a runningback or somebody getting pounded every play. I feel like age applies more heavily when you have been through the grit and grind of many years in the league. Dable shined IMO. Big bodied guy that caught everything thrown his way. What more could he have done?
  10. I liked dable
  11. I wanted Jeremy Lane years ago. He could help IMO. Already knows the system
  12. That's a **** good trade for Seattle. Yikes.
  13. Was just thinking about starting a similar thread. We are screwed in our CB department. Goodwin has been awful, King should have never been a corner (came out of college as a safety), Olatoye has been ehhh, Kazee is injured and a rookie. I think we'll be looking hard at who gets cut from other teams to address this issue, because it looks baaad.
  14. If you want to leave those last preseason tix at will call for me you'd be a blessing.