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  1. Superdone lmao. Who did that? Give em a raise.
  2. I don’t give a flying flip about the Patriots. Aints were the only ones that mattered.
  3. Put the ball back in your QBs hands with 40 seconds and a timeout. Yea I’m letting them score.
  4. If this is real.... ROTFLMAO
  5. Just wanna say that Aints could’ve ran the ball 3 times and won the game.
  6. Triple option quarterback? We’ve been duped!
  7. You’re right. Hester did pretty well while he was here.
  8. Anything is better at this point. We haven’t had explosive special teams since Tim Dwight. Rossum was okay, but I want more.
  9. Hahaha. This is hilarious. The guy is well respected in the media. Gotta give him his props.
  10. Put some respeck on DLed’s name...
  11. You can have an offer on the table without an agreement. Technically Dled is right.
  12. Was he really a 5th? Could’ve sworn it was fourth. The point I was attempting to make is I have not seen a highly touted Clemson defensive lineman do anything in the league as of recent.