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  1. Lindstrom is the guy I wanted most in that draft. Was stoked when we got him. His BC tape was incredible, and I loathe watching offensive linemen tape.
  2. Some of y’all give hooper way too much credit
  3. Steven Jackson a real one for that Aints comment.
  4. My point is that maybe his heart is elsewhere, but that he’s just been posing as an athlete because he always had the ability. I’m probably one of Vic biggest critics if not the biggest. Didn’t wanna draft him at all. He’s obviously physically gifted and has shown that he can be a capable producer in the NFL, but it’s evident his heart isn’t in it and sometimes that gradual change of heart comes from ones faith. pure speculation. Just throwing it out there.
  5. I was highly against keeping Quinn for this season, but with the COVID state of affairs the continuity may pay dividends for this team and ultimately his job.
  6. Lemme tell y’all something... I admire Beasley for being a Christian man of faith. You can tell he has a genuine heart and maybe his heart is elsewhere. Just because you’re big and fast doesn’t mean you have to play to the sports stereotype. but i tried to tell y’all...
  7. Ummmm Patricia Mahomes is a little ummm...... ahem... yea
  8. I was gonna say 12, but 50 works, too.
  9. Not gonna lie...that’s actually kinda fresh
  10. Haven’t played madden in a solid 4-5 years, and I was a midnight release, countless hours labbing, once upon a time ranked top 5 on ps4. it’s such a garbage, cheese fest, embarrassingly flawed game and EA doesn’t care one bit.
  11. Just had two in one night. Can’t remember the score or who we were playing in the first one, but I do remember the Benz being not even half full due to social distancing measures. Me and my sister joked that it was like that even before social distancing. The second one we were playing against the Rams, I believe, and we let them score 36 points before halftime.
  12. And we’ll do it for all of 16 plays a game
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