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  1. Both Clayborn and Poe were EXTREMELY mediocre. I have no problem letting them go. Without Clayborn’s 6 sack game he would’ve had like 3 or 4 on the year. Poe was underwhelming. We can get the same production from different players.
  2. I wanted Bethel coming out of college. I like this.
  3. Funds we don’t have
  4. Pats traded for Cordarelle Patterson. Exchanged a 5th rounder for Oakland’s 6th as well.
  5. Trufant is garbage. Paid him all that money for him to average 1.5 interceptions a season.
  6. Dude’s B!tchn Neverstops?
  7. None of these moves scare me. The fusco signing gives me faith that our FO has a plan and they’re sticking with it.
  8. I thoroughly enjoy that we’re looking at Woodhead. I don’t necessarily want him, but it shows we’re in the market for playmakers.
  9. Trying to bank off of that 6 sack game. NEXT!!
  10. I’m more of a jaylen samuels kinda guy.
  11. We broke until Ryan and Matthews extend. Still playing the waiting game. Fusco is great value though
  12. Understood. Vea is transcendent over the other DTs in this draft IMO. Falcons have never been shy of moving up for a guy they want since TD has been here. Reports are that the Falcons had a “very nice” meeting with Vea (his words). I could see it happening. I would hate it. I’m high on Tim Settle who I feel can be had in the 2nd or 3rd. Taven Bryan is solid as well.