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  1. Still not better than artical
  2. Ooooo you almost got me to bite.
  3. I had no clue the 360 screen would be that big. I figured it would be maybe 1/4 less. That's going to be impressive for sure.
  4. ^^^this guy......
  5. Since team celebrations are back.... RIP Keion, as well.
  6. Obj, Marshall, and shepherd looks DEADLY on paper. If Engram pans out then watch out.
  7. Can't lie. I was on the Dorsey Brohm wagon... actually I think I was on the Dorsey, 2nd round pick, Andre Woodson wagon. Probably even started that wagon. But as soon as we drafted Matt I was all aboard and knew we were in for a treat. He had and still has got a demeanor like none other. He's special.
  8. Got Poe. Got crawford. Get back Shelby and Clayborn Get back Trufant. Reigning leader in sacks. Rookies not rookies no more. Yea we're at least cracking top 15
  9. Embrace the suck, eh? i think I hear Ezekiel's footsteps around the corner....
  10. Garland. Anytime that man is in he makes plays. Tough as nails and smart.
  11. regardless of whatever may happen to Allen, we need another safety. Right now we have 0 backups.
  12. Ryan, Julio top 10 Coleman in the 70s Beasley in the 50s Freeman in the 40s
  13. Ha. Just saw the bumped thread. Mods can merge