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  1. With all due respect, Trufant can’t catch a cold anyway.
  2. Yea he was livid after the tip ball pick.
  3. Gross. That guy is the Great Value version of TJ tippytoes Duckett.
  4. Sit him for the season. Just about every game he’s come off the field after getting popped hard on a play. There’s no reason to risk further damage, and threaten his career any further. He just got paid, too, so the Falcons have to protect their investment at all costs. Coleman and Ward may not sound pretty, but it can get the job done IMO. Sign a free agent and let’s trek on.
  5. *orlando
  6. Didn’t he get injured in the Thursday night game?
  7. It was obvious last week when he took that hit and had to come out. He was concussed even before the season started. Sit him for the rest of the season and pick somebody up.
  8. I’ll reserve judgement. Still wished we could’ve gotten Bowman last week, but at least Weatherspoon is familiar with the system. Praying he stays healthy and provides us with superior play. Btw, I just stared at familiar for like 15 minutes thinking I spelled it wrong. Did I spell it right? I’m pretty sure that’s right, but it looks so wrong.
  9. We’re 3-3
  10. To this I would say that offensively we have a lot of room to gel. Julio and Sanu have barely gotten their feet wet, and that counts for something. We can clearly see there’s a chemistry issue with Matt and our receivers. I feel like a lot of that is due to the injuries that hampered our receiver all off-season and at times during this season. It will get better.
  11. Definitely not an “I told you so” situation, but I saw this loss coming from a mile away in this exact blowout type fashion. I felt like we would hit rock bottom this game, and we certainly have. Coaching has hit a laughable low. Offense looks scatter-brained, defense makes the most idiotic plays, special teams looks disgusting. But the great thing about rock bottom is that there’s nowhere to go but up. When these guys see this film they will be embarrassed. It will be the biggest gut check of the season, and they will learn from it like never before. There are positives to take away from this game. Defense didnt really play badly, offense did drive the ball down the field all night, and at the end of the game we’re .500 and haven’t even touched the nfc south yet. Yall know I’m usually not the most level headed poster here, but we got this guys. Stay patient and let’s ride this thing on out to our Super Bowl championship.
  12. Did they get off the field when it counted?
  13. So it’s up to the offense to keep the defense fresh, but it’s not the job of the defense to bear down and get off the field?