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  1. Quinn is weak minded. All talk but can never seem to make a powerful decision when needed. This organization has a knack for hiring weak minded coaches.
  2. Seems like another bad track record guy getting in on the buddy system
  3. To me, the blame is all on Sarkisian. You mean to tell me with your possible FINAL play of the year, that was the best play you could find in the playbook? Out of ALL the plays we could’ve called, that’s what we could muster?
  4. He gon cry in the locker room
  5. Takk is a gem. Best draft pick in a long time. We need more guys like him on this team, and this justifies it.
  6. Yea actually it kinda contributes a lot to why we lost the game. Those carries could’ve gone to Coleman who was getting positive yards every down. Freeman was slipping, getting killed in the backfield, whiffing on blocks. It was bad. I’m sure pff will have the stats up to show how awful he was next week.
  7. So you’re saying that Coleman didn’t need more carries?
  8. What does any of this have to do with Coleman being the hot hand?
  9. Multiple drives were killed trying to feed Freeman when Coleman clearly had the hot hand all game. No runs with 2 timeouts inside the 10 yd line. This doesn’t surprise me at all. This team will continue to talk a good game but never back it up. It’s either win the Super Bowl next year or it ain’t happening for at least another 10 years.
  10. That’s what I heard, too.
  11. Safety first
  12. Meteorologist? or Weather Narc?
  13. I don’t think the Falcons own these gloves.
  14. Dude had stickum from his fingertips to his shins smhh