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  1. Not at all. I’m not talking about it from an athletic standpoint. If we’re going there I’ve said since the beginning that he’s Baker Mayfield. You posted refutes to his character. I said coaches and players refuted negative claims against Manziel’s character as well. Are the reports true? Who knows, but I’m sure teams will do their due diligence.
  2. Johnny Football had glaring reviews from teammates and his coach as well.
  3. I think rule number 1 of GM work is to defer all attempts of allowing a divisional opponent to obtain a potential franchise QB.
  4. I thoroughly enjoyed when Harlan called our game against the raiders this past year.
  5. That’s always been an awful argument to me. If if was a fifth we’d all be drunk. Fact of the matter is that those penalties should not have been called in those situations during the biggest sporting event of the year. The media will try to swing it and praise Brady and the Bucs for winning and dominating the Chiefs, but that’s their job. They aren’t going to blast the refs and ultimately the NFL. All things considered, however, those were bad calls regardless of if the Chiefs would’ve won or lost. The refs played more of a role in a championship game than they should have. None of
  6. You can’t just look at penalties and not put them into context of the actual game. The penalties against the Chiefs in the first half were borderline inexcusable, and came while the game was still in the balance. The incidental contact on the Evans deep pass is not pass interference. The defender tripped on Evans’ heel while tracking the pass. On top of that Evans was barely touched if not touched at all. On top of that the ball was uncatchable. ON TOP OF THAT it changed the game from being an 8 point game to a 15 point game right before the half. Tyrann Mathieu intercepts a pas
  7. Defense wins championships. Been saying it for months now. Draft Micah Parsons
  8. Cant execute a scheme that doesn’t fit your players or isn’t coached the right way.
  9. No shade or anything, but man this game was unwatchable after the first half. You already knew how it was gonna go after all the penalties.
  10. The play happened, but the penalty also still happened. So what you’re saying doesn’t matter. A penalty was called that shouldn’t have been called.
  11. Wowwww but they didn’t call the one on Gronk
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