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  1. I liked him when he was at Penn State. Always had solid sack totals.
  2. We kill the messenger round these parts
  3. How quickly y’all forget about Keith Brooking(s) though.
  4. Right. I think everybody wanted to see Julio/Pitts/Ridley. That would’ve been a blast to witness, but that’s really as far as my disappointment goes with losing Julio.
  5. It’s funny you say that. I know some are upset that Julio is gone, but I’ve never really felt a connection to Julio from a player-fan standpoint. On the other hand you have Roddy White who truly ingratiated himself into being a Falcon, whose blood boils with Saint hatred, who left it all on the field no matter what. It’s why I was truly behind Roddy during the Boy Wonder feud, and it’s why he’ll probably always be my favorite Falcon. It doesn’t have anything to do with Julio being private either. He’s a great player who did great things for this team, but I never felt like he wa
  6. I still don’t see how trading a disgruntled WR signals to others that we’re in a rebuild. Never once has anybody ever said the term “franchise WR”. We’ll be competitive next year. I see us making the playoffs, and I’m usually neutrally pessimistic about the Falcons’ season outlook.
  7. Trae fits the Atlanta culture and vibe Luka is phenomenal Both are truly ascending and right where they need to be. I think the debate would be a lot closer to the mainstream if the Hawks had more nationally televised games.
  8. It’s all a mystery... doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo
  9. Is it? I don’t really follow them like that. I know their secondary struggled last year.
  10. I think he’d give the bulk of his love to the Falcons aside from his family and such. He was a pup when he came, and a man when he left.
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