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  1. Two much money is tied into the skilled players on this team. Can't expect to make Pro-bowlers out of Chicken ish of a OL and DL. That should have been the thought of Ryan in regards to that contract also. He should have DEMANDED that he kept his line intact by any means necessary just like Brady did with contract talks.
  2. With that in mind, that means the Defense did their job and the Offense didn't help them out. Especially following a 3 and out after those turnovers.
  3. Our bread and butter of this team is the Offense, not the Defense. The 3 straight possessions of an INT, Fumble, and a quick 3 and out will tire the **** out of any defense, especially the ones like ours that's too undersized to deal with that SF line. The Offense needs to compliment the defense and should have played "small ball" to eat up the clock to give the defense a rest but they failed miserably doing that in the second half. We knew coming into the playoffs that our Defense wasn't elite but they have overachieved alot this year, picking up alot of slack for the Offense. You don't play "quickstrike" against a team like the 49ers and half *** do it. We should've learned that against Seattle.
  4. Cox won playoff games when the Braves FIRST started winning games. Also, at least we were in the World Series and not losing divisional games. Cox > Smith
  5. The 3 straight possesions that led to a INT, fumble, and a 3 and out helped tire the defense out. Also, our "money" players is on Offense and we had a chance to score a TD around the 2:00 mark. To put this lost totally on the defense is bein misguided. Did they play a part in the lost? Sure, but I have to blame the Offense for not scoring on that last drive period.
  6. So why didn't the offense score on that 2nd to last drive with 2 minutes to go? Come on man. sheesh
  7. Yep. But our Offense should have scored on that 2nd to last drive, and we came up short. Also, the turnovers hurt us more than anything else.
  8. But yet we were 10 yards from the Endzone and the Offense didn't punch it in. Like I said earlier, our money is tied into the Offense and they have do majority of the work for us to win. We should have scored on that last drive instead of choking. sheesh
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