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  1. I think Jones could be an Irvin type that can get to the QB so they have addressed the pass rush, just not in the way you were thinking it should be done.
  2. I want to believe this - but that schedule looks tough and the dates haven't even been set... This is one year where 8-8 could be an improvement over last year. But still it can't get here fast enough!!!
  3. My dream draft is 2 Hall of Famers - I don't care what their names are or what round they are drafted in. I think we are due after 50 years....
  4. I doubt he fits the scheme - we won't even give the guy a look see ....
  5. Sure don't want to reach for a guy who was a "captain" on the college team, that is for sure! I think if you are specifically targeting that attribute you run the risk making a less than stellar selection because you will lean in the direction of the former captain while letting the "play" of the players fall into the background to some degree. If the former captain is just a tiny bit lacking in the area of play compared to the other guy it could mean the difference between a HOF'er or waver wire fodder. There is really not that much that separates these athletes.
  6. Agreed - I saw a couple of times today where MR rolled out and had a defender in his face immediately.... ZBS lineman can't hold blocks because they are too small as their desired traits are to be quick and mobile for the run game blocking.
  7. If Quinn keeps Shannahan, Asomoah is gone because he doesn't fit scheme. ZBS coaches don't go after "stud" centers in the 1st round they find a quick undersized centers/guards that fit scheme in rounds 5-6 or 7. MR will need to work on footwork because we will need to get him on the move in the scheme to buy him time.
  8. I'm hoping we can find somebody else - the curvy kicks don't sit well with me either.
  9. I had a torn labrum along with a rotator cuff tear. Mine got more painful over time because I played tennis - very painful can't sleep painful. It was so bad I had it repaired. Took about 8 months to fully rehab but I was 46. It feels like I have the shoulder of a 25 year old and my serve has much more pop after surgery. My experience makes me lean toward the idea that if he has it repaired it will make a nice difference.
  10. Glad they won a football game. Would have liked to see an offensive touchdown in the second half though... I'd much prefer to see signs of life rather than futility!
  11. That was a potential sack? Looked to me like Grady wanted to give Cam a hug but Cam wasn't up for it
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