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  1. Doesn't it seem odd that members of the green/climate change community seem to get caught lieing a lot lately?
  2. Don't get in the game if you're in way over your head. You can't mention a country like Sweden as the pinnacle of modern fiscal policy without including how they achieved it; or else you'll sound like those morons who think Cuba is a great place to live because they provide "free" healthcare.
  3. Sweden....where you are are taxed %60 of your income, pay a %25 VAT on all purchases, and the government employs 2/3 of the population.
  4. 1) I would ban all media and replace it with a state run network praising how awesome I am. 2) Institute strict Gun control measures to remove any chance of resistance 3) Redistribute the wealth evenly to keep the population dependant on my generous handouts 4) Provide "Free" Universal Healthcare. 5)Take my daughters to the Bahamas for Spring Break.
  5. Problem: cost of health insurance is rising. Solution: lets raise taxes result. cost of insurance still rising plus I have to pay more taxes. WTF???? So what's the point of Obamacare if it does jack squat but levy more taxes? Wait... I answered my own question.
  6. People are pointing fingers because the Democrats are acting like spoiled children. We're finally forcing them to cut spending and they're throwing a temper tantrum. Suspending White house tours? I mean C'mon. Everyone is making fun of them. http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2013/03/secret-service-reptile-aliens/
  7. What you need to understand is that they are trying to use the excuse that no matter how many experts have said this thing is a disaster in the making, we can' know for sure until it actually goes down in flames. So while the democrats have already crashed us into the iceberg, they aren't willing to prep the lifeboats until their feet are wet.
  8. The delusional Obamabots really shine through in this thread. The only reason they passed Obamacare was to screw up the system so much that it forces the government to seize control finally ushering in a single payer system; And so far, it's working exactly as planned.
  9. If it's factually untrue, then name one program the government is actually running effectively. Name one law that is being enforced efficiently. Point to one politician that is actually working to improve the country instead of their own special interests. There is only one thing a large federal government is good for: War.
  10. Your ideology is a bigger cause of the problem then my attitude. You're willing to allow tens of thousands of people to scam the system in order to help that one individual who actually needs it. For every case of multiple sclerosis you can point too, there are thousands who just want toget out of working. Everyone sees it around them. It's always the most worthless employees missing work for supposed "disabilities." You would expect it would be the hardest workers, not the bums... but that's the reality. ...And the fairy tale of an "effective government" is the reason why the politicians are able to use all these platitudes. The "hope" that we'll eventually find someone willing to "change" things; so in the meantime lets make the government bigger so when that individual arrives they'll have the power to do what's right.
  11. simple answer: No, they shouldn't live the "high life." Any form of welfare should be used only for necessities. If you're too disabled to work at all, then you shouldn't be well enough to go on an out-of-town vacation either.
  12. People like you are the reason why every idiot believes they're entitled to a high paying job right out of school.
  13. You can't remove welfare because it will negatively impact the child. The solution is to neutralize the problem (the parents) while providing support for the victims (the children). An interesting idea would be to institute a parental rating system. Everyone gets one free kid. If you suck as a parent then, you're not allowed to have anymore.
  14. If we really want to make life better for future generations, then we need to start sterilizing sterilizing everyone with more than 1 child who remains on welfare for more than a year.
  15. Taylor Swift ...able to make millions just writing about her boyfriends.
  16. “It isn't so much that liberals are ignorant. It's just that they know so many things that aren't so.”― Ronald Reagan http://www.redstatereport.com/2012/01/gay-marriage-forced-on-churchs/
  17. The debate only started mattering to me when gays demanded that everyone use the word "marriage" instead of "civil union" and sued churches to be allowed to have traditional weddings on church property. Also, telling people that we should stay out of their bedrooms while hosting parades down main-street is a bit obnoxious; obviously saying that while we should respect their beliefs, they can mock ours at will. ...and turning James Bond bi was just the last straw.
  18. 10 years of coding will make you bat-$%^& crazy. Don't ruin your life this way.
  19. I'd like to see the breakdown for Al-Jazeera and BBC to compare with where the rest of the world get their news.
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