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  1. After the last three games, watching losses to the Bills and Dolphins, two imminently beatable teams, and winning against the Lions in a fluke, can anyone truthfully be surprised by tonight's game with the Patriots?
  2. After the last three games, watching losses to the Bills and Dolphins, two imminently beatable teams, and winning against the Lions in a fluke, can anyone truthfully be surprised by tonight's game with the Patriots?
  3. I don't think we'll have to worry about that.
  4. Well, that's fine ... but how many games is he expected to finish?
  5. A sure-fire investment strategy. Guaranteed riches: 1. Buy Colin Cowherd for what he is actually worth. 2. Sell Colin Cowherd for what he thinks he is worth.
  6. Night game. If it's not raining, how could they not? I have heard that the stadium could have been built for about $200 million less if they made it a permanent dome. If the experiences of other retractable dome stadiums is any indication, once the novelty wears off the dome is going to be closed for 80+% of the games.
  7. If some "28-3" billboard does go up, I suggest nothing be done to it. Instead, identify the company who owns that billboard. I doubt it's the only billboard the company owns in the Atlanta area. Have the area's Falcons fans make the "28-3" billboard the most expensive sign that company ever put up - by tearing down all the other billboards the company owns.
  8. (Sigh.) It's a pale ale. Yeah, it would be. Millions of beer drinkers love pale ales, but PAs are just not one of my favorites. I'm not judging - different people; different tastes. Hopefully, in the future Terrapin might honor a Falcons great with a good stout.
  9. The Falcons' performance in Preseason has me concerned.
  10. I was informed that the lot is a part of the SunTrust Stadium complex. The Braves contracted the operations of the parking lots to some outside company; they're the ones who came up with the draconian rules. Doesn't matter - the Braves organization is still ultimately responsible.
  11. Just what are the real policies at M-B Stadium? I ask because I recently went to Lot 29 at SunTrust Stadium for a Braves game. Lot 29, which is about 1/2 mile from the Braves' stadium, is designated for tailgating before the Braves games. I checked the Braves official website before going regarding the rules for the parking lots, specifically Lot 29; no mention of any prohibitions on pop-up tents, grills, or flags/banners in the lot. Got there, set up our tailgate equipment and flag pole on the perimeter of the lot, like we were supposed to. Then the parking lot attendants swooped in to inform us that no tents, charcoal grills (fortunately, we had gas), or banners of any kind - including the American flag or any Braves banners, were allowed in their lot. They also said if I refused, I'd be arrested (and they had some uniformed muscle out there to back it.) To say the least, I was dumfounded. I suppose I could have become a First Amendment martyr, but in the end I caved. I and my friends baked for about four hours in the sun before going into the Braves' stadium, somewhat sunburned, worst for wear, and still POed. Also, to say the least, we're never going to another Braves game. This was just BS. (I did complain in writing to the Braves; as expected, no response.) I've had some really great tailgates in the past at Lot-A prior to the Falcons games. But a new stadium may mean new realities. Obviously, what is printed on a team's website is not definitive, so folks, you might want to be prepared for some surprises, both inside and outside the stadium.
  12. I was no Mora fan myself, but I will always maintain that Dan Reeves deserved to be dismissed in 2003. Let us not forget that Reeves wasn't exactly fired. Reeves confronted Blank about being dismissed at the end of the season; Blank admitted that yeah, we're going to let you go at the end of the season. Reeves did the 'ole "You can't fire me - I quit!" routine and left in a huff with three games left in the season. What a guy. Reeves was lucky to stay on as long as he did; almost any other team would have fired him - Super Bowl show or not - after the debacle of the 2001 season.
  13. We should just shrug on that statement. I'm confident that in a game Takk will only see someone in a Panthers uniform wearing a low number and will perform accordingly.
  14. Right now, it doesn't help. Seven days ago at this time, I was beginning to realize that the Falcons could actually blow this. It's going to be a pain I'm going to feel for a long, long time.
  15. Keep the current logo and I can go for this.