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  1. Hey, northern Alabama has plenty of Falcons fans (when they're winning.) It's those dolt Saints fans around Mobile that dislike the Falcons.
  2. Well, there's a blast from the past. Byron Leftwich was briefly on the Falcons roster as quarterback in 2007 under Bobby Petrino. I will admit Lefty had his excuses, but he still stunk-up the field as Falcons QB. I'm happy to hear he apparently found better success on the sidelines. Nevertheless, I would be wary to give Lefty the key to the kingdom.
  3. How old is Phillips? A million? (Actually, I looked it up; he's 73.) Why can't we just let the old coaches enjoy their retirement? Even if Phillips says he willing to go another season on the sidelines doesn't mean that they should.
  4. It seems obvious both DQ and TD saw it coming; this was not a bolt out of the blue for either gentleman.
  5. You all watched it. It was SB LI all over again. The clincher was the Falcons players just looking at that on-sides kick like a bunch of dolts. I'm fairly sure Blank decided to fire Quinn right then, but had to wait a few more loses to show it wasn't just a knee-jerk decision. TD's departure at this time is the real surprise.
  6. I'm not going to spell out my reasons, with this bunch it'll be a waste of time and effort. (Kind of like trying to convince my relatives that Trump shouldn’t' be reelected.) So, I'll just observe that many fans remember Dan Reeves WAY better than he was.
  7. Oh, now you're just being silly.
  8. I've seen enough. Dan Quinn is worst than a bad coach - he's a mediocre coach, which enables him to be much more destructive. An obviously bad coach is quickly found out and probably doesn't last past the first season. However, a mediocre coach does jussssstttt enough to hang on, season after disappointing season. Maybe the team occasionally slops its way into the playoffs, just to get gunned down. But we hear "Hey! We made the playoffs. Let's give Coach [Mediocre] another chance." Enough! Quinn has lost the confidence of the locker room and the fans. Time for the Falcons to do what they've hi
  9. Like SB LI the Falcons led the whole game, until the final second. What were those players thinking apparently watching the on-sides ball just scoot past them without even trying to fall on it?
  10. I haven't felt this good at halftime about the Falcons since, oh, February of 2017.
  11. Doesn't matter who buys the naming rights to that ... thing ... in New Orleans. It will always be the SuperDump to me.
  12. New uniforms - Obviously designed by a committee of non sports fans. The large "ATL" detracts. The retro jersey/pants are still the killer look. At least they got rid of the technicolor sleeves. And to **** with faint praise, they're not as bad as what the Bucs trot onto the field wearing.
  13. €. Hope to play against teams with a Head Coach and an Offensive Coordinator who don't know how to manage the game clock in the second half of the game.
  14. Because those who vote in these contests tend to be flippant idiots. For example, a new minor league baseball team is starting up this spring (or more likely summer due to COVIN-19) in the Huntsville, Alabama area. The name of the team was left to public vote; the winner: the Rocket City TrashPandas. (A "TrashPanda" is apparently a raccoon.) In my august opinion, a more dumb name for a sports team couldn't be chosen.
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