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  1. "Brady is going to let the clock run down to the last second before snapping the ball." If the Falcons had done that in Super Bowl LI they would have won.
  2. FF: It looks like the Falcons have hired Arthur Smith as their new coach. Lady FF: Is that good or bad? FF: Well, he's well thought of ... but so was the last one.
  3. Q: How does the Falcons differ from a dollar bill? (Y'all ought to be able to answer this one. And it's been true all freaking season.)
  4. The Falcons should be an attractive prospect for a blue-chip coaching candidate. But if you believe in Bad Karma, has there been a more snake-bit team?
  5. With a 17-0 lead at halftime, the Falcons are now poised to crush our hearts once again.
  6. The Falcons should just cancel their season and concede the rest of the games. Seriously. Why not? There aren't any Season Tickets Holders to worry about. COVID-19 is still raging, so there's an excuse. They can lock in their Draft position without actually tanking games. It would remove the humiliation of probably losing to Brady two more times. No one would think less of the Falcons because how is that presently possible? Just throw in the towel and let this season be done with. Next season can be the start of a new age; this one is done.
  7. Still? Who said most Falcons fans ever wanted him?
  8. I'm hearing the same noises concerning Harbaugh as I heard prior to the hiring of Petrino. Like Petrino, an outer package that attracts some. But soon after his hiring, it became apparent that Petrino was a bad mistake; Harbaugh would be also.
  9. Hey, northern Alabama has plenty of Falcons fans (when they're winning.) It's those dolt Saints fans around Mobile that dislike the Falcons.
  10. Well, there's a blast from the past. Byron Leftwich was briefly on the Falcons roster as quarterback in 2007 under Bobby Petrino. I will admit Lefty had his excuses, but he still stunk-up the field as Falcons QB. I'm happy to hear he apparently found better success on the sidelines. Nevertheless, I would be wary to give Lefty the key to the kingdom.
  11. How old is Phillips? A million? (Actually, I looked it up; he's 73.) Why can't we just let the old coaches enjoy their retirement? Even if Phillips says he willing to go another season on the sidelines doesn't mean that they should.
  12. It seems obvious both DQ and TD saw it coming; this was not a bolt out of the blue for either gentleman.
  13. You all watched it. It was SB LI all over again. The clincher was the Falcons players just looking at that on-sides kick like a bunch of dolts. I'm fairly sure Blank decided to fire Quinn right then, but had to wait a few more loses to show it wasn't just a knee-jerk decision. TD's departure at this time is the real surprise.
  14. I'm not going to spell out my reasons, with this bunch it'll be a waste of time and effort. (Kind of like trying to convince my relatives that Trump shouldn’t' be reelected.) So, I'll just observe that many fans remember Dan Reeves WAY better than he was.
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