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  1. Doesn't matter who buys the naming rights to that ... thing ... in New Orleans. It will always be the SuperDump to me.
  2. New uniforms - Obviously designed by a committee of non sports fans. The large "ATL" detracts. The retro jersey/pants are still the killer look. At least they got rid of the technicolor sleeves. And to **** with faint praise, they're not as bad as what the Bucs trot onto the field wearing.
  3. €. Hope to play against teams with a Head Coach and an Offensive Coordinator who don't know how to manage the game clock in the second half of the game.
  4. Because those who vote in these contests tend to be flippant idiots. For example, a new minor league baseball team is starting up this spring (or more likely summer due to COVIN-19) in the Huntsville, Alabama area. The name of the team was left to public vote; the winner: the Rocket City TrashPandas. (A "TrashPanda" is apparently a raccoon.) In my august opinion, a more dumb name for a sports team couldn't be chosen.
  5. The official Atlanta Falcons colors are Red, Black, and Silver. White is shared by all NFL organizations.
  6. As I'm sure many of you know, the history of alternate league pro-football is a sorry one. Football, especially professional football, is an expensive sport; past leagues hemorrhaged money, which usually resulted in their quick demises. The only past alternate league that lasted more than two seasons was the 1980's USFL. Even it was mostly controlled by hustlers (notably one by the name of Donald Trump) and in the end folded with a whimper. Most of these alternate leagues got off to a quick start, but after the novelty wore off attendance and viewership dropped off a cliff. It's going to be interesting to see how long this version will last; I'll be very surprised if FOX Sports/ESPN will financially shore up the XFL for more than two seasons.
  7. Some will. Losers who think second place is just fine.
  8. I wasn't so much anti-Niners as anti-Kyle Shanahan. I still hold both him and Quinn responsible for the horrible clock management of Super Bowl LI. I will never forgive or forget.
  9. Maybe we'll finally find out if it was Belichick who made Brady or if it was Brady who made Belichick.
  10. The "Glanville uniform" (black helmets, black jerseys, silver pants) was undoubtedly the best uniform the Atlanta Falcons ever had. Being it back! (But keep the current logo.)
  11. You have your heart (metaphoricaly) ripped out of your chest and see how long it takes you to forget it.
  12. Trust me on this one - knowledgable Bama fans suspect Tua will be no better than a journeyman QB in the NFL. He's not going to be The Future.
  13. It was Quinn's and Shanahan's horrible clock management that ultimately lost Super Bowl 51 for the Falcons. That the Niners might actually win this Championship really grates.
  14. Belichick's strategy is simply you have to turn over a lot of dirt to find a diamond. Most teams try to find their diamond on top of the ground. Not everything that's shiny is worth having. (End of metaphors.)
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