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  1. Vancouver Native here cool to see there will be some other falcon fans at the game besides me. As for Whistler it can be very hit or miss, however by mid December there is usually a fairly good base peak skiing is usually around dec and jan once you get into febuary it get dicey due to our proximity to the water. You shouldn't have a problem plus whister is awesome and i mean like others have said there are other choices in this area such as baker or if you go a little more into the interior of BC Big White.
  2. Of course there is far to much money to be made and lost for them not to be it has nothing to do with what teams win but where the money lies.
  3. Last Concert was Cky (before that it was Lamb of God and Children of Bodom) Favorite concert is tough. ACDC put on one **** of a show when i seen them last november. Definatley the best huge concert i've seen. As for favorite it would have to Be Flogging Molly
  4. The fallen comes from the comicbook not the tv show. As well the human transformer is not a transformer at all. It was not explained in the movie but what she is in the comic is a scan of "alice" from alice in wonderland out of a theme park. So it doesn't really open up a lot of possibilities as in scanning humans.
  5. I agree the twins go way to much screen time but for the love of god no more arcee she is the worst one. But more Ironhide, Ratchet and Sideswipe would have been awesome.
  6. I will give you the second one is much less geared toward children with the swearing and teenage humour. However you may want to re watch the cartoons again this movie had the exact same plot as them Decepticons want energon, will destroy earth to get it. Autobots say no fight them to save the earth. Thats 90% of the episodes in the cartoon its just the same thing over and over. ( I've watched them recently)
  7. AWESOME movie if you didn't like the first why bother going to see the second
  8. Exactly it is what it is if your expecting anything different your the idiot.
  9. I don't see how anyone can say they liked the first one but didnt' like this one. this one took everything the first on did and made it bigger and better Unless of course you wanted less robots
  10. Fight scenes are well shot he definatley pulled back it looks way better this is true the movie could have been like 15 minutes longer and they could have stretched that out just a little bit.
  11. I just got back from the midnight screening at IMAX, and other than like one scene with the mom I don't know what the **** you would cut it out. AMAZING MOVIE, **** THE CRITICS MOVIE OF THE YEAR!!!! And see it on IMAX those extra scenes with the IMAX camera were amazing i don't even know how you could leave them out on the regular cut.
  12. If they weren't already high profile people they would not have got the deal they sorta suck.
  13. Not a movie i would ever watch camed this needs to be seen in the theatre the way it was ment to hence why i'll be at the midnight opening on IMAX
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