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  1. Per ESPN: "The only Pro Bowl defensive end taken in the first round of the past four drafts is Brian Orakpo of the Redskins -- and he's now a linebacker in a 3-4 defense. Of the 16 other defensive ends taken since 2007, Vernon Gholston, Lawrence Jackson, Kentwan Balmer, the late Gaines Adams, Adam Carriker and Jarvis Moss are no longer with the teams that drafted them. Derrick Harvey, Jamaal Anderson and Aaron Maybin have been labeled disappointments. Tyson Jackson is off to a slow start in Kansas City, and injuries ruined the first years of Brandon Graham, Derrick Morgan and Jared Odrick"...s
  2. search the internet for a program "mp3 my mp3" the program lets u record any noise that goes across ur speakers..i use it to save the music from videos i watch on youtube
  3. Here's the story....it just has us listed as a interested team, but the story is about N.E. Peppers, Pats a match? 4:29PM ET Julius Peppers | Panthers | Interested: Falcons?, Bears?, Giants?, Browns?, Chiefs?, Packers?, Patriots?, Eagles? Top Email Who's not interested? * With solid bookends in both DE slots, the Vikings are unlikely. * Likewise, there's no good spot for him in Indy, with Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney on the ends. * One could argue that with all the money tied up with Terrell Suggs, the Ravens wouldn't be interested, but owner Steve Bisciotti said Wednesday that
  4. I never have smoked and never will....however i completely respect that right if some1 wants 2 smoke. If and when the smoke bothers me I (wait...watch this) MOVE outta the way! People whine and complain all the time about this and we will never agree 100%...I do like not having to smell smoke while i eat, but hate the fact that the Gov't had 2 tell "owners" of their own store 2 ban smoking. It should be 100% completely up 2 the owners and Franchises.
  5. This yrs draft is weak for kickers....Leigh Tiffin(ala) and aaron pettrey(ohio st.) are ur top 2 and both show above average kicking power with pettrey and tiffin's longest being from 54 yards...both are fairly accurate but will cost a 5th or 6th rd. pick 2 get them
  6. Len Pasquarelli: Vick and Kordell "It's almost too easy to connect the dots on this -- which generally means that the thing won't happen -- but Buffalo sources suggest that new coach Chan Gailey will, indeed, consider Vick for a starting job. Gailey, of course, is credited with turning Kordell Stewart into a viable quarterback during his tenure as offensive coordinator with the Pittsburgh Steelers."
  7. The Atlanta Falcons thought they had the place-kicking duties pretty much squared away with veteran Jason Elam in the spot to begin the season. Elam was one of the league's most reliable kickers throughout his career in spite of performing in the wild winds in Denver. Moving into the Georgia Dome in 2008, Elam was an absurd 29-for-31 overall, and one of those misses was over 50 yards. Unfortunately, Elam was only good on 12-for-19 field goals this season, and was cut after 11 games. Matt Bryant came on to take his place, and was just a shade better, percentage-wise, converting seven of ten tri
  8. thanks....i read somewhere about the color being off but i thought maybe it was that persons connection.....can u still only watch hd on 1 tv, and can you dvr hd shows?
  9. Hey guys.....the wife and i were thinking of switching from direct TV to ATT Uverse and was wondering if any one here has or has had this service? I've done a little research and their really isn't many current reviews out there...so any advice or info would be appreciated
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