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  1. Just call him Sack Lunch cause he's eating up quarterbacks...
  2. I was there! Unbelievable sight to see all the support for our Birds! I said in another post that even the Rams fans got into the Rise Up spirit... They were rising up and leaving early. Haha...
  3. We were there! We live in LA so this was a real treat. It was my kids first time seeing the Falcons live in person! My son couldn't contain his excitement. Falcon fans everywhere you looked. Rise Up chants and high fives throughout the game. A sea of red black and white. I thought it was funny how the Rams fans were talking so much smack and before halftime you could hear crickets. They got into the Rise Up spirit, they were Rising Up and leaving early. Lol Go Falcons! Rise Up...
  4. He had a great group in Washington. For him to be this excited says a lot.
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