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  1. TB just had personal foul to put the Jets into FG range with 7 seconds left on the clock and they made it. Wow. Awesome.
  2. I will take this positive from the game, we gave up only 23 points with 2 rookie CBs. Negatives...LBs in coverage still terrible along with the offensive line, but we knew that already.
  3. In some good news, Panties lost, and TB is down with under 2 mins to play...Go Jets! EDIT: Crap...TB just had a big play to get in FG range. UGH.
  4. Until they prove otherwise, your opinion is correct. Same mistakes, bad play calling and lack of ability to finish happened almost exactly like they did in our last game, nothing changed during the offseason to fix that appears. Very frustrating. How we entered this game with this offensive line is beyond me.
  5. Quick passes to Julio and Gonzo up the seam...imagine that.
  6. Defense giving out offense a chance. Earn that money Matt.
  7. I will say that the tackling has been great today over all.
  8. They deserve it, they have been the better team since the start of the second quarter.
  9. Folding up in the second half, somethings never change with a Mike Smith coached team.
  10. We have to mix something up. Go no huddle or run more, something.
  11. Yeah he finally had a little time and we throw for 8 yards when we need 18.
  12. Defense back out there with zero rest. With a short field. We will be down 7 before the 4th quarter starts. ****.
  13. Worst defense in the NFL, 2 starting DL out. This offense line still getting abused.
  14. Yup, could be a 28 point swing right there, at minimum, a 14 point swing. That is the way this game is, 2 plays can make all the difference.
  15. How do you let the number 1 threat in the redzone score there? At least on the Julio play the saints had Gonzo and White double teamed. We let their TE run in the flat wide open.
  16. I hope they put Willis in coverage on TG. He can't blitz or play run defense in coverage. Pick your poison.
  17. Meet Pat Schiller: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/11/25/magazine/the-hard-life-of-an-nfl-long-shot.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0
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