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  1. Some guy is trying to bait people into an argument that he lacks the faculties to win.
  2. Nor a kid, and not that he needs anyone sticking up for him, but KoG is a minister, a father of eight kids, the director of a non-profit that strives to protect and improve the lives of at-risk kids. He coaches semi-pro football, has done scouting, and has a great eye for football talent. He admitted several times in this thread that he believes he was wrong about Freeman and loves the kid. I honestly thought he was bluffing and waiting for Coleman to come back and win the starting job, but from personal conversations, and statements he made here, that isn't the case, and I've realized that's
  3. When he said last year that our defense had the worst talent in the NFL, I thought it was a shot across the bow at Smitty, because I thought Smitty played a role in picking talent. The latest comment suggests that the TD (and Pioli) haters were right. Billick certainly has more intimate details of what went on behind the scenes than anyone on this board would. It also blatantly says that Quinn truly has final say over the roster, which I didn't buy one cent of when they hired him.
  4. Sorry to hear that, TM. My dad passed in 2012. He had alzheimer's for 10 years, and that's exactly how long the doctors said people with alzheimer's last. Just a couple months before an aneurism took him out, we were having to put "Caution: Electric Fence" signs on the chain link fences at the home. He was 84 and kept climbing them. The reason I picked his nursing home is because they said they would let him drink beer. They also said their alarm for "escapees" had never been set off. I told them to get ****in ready, because dad was going to make them ring. He did not disappoint.
  5. Is it Dimi's talent? There has been a great deal of turnover. I initially thought DQ having final saw over the 53 man roster was purely lip service, but we very clearly have different guys on the team than when it was DQ and Smitty. How much influence has Pioli had? Inquiring minds want to know. I like Tug, reading his posts often makes me wish I could /like them, and he's never said anything against me that I'm aware of, but I feel like I am everything he hates in a human being when I read his posts and compare myself against them. Edit: Other than the Booger avatar. Long live Booger.
  6. I was under the impression you were only taking the grandbaby. Glad he gets to see it firsthand.
  7. 53 weeks ago, Billick said that the Falcons have the worst defensive talent in the NFL. I guess he's just reiterating that and suggesting that, had Smitty had roster control, things would have turned out differently? I don't buy that for a second. The first word anyone uses to describe Dan Quinn is "energy," and he brings it. I watch his press conferences and I'm practically standing on a table beating my chest. If I heard one of his halftime speeches, I'd probably be flinging tires around the room. Smitty doesn't inspire that. Edit: Oops.... Hi Tug. How's it goin'? That wasn't a shot, per say
  8. You can tell which ones have kids, and which ones are still a kid, by their answers. Being 40 and childless, Cinderella and Snow White were all I could even think of. Schraeder, "Because I want to walk around in glass heels." What the ****?
  9. That man has some serious resilience. Very cool, I hope you guys enjoy, but endure a very boring second half because we have buried them by 4-5 scores.
  10. http://www.atlantafalcons.com/media-lounge/videos/Friday-Funny-Which-Disney-Princess-Would-You-Be/e7b3ce06-e910-4c94-bd98-67408473d648 I didn't realize Maponga was on the practice squad until I watched this, I thought he was gone.
  11. Ok, last I heard was "suspended indefinitely." Carl refused to talk about it Wednesday night, and I've been riding around with a trainee who listens to 94.1 (Kill.Me.Now.), so I've missed any early show announcements. They seem a lot more laid back and are cracking jokes about being in the spotlight of the public media, so I'm feeling better about it. Thing is, Bell is a lot like me, he's gonna take the joke too far again eventually. Carl just said at the close of today's show that Mike is back Monday.
  12. James was fired? I couldn't figure out what happened there. I'm still beside myself over Bell.
  13. It's hard not to eyeroll when someone proudly announces that the are 1/16th naive...hah, Swype thinks it's Cartman, Native American. Especially when they have blonde hair and blue eyes. There actually probably are a lot of people with Native American blood, because Christopher Columbus and his boys were scumbags. I can and am dying to go much, much darker with this post, but I'll leave it at that.
  14. Keystone (~$16.00 30 pack) and cheap vodka ($11.99 fifth). Usually Taaka or Aristocrat, sometimes Wave.
  15. Almost stopped reading at "it's a safe bet that most wouldn't have bet." Interesting read.
  16. When losing, out cold on the couch. Losing big game, out cold on the floor. When winning, standing about three feet from my 55" cheering.
  17. It's funny how our cheerleaders always seem to look better when we're winning. It seems it'd be the other way around, considering how much I drink when were losing.
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