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  1. Come on now, lets not make ##### comments like that over a **** rivalry. People lost their lives in Hurricane Katrina. A life is more important then some **** rivalry between 2 football teams. True, but the OP should still go #### himself.
  2. The Falcons haven't had back to back winning seasons in franchise history. Sixteen years to a SB win would be the fast-track to success.
  3. Have you seen June lately? I think he's quite happy morphing into Jabba the Hutt in sunny Hawaii. He's probably less likely to want to return here than we are to have him....and that's way up there on the ****-no meter.
  4. best argument i've heard yet on why norwood is #2. still fails. start norwood.
  5. i barely read any of that, but first you have to have an offense.
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