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  1. The same reason I can sit in a classroom in the middle of Five Points, be the only white guy in the room, and still be the only person who doesn't qualify for the minority scholarship.
  2. Condolences, Gritz, from another lurker who has great respect for you.
  3. Dimitroff's swan song. Only sixteen more painful games until he's gone.
  4. I don't like his tackling form, and despite all the talk from Quinn regarding tackling, our first year did not look good in the tackling technique department. I hope he can cover, because we still have no pass rush.
  5. I'm surprised that I'm surprised that Roddy is gone. You knew he was gone any time Blank or Quinn were questioned about it, but still doubted it in the dark recesses. I'm ok either way, but kinda sad. Not as butthurt as when we cut Hawley...but kinda sad.
  6. Part of it is the pussification of America. Part of it is the pussification of the NFL. Part of it is that these guys are now expensive china. All I know is, my liver is grateful for the bye week.
  7. I was just talking to my brother and his kids who live in California yesterday about how awesome it is to have football from 10am to bedtime.
  8. ******, I want a pattymelt now....WH needs to deliver.
  9. The seller didn't respond to my dispute, so I'm getting my Beasley throwback Atlanta Vultures jersey for free.
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