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  1. Considering Shembo was cut loose over a dog, Hage's draft bust status just arrived sooner than expected. Should have picked Tuitt.
  2. I didn't realized Disturbed had redone that. That is epic on the level of Magnificat.
  3. I wish Ryan was as good as either quarterback in this game.
  4. Ah, thanks. Since everything else was a measurable, I figured SS must mean something else.
  5. You should remove a comma from Melissa's first sentence and insert it at "pieces<comma> just as long as..." and another at "my own<comma> that is." Then both would be perfect.
  6. I can't stop laughing over the shot glass thing.
  7. On 92.9 today someone said that the issue was women bringing purses held up the line getting into the dome. I recall hearing a plea before asking purses not be brought into the dome, as it backs up security. Think how bad the TSA is, and they are federally funded.
  8. All the drama aside, I think it's pretty obvious that long, lean, fast draft picks are clearly chosen by DQ. Whether it was TD or Smitty making the choices before, that wasn't the standard. They picked Hageman, Jerry, Bust, Buster, Busteroni, Busteristo, etc. This most recent draft has DQ's fingerprints all over it. We didn't get all the guys we thought we should, but the guys we got look pretty good, so far. As good as Campbell and Jones looked, I can't wait to see Neal.
  9. If he weren't such a p*s*y about tackling, I'd be more likely to forgive him. He was fast, that's it. He shouldn't be in the RoH.
  10. I still consider him a traitor. His whole "I built this house" antics. **** Deion. I don't think he should be in the RoH.
  11. I'm going to keep drinking until I figure it out.
  12. I'm still trying to figure out the godsend part.
  13. I re-subbed to ESPN today just to watch this game. The fact that Tom Benson put 11 mil into the stadium makes me feel a lot better about the game being cancelled.
  14. I was one of the first turned away when the parking lot filled up. I didn't see a single sign for shuttles, despite following the cops directions. I wound up parking in a nearby neighborhood. By the time I walked back to the high school, the roads were lined with parked cars exactly where the cop had told me to turn around and go back.
  15. Illegally parked and hoofing my way there now. Hades doesn't begin to describe it.
  16. This is the most cerebral thread I've ever seen on this board.
  17. TIL that WebCrawler still exists while formulating a smartass response to your smartass response.
  18. lie--->not a Trump thread <---lie ^******* lie The list of Trump lies is nothing short of cartoonish. Whether he was under oath or not is moot, he's a walking cesspool, the greater evil of every possible consideration of worst case scenarios.
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