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  1. Going into next year, would you trade their top 3 for our top 3? The answer to that is the same as, "Is your head up your ***?"
  2. I bought two different strengths of beer. Light beer, because I was starting to believe in the team, and ice beer, because I've lived in Atlanta all my life and, lets face it, the Braves blew it all but once, and the Falcons sucked every other year for 50 years. About halfway through the fourth quarter I gave up on the light beer and started pounding Milwaukee's Best Ice, but I still remember everything up to the overtime coin toss, which is when I knew it was over. No defense can play that hard for that long. I honestly think if Alford doesn't get the pick 6, the offense stays in rhythm, the D gets a breather, and we win the game.
  3. He can run until someone tackles him. He appears to have the exact skillset that I possess.
  4. Happy birthday
  5. "Cool beans" = "bad hombres"
  6. So sorry I distracted from the gripping Joe Mixon discussion.
  7. I came back due to my excitement that Weems is gone. I wish I could personally drive him to Tennessee, but he'd probably do something incredibly boneheaded to ruin the trip just outside the perimeter.
  8. I haven't been on the boards since then.
  9. Sorry, I missed seeing the purple because I was blinded by red.
  10. You've gone full grape. If the NFL works in such a way that you suggest, then nobody should be a fan. Nothing was rigged, we called passing plays when we should have called rushing plays. Rookie mistakes writ large.
  11. Why would the NFL have a market that nobody cares about be the first in history to win the Super Bowl on their home turf? If you think football is rigged, it's not even worth watching. You're ****ting all over the effort that the players have put in to get here and have their hearts broken over this loss. Our guys played their hearts out and ultimately lost because of one bad series of play calls. On their behalf, **** you. Your premise is shortsighted at best and idiotic at worse, "Doctor."
  12. That is the first, and only, 10 minutes of my life that I didn't want to murder Stephen A. Smith with a spork.
  13. Totally agree with you regarding not bringing in an ego to work with Matt. Sark is going to learn our system and how to work with our guys, not the other way around, and it starts immediately. Not gonna lie, at this point I trust Quinn more than I do my closest family members, and quite possibly myself.
  14. Honestly, with the way we played in the playoffs, if the season were starting today, I think our D would be top 10. We shut out Green Bay in the first half and allowed 9 points through 3 quarters vs. the Patriots with the highest possible stakes. Thinking of how hard all of our guys worked and played is probably the one thing that is keeping me from curling up in a ball over this loss. They've got to feel terrible, even worse than I do, but they are going to come back hungry as ****.
  15. On the defensive side, we continue to build and nurture a group of kids who terrorized Tom Brady until their ***holes were sucking buttermilk. On the offensive side, we come back with an OC who has no ego, a shell of a man who is vying for redemption. We imprint our system on him. Our MVP QB tells him how he likes to go about business. We allow audibles in case the new OC loses his ****ed mind and wants to throw the ball with 14 seconds left on the play clock, an 8 point lead, 3 minutes left in the game at the 22 yard line.