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  1. I have faith in the offense but it's the defense with "Mini-me" on 1 side & "my head is fused to my spine" on the other that I have no faith in.
  2. She wouldn't have run into him if he had just turned his freaking head to see she was coming.
  3. I don't know if the season is over, but I did see a rather large woman gargling & getting ready to step up to a microphone. Could be Roseanne Barr or Oprah.....could be....
  4. Since you don't like money just send it my way.
  5. Because our current kicker couldn't hit the side of a barn. I don't care if we had to bring back Mort & watch him take the field on an Orasco scooter, all he has to do is kick the freaking ball.
  6. The Saints have always had the potential to have a daunting home field advantage due to their huge dome capacity but until this year never had a team with the talent (healthy) to get the "noise" advantage. I think barring injuries the Saints should be the loudest stadium for the next few seasons due to their explosive offense. As a Falcon fan that has endured many losing seasons, I feel good for the die-hard long time Saint fans (not the bandwagoners). I know they must feel like we did in '98.
  7. With our D, I think this topic is a moot point.
  8. I think Snelling is playing. I believe it's just the coaching staff "gaming" the injury report to keep the Bucs' coaches guessing as to who to key on.
  9. Evidently you watch the Falcons (with Ryan @ QB)& you must live within the area deemed close enough to Atlanta to be blacked out. So why not buy a ticket to support your team. If the game is not sold out, you can pick up the ticket under face value.
  10. I think he only turns his head to see his wallet or check his bank statement. He needs to get Jimmy Williams sized paychecks & then his head would spin around like the Exorcist.
  11. I agree with it not being the coaching at fault for the problems we have on defense. Our talent &/or execution is just not there, & you can't make chicken salad out of chicken****. The fans & the coaches knew we were in trouble with our secondary in the preseason (the FO went out & signed Williams & traded for Hill). Now if we upgrade the talent, then I would start looking at the coaching. This defense is a recipe for disaster against any team that has a QB that can read defenses. The only success the defense has is against inexperienced QBs. Usually in those games, our bli
  12. That Texan CB played like CH23 & did not turn his head.
  13. The other 3 games were all in the same season (1973)
  14. Didn't we blow out the Pats in early 90's in th dome like 41-0?
  15. Not to mention Ryan's next to last pass which should've been caught for the winning TD...but was dropped.
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