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  1. When Smitty and TD took over they said we were going to be strong in the middle and so far they have not accomplished that. However, let’s not forget what it was like before they arrived.
  2. The Browns traded away three picks to move up one spot so they could draft T-Rich but now would trade probably the best RB to enter the NFL since AP after only 13 games? Yeah right. He's been playing with sore ribs...
  3. I haven’t seen him since April. He’s been pretty busy negotiating a new stadium with the GWCC as part of his duties as president, CEO of our Atlanta Falcons.
  4. rofl, not with that defense. I think they finish in last place. I hope I'm wrong and the taints finish last but it looks like Falcons, taints, bucs & panties
  5. The Dirty Bird is not just a post TD dance, it’s an identity. Even as recently as last December while walking to the superdump in Nawlins, Taints fans would holler, Hey Dirty Bird, what you do?” Riseup Dirty Birds!
  6. Tommy Nobis (should be in HOF), Jesse "The Hammer" Tuggle. Fulton Kuykendall, Buddy Curry and Joel Williams. I would put Brooking on my list if not for that Dallas thing. Spoon should replace Williams some day.
  7. Exactly, and he was pretty much a two down mike who was just going to be too expensive to resign. Like everyone else I feel bad for Lofa but at the same time I’m excited for AD. We’re going to being reading the “we should have never let Lofton walk” posts until someone steps up and plays well at mike.
  8. This is really good news, he sure looks like a LT.
  9. The first game sets the tone. The week 2 home game (MNF) is big for the obvious reasons; national TV and it's a home game. The most important game for the first quarter of the season is of course the panties game.
  10. I was listening,quick grits is a good caller.
  11. It looks like SP is shooting a bird at the camera before it turns away.
  12. I drive from the Columbus area, it's about 95 miles each way. I'm there setting up the tailgate about 9:30ish for a 1:00 game. As far as preseason, I gave away both games last year, this year I will probably go to both because I'm usually already in Atlanta on Thursdays.
  13. The panties game? I'll have to drag myself away from the pit and the carolina pulled pork to make it this year.
  14. Not true, but I once took over an entire section at the superdome with only my wife as backup.
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