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  1. Good looking wall man. Did you cut the JJ pic yourself or use mine from the graphics section?
  2. Lack of coverage today was because the only practice open to the public today was a walkthrough and a short one at that. Don't worry fellas, should get alot of coverage tomorrow and this coming weekend leading up to pre-season kickoff next week.
  3. Nice man, you gotta post that render in the graphics section!
  4. Anyone know when Raw tickets go on sale for the night after Mania??
  5. Thats awesome Russ! I've tried every week but have yet to win anything. Theres always next week I say!
  6. Yeah Dish and Fox Sports are going at it and it's been dropped. It's on a HD Alternate but blacked out since I'm in Athens.
  7. Stupid Dish Network, game isn't available for me.
  8. Went to TJ Maxx tonight and scored 2 fitted hats for $5 each, a Matt Ryan #2 shirt for $8 and they had some replicas for $15 that I passed on. Definitely worth checking out if theres one nearby. Should have my #2 Authentic Throwback in the mail tomorrow. Paid a little more for shipping but will have it in time for Sunday.
  9. Thanks guys, not at home right now to check myself. Good to know I'll be able to watch it tonight!
  10. Anyone with Dish Network know if the game is going to be shown?
  11. Board definitely looks slick. Hope it performs well on gameday.
  12. James, are the Falcons stuck using IPB? I've always found vBulletin to be better.
  13. Come on guys, 40 is the new 20! lol
  14. I've got a good method I use that allows me to get some decent sleep while I smoke. I put mine on around 10-11 and usually in bed by 12:30-1:00. I use lump charcoal and use a method called "Minion Method". I can hold 225-250 degrees all night with no problems in my Webber charcoal smoker. When I wake up at 6 or 7 I'm still chugging along around 200-220.
  15. No doubt, brisket has to be done just right for my liking. I'll be attempting a smoked turkey this year for the first time.
  16. I use my smoker and then invite the peeps over or take my cooks with me. lol
  17. I do mine over indirect heat on a charcoal grill. On a gas grill just turn one burner on medium and sit the chicken on the other side. I did a 9 1/2 lb butt last weekend for the Georgia opener overnight Friday (13 hours total). It didn't make it long at the tailgate lol.
  18. I plan on throwing a beer can chicken on the grill about 10 tomorrow morning. Should be ready just in time for kickoff.
  19. No doubt, he had plenty of time to prove himself. I still wish the guy luck but not so much after the last comment.
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